CDE-CAG birthday lunch-2013As the more clear-thinking Americans have known for six-years & more, Barack Hussein Obama should never have been nominated, much less elected President of the United States. Obama had no experience that indicated he could be effective in the office, & his personal history, while ferociously concealed (still), indicated all of his significant influences, from his Communist Grandparents to his close friend Bill Ayres hated everything that our nation stood for & that made us a symbol for the freedom loving peoples of the world.

In the fantasy world the young Barry Soetoro shared with his privileged classmates in Hawaii’s most exclusive prep school, Barry was alternatively a Kenyan prince & & the son of an Indonesian chieftain, but never an accomplished American. As he absorbed the Marxist bilge of Frank Marshall Davis & his own Communist mother, his hatred for America was guided in ways that taught Soetoro how to dissemble about his feelings toward his new adopted nation, whose citizenship his mother may have discarded while the two of them were living in Indonesia & young Barry was studying in an Islamic Madrassa as the adopted son of a low-level Indonesian bureaucrat.

After being deserted by his radical mother, Barry & his half-sister were sent to live in Hawaii with his maternal grandparents & he began his study under Davis, while adopting the use of marijuana & cocaine, as he documented in his ghost-written(by close friend & domestic terrorist Bill Ayres) “autobiography.” He also apparently, according to his prep school classmates, began his dalliances with homosexuals, which would later cause Chicago’s homosexual community to claim him as one of their own.

Obama’s academic records from his Hawaii prep school, Occidental college, Columbia University & Harvard Law School, all of which are still sealed for a reason that remains unstated, have been rumored to document his status as a foreign student at both Occidental College & Columbia, where he was apparently the only student ever to participate in a special Occidental – Columbia “transfer program” about which no documentation seems to exist anywhere. His wife’s records are also sealed or missing, including both their Senior theses at Columbia & Princeton.

We can go on about Obama’s political pedigree with the hard-knuckles Cook County Democrat political machine, although he was sold to the sheep of the American Left as a post-partisan, post-racial “healer,” but the point should be clear by now. Barack Hussein Obama was voted into the most powerful office on our planet by emotionally motivated sheep who thought it was “time” for an African-American President, regardless of his qualifications & in spite of the fact that his past had been wiped cleaner than a CIA operative’s.

The attached piece by Dr. Thomas Sowell, long one of America’s most accomplished & respected economics & political commentators, examines the potentially disastrous parallels developing around Hillary Rodham Clinton, one of the least accomplished political figures of the last 50-years, & Obama’s first election as the candidate whose ethnicity counted far more than his ability or qualifications. The unmitigated disaster that has been the failed Obama Presidency is not dissuading the intellectual lightweights of the Liberal/Progressive Movement from offering the ludicrous argument that it is time for a female president in America & that Hillary’s Forest Gump-like exposure on the national political scene somehow mitigates her record of record of little accomplishment, potentially criminal activity in harassing Bill’s various mistresses & the targets of his sexual predations & her potentially traitorous actions during the Benghazi Massacre. Really!!!

While I do not underestimate the power & brutality of the Clinton Political Machine, hence the possibility that Hillary, the Lucretia Borgia of modern American politics, could manage to make it into the Oval Office, Dr. Sowell’s analysis of the risks that represents is both insightful & penetrating. Let us hope that the lemmings of Liberalism do not again win the White House for an unqualified but demographically-correct candidate!!! CDE

With many people now acting as if it is time for “a woman” to become president, apparently they have learned absolutely nothing from the disastrous results of the irresponsible self-indulgence of choosing a President of the United States on the…


  1. Hillary is the epitome of Hilarious. I’m sorry, but were they true southerners, my boy Bill would be singin soprano now. Enough of her! I’m very curious on your take of What if? (What if is a sick and twisted game I like to play with myself, but you seem sucker enough to join me….) Now then, What If…………. Condi became the NFL commish, but was then asked to run for prez? She has always stated that she would never run…..tick-tock…..but what would she do now?…….tick-tock-tick-tock…..)

    Now, I’m getting the giggles! I watched this thing on the Fox that cracked me up!. According to this poll, nutty Hills needs to go under the knife (good thing for her it’s not in Libya!) Our society has now progressed to a person’s looks. Hey, who am I to argue? We need a damn fine specimen to rule the roost!

    I tell ya what. You vote for me, and I will transform my avatar into the nude Kells. (Just kiddin…don’t wanna lose votes.) Let’s play What If again. What if the fattest president ever were running today (Taft?) …..would he be elected? Would the pre-age-defying gals swoon, and swear a tingle up their pre-Spanx thighs? Nah….my money’s on a sissy boy. Who dun’t love a sissy-boy, right? After all, in addition to their vast knowledge of community organizing, they’ve got quite the imperial handle on domestic (Obamacare) and Foreign (ISIS) relations. 🙂

    When a body does not hold its representatives accountable, they will proceed in the fashion of their nature…………….and we let them……pretty much like the human body.

    Oh, dear. I’m turning into a Charles! I’m teasing you! (kinda) Say, how’s bout I make it up to you by a song I had to listen to over and over again (multiply this by 10…)

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