CDE-CAG birthday lunch-2013For those who have followed my prior posts concerning the false narrative of the global warming alarmists, this past week was an interesting but also humorous period, with both America’s “Golfer-in-Chief” & his side-kick Lurch Kerry stating that the newly packaged “Climate Change” myth looms as the greatest threat to the US & world civilization!!! Apparently American citizens can relax about the continuing war crimes being committed by ISIS ( not ISIL as Barry likes to call the Islamic State of Iraq & Syria, as the barbarian horde calls itself. More on that false distinction in a later post.), the rapidly approaching nuclear weapons capacity of Iran, Putin’s forced reassembly of the old Soviet Empire, the disappearance of 11-airliners in Libya a week before the anniversary of 9/11/2001, the now documented criminal behavior if the IRS, or the dozen or so other scandals orchestrated by Obama & his thugs.

No…our biggest threat is the fantasy that Obama, Kerry & other intellectuals midgets of the Progressive Movement & the American Media Choir have now dubbed, “Climate Change!!!” In the attached piece by Matt Ridley, this generation’s most accomplished explainer of complex scientific & technical breakthroughs to even reasonably intelligent people, Mr. Ridley demolishes the Global Warming Alarmists’ campaign to shift capital to their corporate crony buddies of the “Green Energy Movement” by marginalizing our most efficient & effective energy sources, carbon-based fuels such as oil, gas & coal, as well as nuclear energy.

Ridley accomplishes this truth-telling by examining what has really been happening climate-wise during the period when Al “Jazeera” Gore & our Jihadi-in-Chief, among others, have been trying to close down debate by screaming that Global Warming has actually been occurring. It hasn’t, especially in recent years, when the Earth has entered a reliably “Global Cooling” trend, not unlike what has been occurring throughout human history & presumably before we emerged as a recognizable species. The connection of human activities like eating, breathing, manufacturing, heating our homes & businesses & the other things that allow human beings to live outside the tropics to global warming is, as any sensible person has known by looking at annual global temperature patterns, non-existent. Sorry, Al, but you’ve made a fortune on this lie already, haven’t you, our round, flatulent friend???

As for President Obama’s motivation for playing Huckster-in-Chief for a clearly false, & expensive narrative, my speculation is that it is an attempt to reprise his frequently successful “Bright, Shiny Object” tactic that has worked so often in the past with his pathetically gullible, sycophantic disciples!!! What else can Obama do to distract from the reality that every one of his disastrous policies & law breakings is now out in public view, even if his Obama Media Choir is working overtime to convince the less intelligent of the American citizenry to “Pay no attention to the Marxist behind the curtain!!!”

It is now clear that the IRS harassment of the TEA Party & other political opponents, coupled with the efforts by Obama’s chief enforcer Eric “Stedman” Holder to prevent state attempts to prevent election fraud (Chicago-style) may have been key contributors to Obama’s incredible 2012 reelection. We now know that most of Obama’s $900-billion “Stimulus Programs” in 2009 went to pay-off his campaign supporters like Solyndra’s investors & similar Green-energy frauds & that most opposition to the Keystone Pipeline is coming from Obama cronies like Tom Stier who stand to make billions if Keystone never happens.

The list goes on, but the theme is the same…Global Warming/Climate Change or whatever we call the hoax, is intended to be a distraction from Obama’s various crimes & misdemeanors & should be recognized as such. Matt Ridley explains why in words small enough that even some Progressives may understand. Maybe. CDE

The excellent chart above is “Climate Science Explained In One Simple Graph” from Steve Goddard’s Real Science blog, and helps to graphically illustrate some key points Matt Ridley makes in his WSJ…


  1. Thank you, Charles. You’ve just handed me something that feels better than sex, a gun in my hands, or a nice steamed lobster steeped in drawn butter. Just kidding………….the lobster will always win……

    • Hi Kells…If the crustacean wins out over sex, you need to re-think your approach!!! BTW, why do you & I always end up talking about sex??? Maybe that’s why the lobster wins!!! CDE

      • Not to rain on the male species’ parade; but I can relate to “risotto girl”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jjzmuhb4kDA
        Here’s a lil secret for you boys: We love the feeling; we just want the party to carry on…..it can’t with risotto, and we understand…..thus the happy ending to our ubiquitous oral climax. (In essence, our one-night stand.)

        Let me tell you, on Tuesday my son and I covered Global Warming. I learned so much from a 9th grade book! I think I shall have to write a post! Mind you, this is not Common Core BS. The course we are studying is the Bob Jones University textbook called Exploring Creation with Physical Science. This is written by a fella named Jay Wile, and I really like the way he thinks! I think I’m just overly excited because it is Friday, and I can now torment all of you to my heart’s content!

        • I don’t have George’s “problem”… ;- )).

          But I feel your pain Kells ( in full Bill Clinton biting the lower lip mode).

          • I am about to go dancing, sweet Don. While you claim to not suffer from George’s malady; I deem it highly unlikely. Same with dancing. I can’t dance…..but you can bet your sweet ass no one would ever know. I’ve been asked if I teach (yeah, I rock.) Now then, I will admit to a crucial failure: I missed my dose of vitamins this morning due to the fact that I had sewn my mouth shut with cotton from alcohol consumption last night. I shall freely admit to this transgression…..as painful as it was (penis, eyes…penis, eyes…penis, eyes) I fear that my animal instincts outweigh the good of my health at times…..I figure that tonight I shall gargle with baby oil before I retire. That should do the trick, right? I’m off! (And I’ll be burnin up a quart a mile!)

            • Le Difference Ma Chere…..is that my “dancing” has been deemed “sweet ass” indeed. Only repeating what Satisfied Customers have opined mind you.

              As to that uhmmm errr “alcohol” prollem…… You’ve been counceled before no doubt….. If you stick with Scotch you should be fine……. *Hick*.

    • If that’s true Tinker-Belles……if “feels better than sex” is true……Then you need to put a new gun in your hands.

      … ;- ))

  2. I find it amazing Charles that man has managed to adapt and thrive with our changing climate over the last 100,000 years. Yet our ‘leaders'(?) now seem to think we cannot adapt and must try to change the climate instead.

  3. triper…All the climate “models” currently in use employ a static approach to our response to the reality of climate change. Does the earth’s climate change over time…of course it does or we would not have had periods like our ice ages, tropical periods & all the variations in between. Do human being respond to change with innovation??? Are we still here & doing better all the time. Matt Ridley blows away the Gores, Obamas & Kerrys of the world in his masterpiece, THE RATIONAL OPTIMIST. “Climate Change” is not about natural phenomena, it is one more example of the Progressive Movement trying to control & limit other people’s behavior!!! Let’s treat it & them for the frauds they are!!! CDE

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