Peak Progressive?

Have we reached “peak progressive”?

You know, like “peak oil”, except dumber, less useful and more dangerous?

Despite of what progressivism has done to America today, in Barack Obama we may be witnessing the beginning of the end for institutional progressivism.

The one critical weakness of this contemporary progressivism is that it isn’t self-sustaining – it isn’t quite socialism, it is socialist-lite. It can’t quite bring itself to go full communist but it also can’t admit that it needs the money generated by capitalism to spend on programs and buy the votes it needs to continue. We may also have reached the limits of borrowing that American citizens are willing to put up with.

It is like a significant other who doesn’t have a steady job, doesn’t like any of the jobs they can get and can’t quite commit to a relationship.

I have to wonder because what the Ferguson riots, the tanked economy and the increases in the welfare state indicate is how mired in a 1960’s Civil Rights/Great Society mentality they are. They love the Great Society programs because that was what put them in charge…they went from the Peace Corps to academia, to community organizin’ and the federal bureaucracy and then to Congress. The Great Society became their measure of morality and their pathway to power.

The reason that everything equates to racism is that the Civil Rights era was host to the last great “victory” of progressivism and it is the only war they know how to fight. Everything must fit into a narrative of racial oppression even though contemporary times bear absolutely no resemblance to half a century ago…but like the old adage of “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”, for their political tools to work, everything has to be clothed in the mantle of racial oppression.

President Obama really hasn’t done anything new, he has just doubled down on the same old progressive playbook. Congressional Democrats have only plumbed new depths of chicanery to achieve old goals – even Obamacare is the bastardized version of a progressive dream dating all the way back to FDR’s first administration.

Any time an ideology has to reach back 50 years to its glory days, it is a sure bet that it is out of ideas.

4 thoughts on “Peak Progressive?

  1. sadly, I suspect people were saying something much the same as you are after Woodrow Wilson destroyed the early Progressive movement. This problem — wanting to rule over the world — has been around since man started recording history, and I doubt it will go anywhere until the Lord puts an end to it.

  2. There was an opinion piece by a black female writer lamenting the fact that things were indeed different for the black race. I was going to give my 2 cents, but it appears CNN has closed its comments, because, Heaven forbid, they let the people exercise their first amendment rights. I believe the reality is that CNN is being barraged on a daily basis as to the ineptness of this administration. Ironically, my response (that never happened) to this woman’s opinion was by no means inflammatory.

  3. It looks darkest before the Light arises.

    I have wondered the same as you express here. Pendulums swing and all that. The problem is in the “unwinding”.

    Remember all those Synthetic Derivatives that GW and Hank Paulson spent $800 Billion of our Tax money to Protect ?? Well they’re STILL out there waiting on the unaware to wash ashore. Similarly the unwinding of un-Constitutional laws and institutions of repression like the “New and improved” Obama IRS will take a long time.

    Never the less amongst the “Weeds of imbecility” that make up the Liberal/Liberal-Tarian voter base there does seem to be a bit of new awakeness.

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