I Just Won A Nobel Peace Prize

Why do bad things always happen to him?

Why is the world so mean to him?

Why won’t the world let Obama fix it?

I have to warn you, dear readers – what follows via the New Yorker is a proverbial crock of medieval shite. It is apparently getting increasingly difficult for the BHO sycophants to create accomplishments for The One out of whole cloth.

“This is not a foreign policy that offers the satisfactions of self-expression; it lacks the snarl and the swagger that Obama’s domestic rivals yearn for. But, halfway through this President’s second term, negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program have, at last, a realistic chance for success. Russia’s recent aggressions in eastern Ukraine may end in an uneasy truce. The gains have been unshowy and incremental. But when your aim is to conduct a responsive and responsible foreign policy, the avoidance of stupid things is often the avoidance of bloodshed and unforeseen strife.”

Yet another article defending the indefensible. In the progressive mind, absence of evidence of progress is evidence of progress. Like Obama’s Nobel Prize, this paean to The One is filled with accomplishments that MIGHT happen, not anything that he has…you know…actually accomplished.

Remnick accuses the Republicans of “not having a plan” as if that somehow absolves the President of the United States from having one. Call me crazy, but it isn’t the responsibility of the Congressional Republicans to do the job of the Commander in Chief. That is an aspect of the office that Obama cannot outsource or wave away with his pen and his phone.

If Remnick had stuck a period at the end of “This is not a foreign policy” and stopped that thought there, that would have been the only factually based statement in this entire piece – because the negotiations with Iran have no chance of succeeding, the Mad Mullahs are just drawing this out while their underlings are working like drone bees on crack to reach a point where negotiations will be moot. We might get an “uneasy truce” from Russia – AFTER they have taken what they want and in the words of the progressive philosopher Hilarius Clintonus, “Great nations need organizing principles, and ‘Don’t do stupid stuff’ is not an organizing principle.”

Remnick says that “It is a mistake to dismiss caution as weakness.”

You bet it is.

It is even a bigger mistake to dismiss weakness as caution.

If you are wrong on the former, you wind up with egg on our face – if you are wrong on the latter, you get a knife stuck in your back.

This is almost as bad as something that I saw on another BHO fantasy blog were they listed one of his accomplishments as “not starting any wars”.

That’s a pretty damn low bar, if you ask me. I’ve actually accomplished that one and I’m not even the President.

I guess FedEx will be delivering my Nobel Peace Prize before 10 a.m. tomorrow.


One thought on “I Just Won A Nobel Peace Prize

  1. Hey, Crazy. (This is going to be a bit difficult for me, as you shall ever emulate Mississippi……….M…….er, Crazy!) C., do you really believe them capable of achieving their goal without a lil help from their friends? (wink-wink) Who’s helpin who? Recap: No boots on the ground translates to: Except the fellas that will be training operatives who we have not vetted….and givin em weapons to boot!!!! (On Fridays, we’ll throw in the Obamaphone!……………without congressional approval, of course……..Wanna play?)

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