You May have Missed These

I have been blogging on The OYL — mostly out of respect for Utah and the format of The RNL.  Anyway, in case you have missed my recent posts, here are two you may find of some interest — especially since ISIS has brought Islam back to the top of the headlines again:

Glenn Beck Joins the Ranks of the Willful Idiots

Today, Wednesday, September 10; on his radio show; at about the 8:35+ mark, CST: Glenn Beck told the world that, when it comes to Islam, he is a willful idiot.  The reason: he is bowing to the pressure of political correctness.  It’s just that it is under a different form.  In this case, Beck is trying to keep from being seen as someone who condemns all members of a religion.  But make no mistake: however you slice this issue, denying the truth is denying the truth — and Beck is denying the truth.  Here are the specifics. Continue reading

Beck Doubles Down on His Ignorance Of Islam (and even Christianity)

Beck did it again.  Today, he took an incident that happened in Deerborne, Michigan, in which some fifty Muslims spoke out and called ISIS evil and not following the teachings of Muhammad and claimed that this represented ‘true’ Islam.  Let me say this as clearly as I can — as one who has actually read the Qur’an, much of the Hadith, “Guidance for the Traveler (the source of Shari’a law) and the official biography of Muhammad — the five Muslim holy books.  Beck is wrong! Continue reading

19 thoughts on “You May have Missed These

  1. There are many recent examples of the dissemblings of the *Glenn Beck Media Fraud Machine*.

    Dissemble : To Feign, Act, Fake, Bluff, Posture…..Masquerade ( specifically Disguise or Conceal ). Especially with respect to Beck’s Fake support for Constitutional Republicanism and modern Conservatism. Calling himself “Libertarian” on alternate Wednesdays and Fridays as fits his agenda of the week. Which ultimately supports the “PC-Party line”.

    Liberals Dissemble…..Thus the term Liberal-Tarian aptly fits Glenn Beck the Fraud.

    Taqiyyah is a form of Dissembling. It is using masquerading ( Concealing) as an ideological tactic, a strategy for undermining your opponent by attacking from within taking your opponent by surprise you have undermined his position.

    • Don,

      What you call Liberal Dissembling on the part of Beck also applies equally to most of those claiming to be “official” or “real” conservatives. Using your reasoning, Limbaugh is a pro in this regard. To be generous to Beck, most of what you object to here — Beck calling himself ‘conservative’ and then ‘libertarian’ — is actually a manifestation of his change in the way he sees and understands things. Those who listen to him long term know this. Those who simply do not like the exposure he has given to the PROGRESSIVE side of the Republican Party do not.

      The problem here is twofold.

      1 — Beck has a slanted world view which is tainted by his faith.

      2 — This has lead him to accept explanations for Islam that are skewed as his view of Christianity.

      In truth, where Beck rightly deserves condemnation is for acting EXACTLY like a Progressive where his religion is concerned. He uses the same words as a true Christian, but he has assigned different definitions without making those different meanings made known and clear to his listeners. This is EXACTLY what he attacks Progressives for doing. What’ more, his religion is based on a re-writing of history: another Progressive tactic.

      And as for his ignorance of Islam: this is most likely explained by the fact that Beck simply has not done his own homework here. If he did, I seriously doubt he would be spewing this propaganda about Islam. There is no ‘good’ side to the religion. Mind you, I did not say there are no peaceful Muslims. I simply said the religion — as Muhammad defined it — is nothing but violence. Peace ONLY comes when the entire world is Muslim.

      • “… acting EXACTLY like a Progressive…” or “… This is EXACTLY what he attacks Progressives for doing…”.

        In the real world is called an Equivalence relationship…..and is worthy of an Equals sign.

  2. Um, let’s just hit the pause button, pal Joey. You know, and I know that Christians are definitely not following the punishments laid out in the Old Testament, same as Jews, and the majority of Muslims (with regard to their religion.) These folks are nutters! I just think it is unfair to lump them together with modern-day Muslims (although it is modern-day, the radical Muslim has an agenda that is both progressively political and religious…..the two are married.)

    It is interesting to see the boys who are willing to die for these fanatics. Read up on em………..they’re the embodiment of your favourite democrat.

    Don’t blame the innocents. It is akin to some jerkasaures blaming me for Jim Joneses’ atrocities.

