In my neck of the woods, there are two important races; that for representative, and that for guv’nah. Have to say I’m getting a little bit more than miffed about the governor race. It boils down to this: Slick and Skeletor don’t wanna debate Coyote.

Admittedly, I’m becoming exceedingly surprised at the lengths being brought about in order that the Libertarian should not be included in the October, 15th debate. Oh, please; if he meets the criterion? You can shove your criterion right up your kisser, bottom feeders! How is it that we pay for you jokers to sell your spiel? Here’s a fella (Wylie) against these shenanigans, and he’s dumped to the wayside? (My beef here is the tax-payer funded monetary match provided to the assaholic bottom feeders-who could that be?- that are running and meet the “criteria”)

What the hell are you afraid of, boys? Why the hell are we funding you? If I had the money, I would post an article in every single FL paper so that I could expose your shenanigans! I truly wonder if taxpayers know where the hello their money is going…..

For anyone who is remotely sane, watch the Coyote, Adrian Wylie……then contemplate and decide.

9 thoughts on “Roadrunners

  1. Mr. Kells told me that the Purina advertisement had nothing to do with my post. UGH!!! Of course it has nothing to do with my post a it’s an ad!!!…….not that I have anything against Purina….oh, fer cryin out loud!!!

  2. Well. This isn’t about your local home-grown Florida Fishy Politicians. But it turns out Ted Cruz has given $250,000 to the Conservative and Tea Party Bashing NRSC !!!! McConnell’s group the one who claimed they were going to Punch TP Conservatives in the nose.

    People have NOT been sending money to them nor to the NRC FOR VERY SPECIFIC REASONS. They are loosing and they are behind in Fund-raising because Republicans are SICK of them. So Cruz takes money that Anti-RINO Conservatives have sent him, SPECIFICALLY against RINO progressives like McConnell ( who is a MAJOR Amnesty supporter…….and Cruz takes those donations and funnels them to McConnell !!

    Wonder now what all Cruz’s involvement in the Glenn Beck Amnesty stunt was really about ??? So now we know how deep the Fraud goes….. Rubio, Paul Ryan….Rand Paul ( Against voter ID etc..)….but….but….but Rand Paul is a Libertarian man….he’s gotta be cool right !?

    • And here’s a link to the Karl Rove Connection….His clarion Call which reflects the DISGUST of the GOP base with Establishment republicans……. But supposed “Constitutionalists” like Cruz reward him and the Bush camp…..and in the process knee-cap the Conservative Base….while sucker punching them in the face !

      • Holy Mother of God! Please tell me my sweet boyfriend isn’t a loser traitor!!! I don’t know if my soul has the sustenance to withstand a betrayal on such a grand scale! Don, I think I can right this by a special invite to my dungeon. My method seems to have been very affective here….. (While B. may claim I was too rough, I feel that my “gentle nudge” hits the spot.)

        • Unfortunately MY Mistress of Magical Mayhem,

          The rot goes too deep. It turns out Ted’s wife is a Senior VP at Goldman Sachs…… the same old Fking Story time after time after time.

          • Hold on, pardner! I already knew bout the ole lady’s shenanigans. My thoughts are on my sweet Ted. This is the boy my dreams are made of. Let me quote the words from his pretty little mouth: “I do not support arming the rebels in Syria, because the administration has presented no coherent plan for distinguishing the good guys from the bad guys,” he said, noting that the Islamic State is a rebel group itself. “Every time I have pressed the administration in both open hearings and classified hearings, as to how they would distinguish the good guys from the bad guys, the administration has failed to have an answer that makes any sense.”

            DON!!! Please don’t sully the water of the boy I want to drink from! ^He is deliciousness. Okay I’m in love with him, so back off, already!

            • Don’t give me that “Back-off me Baby ” Stuff !!!…
              I’ll try and sooth the welts and sting as best I can, but best you argue with the evidence shown by Politico, FaceBook, Levin and RedState.

              Their truth and most importantly Ted’s flagrant *unfaithfulness* is the culprit here. Specifically…Ted basicallky saying : “I’ll say what sounds good in Public …. and in private work to get the same Good’ole Boyz elected that said I was running against in the backround ……and I’ll do that by giving money donated to me by sucker Conservatives…thus stabbing them in the back and punching them in the face at the same time “

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