ISIS Beheads Another Innocent


What the West has been facing since Hassan al-Banna formed the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928 is a war of beliefs.

We have always been at war with Eastasia.

“Islamic State militants have released footage claiming to show the beheading of British hostage David Haines. The aid worker, 44, was captured by ISIS in Syria in March 2013.”

One can call it a religious war and that would be correct. Religions are belief systems and are very, very strong motivators.

No matter what the greatest religious scholar of our time, Barack H. Obama, says, ISIS is Islamic and the spread of Islam is their motivation. They believe that Allah has promised the world to Muslims and they mean to speed that property transfer along.

America is spiritually weak. Even the government attacks the spiritual core – Judeo-Christian beliefs – while making allowances for Islam, thinking that this is about respect, diversity and American values. They think they are protecting “equality” by disadvantaging Christianity and preventing its practice in the public sphere. Lawfare form ant-Christian organizations is a common tactic – the Freedom From Religion Foundation routinely sues to prevent religious practices – but if you look at their website, not there is not a single active lawsuit against any other religion other than Christianity. I guess they are really the Freedom From Christianity Foundation.

The American left, the anti-war on terror crowd and these activist atheists are pretty well aligned with with the enemies of Christianity.

But here’s the thing – militant groups like ISIS, al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah really don’t care if you protect them. It is all about what you believe. If you aren’t a Muslim, they want to convert or kill you. If you are just a particular kind of Muslim they don’t agree with they want to kill you – you might be Sunni just like them, just not fervent enough, so they want to put your Sunni side down. If you are a Jew – you are automatically dead. Christian – if you don’t convert, you are roadkill. Same for the Freedom From Religion Foundation, atheists are dead meat as well.

You see, the radical Islamists really don’t care as long as you ain’t them.

The left derided Bush as a “cowboy” for his position on the war on terror that if you weren’t with us, you were against us. ISIS lives it. Bush just waterboarded – ISIS beheads. You would think that the American left could see the difference but it is apparent that they can’t. I guess it is like they see racism – a sliding scale of evil that only depends only how white and Christian you are, not what you actually do.

This isn’t a war for land, oil or money. Groups like ISIS and al Qaeda only see those as necessary side benefits of expanding the area and populations who adhere to their particular kind of religion. Politics don’t matter – if you have a disagreement with ISIS, there is no civil court to handle a legal filing – they settle things the old fashioned way, you fight to the death. Winner takes all.

In large measure, all the groups in America – the government included – owe their ability to do so to the Judeo-Christian underpinnings of America. Does a spiritually weakened population like ours even have the ability to recognize when it faces an existential threat to their protected way of life or do these enemies of the core of America believe that they will be seen as friends by our enemies? With the glee the left exhibits as they continue to tear at the fabric of the country, you would almost think that they expect a pat on the head from folks like the radical Islamists.

These are the days of the Vichy progressives, I guess.

It is harsh, I know – but I consider these groups sharing common cause as traitors and enemies of America. I would be a bit more sanguine about it if they were just working for their own destruction, but they seem hell bent on taking me with them.

I guess I’ll change my opinion when I see Medea Benjamin and her Code Pink freakazoids protesting against war in ISIS’s capital of Ar-Raqqah, Syria, the LGBTQ crowd raising hell in Terahan, the NOW feminists screetching about “rape culture”, the “war on women” and free contraception in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and the Freedom From Religion Foundation suing the Muslim Brotherhood in an Islamic court in Cairo.

Until then, I guess these misguided folks are my enemies.

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