The Sheldon Cooper President…

President Obama is the first president in my lifetime to see his job as 100% political. I thought Bill Clinton was but Obama puts him to shame. All the other presidents modern history have been able to manage the role on a sliding scale with politics on one end and duty on the other. They could be political when it was called for but set politics aside when duty called.

President Obama can’t…or won’t.

He is 100% political, 100% of the time. Fundraisers and “me time” take precedence over any duty or responsibility – Ferguson riots – make a vacuous statement, send Holder to further politicize it – gotta go! Got a tight tee time! ISIS beheads an American – a perfunctory statement and then off to the links! Benghazi? Can’t let that get in the way of Vegas, baby!

Everything is political and that forms his singular viewpoint and agenda.

Ace, proprietor of AOSHQ hits another home run.

Here’s Ace:

“I would note this: Obama seems like Sheldon Cooper on Big Bang Theory.

Obama has his plans. His plans include pushing his various fake campaign positionings to gin up the left-wing base, and playing golf and attending jazz festivals.

No matter what happens in the world, or even in America, Obama is sticking to that plan.

He dismisses — either explicitly or implicitly, by his near-total lack of intellectual or emotional engagement with serious political events — all occurrences which are not in his List of Things to Do as “distractions.”

Sheldon Cooper does this on Big Bang Theory. In that show, Sheldon has some sort of crazy single-mindedness manifesting an absolute insistence on sticking to his Routine.

Sheldon Cooper doesn’t care if someone’s loved one has died. This is Thursday. We have pizza on Thursday. That’s what we do on Thursday. Because it’s Thursday.

No matter what happens in the world, Obama is sticking to Pizza On Thursdays.

Because that’s what we do on Thursdays. Thursdays are for Pizza.

They’re slaughtering Christians in Iraq? Thursdays are for Pizza.

They’re slaughtering Yazidis in Iraq? Pizza is what we have on Thursdays.

Ferguson is burning? It’s Thursday. Thursday night is pizza night.

James Foley was beheaded by the New Caliphate in Iraq? Well, unless James Foley is our Pizza delivery guy, I don’t really see how this alters our Thursday plans…

I really do not know what it could possibly take to get Obama to acknowledge that while Thursdays are often for Pizza, sometimes momentous events occur which require delaying Pizza until later.”


5 thoughts on “The Sheldon Cooper President…

  1. Another analogy would be the “Rain Man” president. The attitude is the same, plus you add in Raymond’s, or in the case, Barack’s book of hurts, and you have our man. He has an enemy list that includes everyone that he thinks has ever done him or any other black or muslim harm. “I’m an excellent driver, of course, I’m an excellent driver.” (Obama would be talking about golf, but you get the connection.)

  2. I tried to rent this show because everyone speaks so highly on it, but it is not available on the Netflix. Obama does the opposite of Foxy Kelly…..she’s got the Irish temper. I’m thinkin on when she was interrupted……mistake. Kinda one of those, “You’re not getting yer fu**in pizza!” moments.

  3. It seems the dialogue amongst those who know Obama is a fraud oscillates between two poles.

    (1) Obama is an incompetent narcissist, in over his head etc. or;
    (2) Obama is acting according to a plan and according to his Marxist ideology (“Anti-Colonial” is the acceptable PC term for it)
    Each explanation of course demanding its own particular response as remedy.

    Whereas the stark reality is that response has been limited to a “Deer in the Headlights” incapacity.

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