Obama Calls for Islamic Caliphate

Did you hear that Obama said he wants to ‘organize’ the Arab world?  If you missed it, here’s the story:

President Obama: We Must Organize the Arab World

“What we’ve got to do is make sure that we are organizing the Arab world, the Middle East, the Muslim world along with the international community to isolate this cancer,” he said.

Let me explain this for those of you who still refuse to accept that this man — Obama — is a Muslim.  If you ‘organize’ the Arab world, which is Muslim, then — by definition — you are creating a Caliphate.  Obama is a community organizer.  He ‘organizes’ various groups for the sole purpose of creating political power.  Well, that is what the Caliphate is: an organization of all Muslims under one political leader.  Yes, it is also a theocracy, but it is primarily a political organization and Obama is openly telling the world he wants to create such a force.  But there’s more.

If a Caliphate is established, then ISIS can be controlled — so long as the new Caliphe tells them to stop what they are doing, that is.  You see, ISIS is a splinter faction, but if there is a Caliphe — a new head over all Islam — then they have to obey the Caliphe.  So, technically speaking, Obama is correct: organizing the Muslim world into a Caliphate could make it possible to control ISIS.  But look at what that means for the United States.  Maybe it would help to look at it this way:

What if FDR had told the world that the way to control Adolf Hitler was by establishing a Third Reich throughout the entire Western world? 

Do you think he would have been allowed to stay in office, let alone keep breathing?  Well, this is the equivalent of what Obama just did, only the West is so utterly ignorant of Islam that they don’t even hear, let alone understand, what Obama said.

3 thoughts on “Obama Calls for Islamic Caliphate

  1. Joe,

    Good catch. Bible prophecy gets clearer every new day.

    The bold move for a real American President, not the impostor Obama, would be to institute an exodus of Christians and Jews from all countries controlled by “peace loving muslims” aka Sunni, Shia, ISIS or whatever name you give them other than lying, murderous, reprobates which is their true nature.

    Then we just let them do what they have done for the last 1000+ years. Kill each other off. If they mess with us then put a big target on every mosque, water treatment plant, power plant and military installation and give them something else to spend their money on. If they are all carrying water buckets, cooking on camp fires an riding camels and donkeys they will have the Caliphate of their dreams. Allah be praised!

    Why we put up with this slow bleed is beyond belief. Lets end it now before we have something that makes 9/11 look like a JV workplace violence, kinetic action warmup.

  2. What Joe said at the very Least !

    And for those who say no, you can’t deny Obama is advocating for his OWN kind of “intervention” in the Mid-East. The very thing the Left condemned GW for. Imagine that ! Here is Obama going to “mold” the Arabs, Middle East the muslim World as he variously called them ( it).

    The hypocrisy of the Elitists and the Left is infinite.

  3. Personally, I don’t think FDR would’ve budged but for the public outcry. Shame. Obama is now being heavily swayed by an over 50% public opinion to act. Wonder if FDR waited for a 50% aok to get off his ass and do the right thing. I’m with Chello to an extent; get the innocents out, but eradicate the IS……and if much of the ME gets lit up by mistake………oops. We so sorry. 😯

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