    • Kells,

      You are just like Beck: you ignore reality and chose to believe in a lie of your own making. So long as you insist on believing those lies, no one will be able to help you see reality. It’s sad, but it’s true.

      • Just out of curiosity; what do you think on ancient aliens? Now, while Mr. Kells is very hip on this, I find it utterly ridiculous. I watched his show, Ancient Aliens, and it is very compelling. Believe it or not, these folks are shut down by the evolutionists and creationists. At the same time, my mind leans to that all important question: “What would God want?” Or (in the spirit of Mr. Kells); “What would my science-project, alien god want?”

        Hmmm…’s a good question easily solved by the obvious: Southern cookin. True God from true God. Wait a second! Does this mean I must ban my Fattoush and Pho Ga recipes? (Note to self: Cook for B……..or at least his hawt wife.)

        I reckon I’m just tryin to say that we mustn’t judge a book by its cover. Perhaps it would be better stated if I were to say that we mustn’t judge the reader by his interpretation of said book.

        While we must defend our way of life, I think it is in our best interests to not judge. I say this because I absolutely do not want any weapons from the US being handed over to a bunch of quacks. Are they quacks? Who knows? They certainly fit the M-E- Quack-Checklist Guidelines.

        Let’s look at the reality of our formidable foe. On the 13th anniversary of 9/11, we saw crickets. They are 30 000 strong! Could it be that the 300+ million to the west intimidated them? Well, elections are round the bend, so an attack on US soil would be quite destructive for the Dems. (Sometimes, the conspiratorial side of me comes out…..) It is crucial to remember that while America divorces itself from religion; ME Islam uses it as its basis to proliferate what it deems pleasing to Allah……I guess.

        You see black and white while I see grey. What is your course of action? What is mine? (I was going to transpose this to our ancient alien verse, but I figured no one would get the algorithms…..)

        • Kells,


          Now, if you can find a different ‘interpretation’ for these words other than their plain meaning, then there is no reason for any SANE soul to speak with you about anything — ever! Because they will never know what you think the meaning of is, IS.

            • No, Kells. What we are dealing with in you here — in this specific case — is willful ignorance. You are too lazy to read the Qur’an and especially the Hadith for yourself. You prefer to make up lies built on and around other lies told to you by people you trust but who may or may not be lying to you in accordance with their religions teachings (yes, Islam teaches Muslims to lie in the furtherance of Islam).

              As long as this state persists in you, you will NEVER see or understand what we are dealing with here and you will continue to be part of the cancer that now threatens the entire Western World: a self-induced delusion that denies the realities of this world. Incidentally, the Bible calls this lawlessness, and it defines lawlessness as sin. You can ‘interpret’ that however you like.

              • I’m not gonna judge some poor bastard on what he’s read or hasn’t, and neither should you. Interesting that you bring up reading, though, as 70% of those folks can’t read! I suppose what I’m trying to get at, is that if you’re going to hunt witches, make certain you know who the witches truly are……………which is exactly why we should not train or arm a soul over there. We don’t know.

                • Kells,

                  You are being foolish. You are applying your indoctrinated Western PC world view to something you have no idea. Look at what YOU just said: do not judge someone if they have not actually read something. Convenient how that excuses your own ignorance, isn’t it? Well, I HAVE read their oly books and that is why I KNOW that what their leaders are teaching them is straight out of the Qur’an and Hadith.

                  But I shouldn’t expect better. America did not listen to Jefferson when he tried to warn them about Islam, and we are STILL not listening. Sort of like Israel and the prophets….

                    • Ad hominem. Just as expected.

                      Let me turn this around on you. If we had hard-core NAZI’s immigrating into this nation and telling the world they were going to turn America into the 4th Reich, what would you do with those NAZI’s who had not yet voiced their belief in the 4th Reich or gotten violent? Hmmm….? 🙂

                    • Thanks for not answering my question. As to your question, it is obvious what America would do: elect the retards, pay their salaries, while damning the sane via the media. Course, that’s not what we did during WWII.

        • The “Watchers ” are watching you Tinker with their history ‘Tinker-Belle’.

          “There were Giants in the world in those days”….”And they looked upon the Daughters of men and found them comely and “joined” with them “.

          Since you see “grey”, let’s hope it isn’t the “Greys” who bees watching you …… with a thought to “risotto” with you. It’s been said that wearing Garlic and perhaps a little extra Parmesan may keep them at bay….. who knows it could work.

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