How DOES He Do It?

President Obama clings to power – actually, he continues to increase it – while simultaneously admitting that he doesn’t even know what his own government is doing (“not a smidgen of corruption”) and that his own people are failing him (i.e. the intel community underestimated ISIS).

Of course he has his true believers, the sycophants, the “never say die” progresso-communists who still retain so much blind Obamalove that if he walked out of a Rose Garden cookout with a skewer of barbecued babies in one hand, a teenage prostitute’s decapitated head in the other, was wearing a cloak made of Michelle’s skin and a bloody paper hat made of the original U.S. Constitution, it would still be the Republicans fault. To them, Obama as much purity and light as George W. Bush was evil and darkness.

But that can’t explain it all.

Just basic statistics will tell you that even a skewed distribution of people still looks like a bell and there are people in the tail of the curve who understand that this guy is a disaster in mom jeans. There are vulnerable Donks who are running away from the President in the upcoming mid-terms, actually sounding more like members of the GOP – “I love guns” they say. “I’m not with him” they say – they stretch reality to heretofore unseen levels of sardonic comedy and self-parody.

Then why is nobody speaking out against him?

Of course there is that shared lust for power – but perhaps there is something else.


One only has to recall how Obama rose to political prominence in the first place. He did so by revealing sealed divorce records on his opponent, Jack Ryan, Obama’s current power seems to be coming straight out of the Chicago playbook:

“Ryan is the ex-husband of Jerri Ryan, a woman who played a cyborg of some sort on the Star Trek series that many people apocryphally believe starred Katherine Hepburn as a spaceship captain; Ryan, the actress, currently plays a mortician on some CBS show where Dana Delany drinks chardonnay while solving crimes as a medical examiner. During their marriage, Jack Ryan used to openly talk about sexual fantasies he had of his wife Jerri, the most graphic of which is that Jack wanted to fly his wife to Paris and take her to the Cleopatra Club — which was a high-priced sex dungeon where the two of them could have sex in front of other wealthy people while utilizing various swings and other contraptions. The Ryans never did any of this — it was purely Jack’s fantasy, and he wanted to do this with his own wife (while other men and women watched them). When filing for divorce, Jerri’s divorce attorney put references to these fantasies into the filing to embarrass Jack (who wanted to have a political career). The intent on Jerri’s part was to force a quick and lucrative divorce settlement so that the Cleopatra Club fantasies would never get out into the open.

In essence, Jerri Ryan blackmailed Jack Ryan into a much more generous divorce settlement than she would have received if she hadn’t made his unrealized sex fantasies a part of the filing.

The divorce agreement was supposed to be sealed and unavailable to reporters; once she had her loot, Jerri Ryan never talked about any of the Cleopatra Club stories again. Her intent was never to hurt Ryan, just to blackmail him for the best divorce settlement possible.

Flashforward to 2004. The Obama Senate campaign illegally obtains Jack Ryan’s sealed divorce filing and sees the Cleopatra Club references. Obama’s operatives release the embarrassing sexual fantasy material to the media, and the criminally stupid Cocktail Party here in Illinois makes the decision to force Ryan to withdraw from the Senate race after he was already picked as the nominee. I need to use bold for this, but Jack Ryan would have won that Senate race if the Cocktail Party GOP establishment had not forced him off the ballot.”

Even in the Democratic state primary before the general election, Obama didn’t stand a chance against multimillionaire businessman Blair Hull or Illinois Comptroller Daniel Hynes:

“Hull was beating Obama in double digits when, just three weeks before the primary, the Chicago Tribune broke a story that Hull’s wife had filled a restraining order against him in the runup to their divorce. Meanwhile, Obama was holding a press conference on domestic violence. Those in the know charge that the story was brought to the Tribune by former political writer, David Axelrod, who was, and still is, the mastermind behind Obama’s campaigns. Word is that the Tribune’s decision to release this juicy tidbit came down from “on high” and that the timing of that release and Obama’s media event were no coincidence.”

Perhaps the Democrats are afraid that Obama has a little black book on each one of them.

Maybe that is what the NSA has really been doing with all those computers.

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