The RNL Fembot

Hey! My name is Candace, and I’m jes dyin to talk to y’all about how the FB has influenced my life! I know some of y’all may not do the FB, but I tell you: You don’t know what you are missin!!!!

For example, my son came and bitched me out this morning, cause I had changed! (Swear to Gawd that is whaht he said!!) When I told him I didn’t understand, he said that I didn’t put a stop to two boys fussin on my post! I told him that was none of my business. So then he told me I’d been brainwashed by the likes of these RNL boys and it was plenty of my business!

Well, I was devastated! Um.…….I mean, a little…………. Honestly, I didn’t know what the hell he was talkin bout! He said I’d been banned from my friend from the 80’s. How could a boy ban me from the FB cause of what someone else said?! (It’s not like I sang a Madonna song!!!) It turns out, accordin to my son, I was s’posed to be the FB police at my own site! (Subconsciously, all’s I hear is: rub my belly, and I’ll slobber all over you.)

My son was not sa happy that I didn’t agree with that policy, or to the policy of having everybahdy play nice! While I don’t condone personal attacks, it is not my nature to sen-serrr!! It is also not in my nature to police comments! (Sumpin tells me those are the same beast……)

“Mom, you used to be so sweet and diversified.” Yeah, then I grew a pair like Joan Rivers. Wish Obama would….and you……………..and my 80’s friend who banned me from the FB. Boo-hoo! (I reckon if words are that offensive; these boys are gonna be up shit creek without a paddle if faced with Foley’s predicament!)

Oh! Almost forgot! My controllers wanted me to mention this: Now everyone smile and show your diversity!!!!! We’ve gotta catch that unicorn at oh dark thirty!! I’ll bring the lollipops and big, fluffy pillows!

(Thank God, the boys know the code.)

8 thoughts on “The RNL Fembot

    • ^ Your comment was funnier than my post!!! Oomph! I tell you, I was a wee bit miffed at how I’m supposed to behave, and how some think I’m being coerced to behave. I implore you to put on your clothes……I have no control……or so I’ve been told.
      It’s Friday night, and I’m gonna keep it light…………… unicorn awaits.

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