OFFICIAL: GOP as Treasonous as Obama.

Have you heard?  The House voted to arm the Syrian rebels.  We already know those rebels are Al Qaeda, and the House is dominated by Republicans.  That means, unles the GOP approves of it, there is no way for the House to vote to arm our enemies — yet that is exactly what they did today.  So,…

The GOP has joined Obama in committing treason.

Now, before anyone starts with this “we have to change them from within” stuff again, let me ask you a simple question.  If that approach works on evil organizations, then why aren’t you joining Islam so you can change it from within?  Well, judging from history, trying to change the GOP from within is about as effective.

Think about it…

13 thoughts on “OFFICIAL: GOP as Treasonous as Obama.

  1. Memory lane……

    John McCain and Lindsey Graham ( both Republicans) 2 years ago tried to get the country behind Obama’s continued plan to “Re-organize” the mideast and further Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood “Arab Spring” revolt in the Area. Specifically they wanted to BOMB Assad !! And… did the Saudi’s. Because of their desire to put their own Natural Gas on the European market through Syria.

    Remember the Nerve GAS attacks on Civilians in Syria ?…..then lo and behold….it was found that these were done by the ISIS rebels in Syria ( allied with Al Qaida)….the ones who were eating the hearts of recently killed and captured Syrian soldiers…..the ones who were Crucifying Syrian Christians. Putin called Obama out on it and world opinion went against Obama and the GOP RINO Leadership like McCain.

    Remember 911 of 2012 Bengazi ….US Military weapons given to Al qaida to overthrow M. Gaddafi were used against the Consulate and Hillary Clinton Stood down to hide the fact, and hide the further fact that those very arms were being sent on to the Syrian rebels ( ISIS) through the new radical muslim government of Turkey.

    The vacuum Obama created in Iraq by retreating after the war had been largely won, was filled by these US-armed ISIS fighters from Syria. Because Assad was winning his country back they came to Iraq.

    NOW…… the same Obama/RINO GOP group is starting in again…..BOMB Syria and ARM the rebels again !! It is so obvious they are STILL trying to Bomb Assad and put in a Radical Muslim Brotherhood ISIS control in Syria. Just like they’ve done in Tunisia and Libya. And are trying in Algeria. Egypt was won back by the Egyptian people.

    In short…the US ARMED the Rebels in Syria to begin with which is what CREATED ISIS in the first place. McCain, Graham and Obama Created ISIS out of the Al Qaida-in-Iraq muslims. Now they are doubling DOWN on their strategy and getting what they wanted in the first place…..the ouster of ASSAD !!! Obama and the GOP Hawks are using their ISIS army to further their and Saudi Arabia’s agendas.

    Benghazi 2012 = the 2012 ISIS creation = the 2013 ISIS gassing of Syrians = the 2014 ISIS invasion of Iraq.

    What should be done :
    The KURDS should be armed. The Northern Iraqi Christians should be armed. And US Forces should work side by side with the Iraqi Army and Assad should be supported and strengthened. US Air Assets should be used to support a pincer movement by the Kurds, US/Iraqi Army and Assad’s forces. This combined force should wipe out the 35,000 ISIS Scum in about 3 weeks with the Ground forces doing final cleanup.

  2. I and millions of other Americans do not support this. There may be some whom we voted into office who voted for this treason, but that doesn’t mean we support this treasonous vote, the majority of Americans are against this and we need to start arresting ALL OF THEM! The US Congress is now openly against freedom and the American way of life!

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