New AP Style Guide

Ed Driscoll at PJ Media noted the other day that the AP had violated its own style guide to classify the 18 year-old Michael Brown as a “teen”:

“AP violating own style guidelines to refer to Michael Brown as ‘teenager’?”, Allahpundit asks at Hot Air. “Question mark in the headline because the AP Stylebook’s not available online, so I can’t confirm that it’s true. But I’m going to trust Eddie Scarry” of Mediaite:

The Associated Press Stylebook states that in reports referring to a person’s age, the figure for the age number should be used. It also states that reports should “use man or woman for individuals 18 and older.”

Why, then, are AP reports on the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown solely referring to him as a “teen” and “teenager”?

“Don’t know’ if Missouri teen shot with hands up,” reads one AP headline from Monday. “County autopsy: Unarmed teen shot 6 to 8 times,” reads another.

And an excerpt from yet another AP story, emphasis added: “Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon lifted a curfew but ordered the National Guard to step in to help restore order. Holder over the weekend ordered a federal medical examiner to perform a third autopsy on the teenager, Michael Brown.”

Thanks to inspiration from FaceBook Fans of Best of the Web Today member Skip Davis, I thought we might want to help the AP out with some style changes necessary to convey the correct view of the situation in Ferguson:

  • Local agitators = Event Facilitators
  • Out of town agitators = Consultants
  • Al Sharpton = Senior Event Coordinator
  • CNN = Event Public Relations
  • MSNBC = Event Ticket Sales
  • ABC, NBC and CBS = Event Marketing
  • United Nations = Event Referee
  • Looting = Reparations
  • Looters from local area = Aggressive Shoppers
  • Looters from out of town = Undocumented Shoppers (that belongs to Skip)
  • Riot = Man-caused Disaster
  • Riot without police presence = Inventory Clearance
  • Riot with police presence = Blue Light Special
  • Riot when the police are there but pull back = Liquidation Sale
  • Stealing a 55 inch flat screen = Human Rights
  • Arresting looters = Human Rights Violation
  • Police presence = Hostile Work Environment

This should get them started.

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