Even For Progressives Using Common Core, 2+2 Still Equals 4

Josh Kraushaar of the liberal National Journal is beginning to do the math and put two and two together:

In attempting to downplay the political damage from a slew of second-term controversies, President Obama has counted on the American people having a very short memory span and a healthy suspension of disbelief. The time-tested strategy for Obama: Claim he’s in the dark about his own administration’s activities, blame the mess on subordinates, and hope that with the passage of time, all will be forgotten. Harry Truman, the president isn’t. He’s more likely to pass the buck.

Kraushaar’s article is long-ish but it is worth reading if you want to hear a proglodyte say what the right-wing commentariat has been saying for years.

Back in the late 80’s, I had the singular misfortune to have been in a business relationship with a person who behaved exactly like the President.

This was an individual who could lie with such dismissive ease and casual aplomb that people didn’t even have the urge to check the facts. He possessed such a keen emotional intelligence that he could just sense the fastest way into another person’s confidence. He was so confident and deferentially polite that no one would ever believe he was really a trollish cretin. A consummate politician with the innate ability to sense what people wanted to hear and feed it right back to them, he was sweet as sugar and as smooth as butter – his delivery was so fluid that he could make even the most skeptical person believe that his schemes were actually their ideas.

He would do things like host charity events that were financed with other people’s money while taking credit for the entire thing…and people gave credit to him. People wanted to be around him because he was “fun”.

Even when he did astoundingly crappy things, people who knew him automatically assigned the blame to anybody but him because “he was such a nice guy”.

You couldn’t warn anyone about him because people who knew him (or simply of OF him) just couldn’t believe how much of a phallus he really was.

It wasn’t like he did it on purpose or that it was contrived or planned – it was just him. If there is a “liar” gene, he was blessed with an overabundance of them. He was one of the most trusted untrustworthy people I have ever known. People just could not bring themselves to pin any responsibility on the guy. He was so good at re-framing reality that you could lay out a clear failure and in about 5 minutes he could reconstitute the truth to favor his position. I can still hear him doing it – “OK. I know that is what it looks like…but let me tell you what REALLY happened…”

He was so adept at creating non-confrontational scenarios to explain away his malfeasance that nobody challenged him. I think this lack of challenge was the reason that he could sustain the alternate reality where he was always right, never to blame and perennially the victim of circumstance.

I was young and dumb and a little too trusting but after a year, I figured out what was going on and sold my share of the business back to him. About 8 months later, he finally ran out of road and got sued left and right by his creditors. But that didn’t end it – I actually was told by people who were there that the creditors were actually telling him how sorry they were that they had to sue him and how awful it was that “the market” had done this to him.

He disappeared to China with his wife (she was a Chinese national) for a couple of years and last I heard, he was back in the US (down in Phoenix) and at it again.

This guy was(is) well and truly screwed in the head. I don’t know if he is a pathological liar or a narcissist – or both – or even if it is possible for medical science to put a label on him – but I recognize these same traits in President Obama.

There are a few things that I do know about both of these men – they care about no one but themselves, they feel absolutely no remorse whatsoever for what they do and they will never stop for any reason short of the finality of death.

2 thoughts on “Even For Progressives Using Common Core, 2+2 Still Equals 4

  1. OK …yeah….. But Josh Krausshar is just sayin’ all this cause Obama is Black. Everyone knows THAT right ?

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