URGENT WARNING: Prepare for Nuclear Attack!

From The Oyl

URGENT WARNING: Prepare for Nuclear Attack!

Look, I understand that we live in a cynical world filled with skeptics, conspiracy theorists and people who are clinically unstable. I am even aware that many people would place me in one of these three groups. That’s why I am unsure how you will take this post. In fact, I fear you may not even read it. But I don’t care anymore. I feel such a pressing urgency to warn those who will listen and hear that I have to write this post. For those who need more reason to trust what I have to say, I will leave an editorial note at the end of this post. But, for now, I beg you: please, read this post and give it some serious consideration. Try to see the connections between the stories I will link you to and the narrative I am trying to explain. We are in trouble. That trouble is real. I do not want anyone to be able to accuse me of seeing that threat and not trying to warn others. So, if only for me and my sake, read this entire post to the end.

First, I need to explain that, for all my attacks on and criticisms of Glenn Beck, I have to acknowledge that he and his people are the most vocal in trying to warn America of what is coming. The information they have been presenting is accurate and invaluable. It is in their greater interpretation of its meaning where I think Beck goes astray, but that is not the point of this post. Last week, Beck’s Internet TV show, “For the Record,” did a story on Sykes-Picot and the origin of the current Middle East tensions and tonight, “For the Record” will run an expose on ISIS. If for nothing else than access to “For the Record,” let me recommend a subscription to GBTV.

Now, here is where I start to differ with Beck and the majority of those in the Western world who have not done their homework on Islam. I do not see ‘radical’ Islam at the problem. I do not see Al-Qaeda or even ISIS/ISIL as the problem. Islam is the problem. I will explain in future posts. In fact, The OYL is going to get very active in the coming weeks/months. But, for now, I need to do my best to show you what I am seeing and why it bothers me so much.

First, I call your attention to this story:

Barack Hussein Soebarkah?

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7 thoughts on “URGENT WARNING: Prepare for Nuclear Attack!

  1. Your link is to the Sykes-Picot Wiki page not a Soebarkah refernce to Obama’s mother’s Passport Naming him Soebarhah after the muslim leader’s Cult Subud in Indonesia. Which proves Obama and his mother are both muslim.

    BOTH Links are important ! As would be the American Thinker article. Took the Liberty of adding the Video link ( only 6 minutes long ).

    And here is Kissner’s article.


    • Thanks, Don. My computer has been hanging-up today, which sometimes causes it not to copy as commanded, so when I paste, it is of the last thing I put on the clip board and I do not always catch it. Frustrating, for both of us. 😦

      Anyway, it should be fixed now.

  2. Don,
    Every REPUBLICAN running for office should be posting this “10 reasons she is not a democrat”
    on their election advertising!

    Am sending it to all…

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