CDE-CAG birthday lunch-2013At times I almost feel sympathetic when my Liberal/Progressive friends put so much effort into proving that Barack Hussein Obama has not been the absolutely worst President in terms of his economic policies & that those policies have not punished the American Middle Class while benefiting Obama’s core constituencies, the very wealthy & the permanently Federal government dependent. Fred has been gallantly making the case that unemployment has now dropped below 6% & that the equity markets continue to set new highs in terms of stock prices.

While both statements appear to be technically accurate if one still believes any statistics coming out of the Obama Administration bureaucracy (I don’t, due to their constant “losing” of key data that always seems to be the negative stuff!!! See the omission of California’s unemployment data from the national unemployment numbers in the month before the 2012 Presidential election as one example…Oooops!!!), the stats Progressives & Obama-sheep are crowing about are effectively meaningless as economic indicators for several obvious reasons.

First, “National Unemployment” has declined because people have been giving up hope of ever finding a job in Obama’s Economy!!! That lowers the base against which unemployment is calculated & makes 14% unemployment “look” like 6%…a pretty nifty way to “cut” unemployment. Under Obama, official unemployment will inevitably drop to “0,” at which point no Americans will actually be working but everyone will have given up looking so…Presto…no unemployment here!!! Move along!!!

Those who are employed or finding work at Wendy’s are now much more likely to be working part-time at something close to Minimum Wage, rather than making $100,000 as the engineers they used to be. The biggest cause of making America’s economy into a part-time universe where experienced professionals take the jobs that used to be filled by high school kids is…Obamacare!!! That brilliant obscenity that promised premium savings of $2,500 to every American household has actually increased the cost of health insurance, reduced consumer options, forced American citizens to leave the plans & physicians they were happy with & brought about lay-offs & reductions of working hours below 30-hours per week all over the nation that are still building. Obama’s “Signature Program” really is his legacy…lies compounded by economic disaster for average Americans!!!

Another phenomenon not featured at NBC or the NYT is the fact that if the jobs produced in Texas & North Dakota, both of which are (according to our Progressive politicians) governed by Satanic agents, are factored out, both Unemployment & GDP growth would have been significantly weaker that the “Obama Results” being toasted by his sycophantic media acolytes. To speak plainly, if painfully, without Texas & North Dakota’s economic & employment growth since 2009, the rest of the US has been in a technical Depression during Obama’s entire Administration thus far!!! That’s why many Americans feel like they are living through a Depression, because unless one has been living in Texas or North Dakota, one has!!! Doesn’t that explain a lot that few media talking heads have been discussing in the national press corps???

And I’ll explain one more time why the stock markets continue to break new ground, despite America’s underlying economic weakness, since apparently 26-expositions have been insufficient for the delusional Progressives in our midst. Under Obama the Federal Reserve has been following an unprecedentedly risky policy of maintaining interest rates at effectively “0,” while pumping inflationary cash into the US economy through the banking system. “0” interest rates punish Middle Class Americans who typically invest through bank savings accounts & reward the very wealthy who are able to invest in more sophisticated financial instruments. The Fed’s “0” interest rate policy has also held down the deficits the Obama government has actually been producing since service on the National Debt is a major driver of the annual deficit & the Fed’s risky policy serves to disguise how much of a Federal Budget Deficit the Golfer-in-Chief & his band of Merry Marxists are actually creating.

With fixed income investments(bonds) unattractive due to low interest rates, banks not making loans due to the new Dodd-Frank disaster (that has not yet issued full operating rules) & cash pouring into the banking system ($90-billion per month & now very slightly less), investment has been flowing into the artificially attractive equity (stock) markets, driving up the incomes of the wealthiest 3% of Americans (who already pay most of US Personal Income taxes) & creating what is likely an inflationary bubble in the stock prices & stock market benchmarks like the Dow Jones 500.

What will this mean when the Fed eventually stops inflating the dead Obama economy with cheap dollars??? While no one knows for certain, a substantial drop (which might be a crash) in stock prices is not an unrealistic scenario. NO ONE REALLY KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN BECAUSE THE FED HAS NEVER PURSUED A STRATEGY THIS RISKY FOR THIS LONG BEFORE IN ITS 100-YEAR HISTORY!!!

The attached WSJ article provides details on how the Obama economic policies have been building increasing income inequality even while he continues preaching & lecturing about the evils of free markets economics, which he would not recognize if they bit him on his bony butt!!! Obama is serving the demands of his two core constituencies…the wealthy Fat Cats & crony capitalists like George Soros, Warren Buffett & Tom Steyer & the permanently unemployed & government dependent. Barack Hussein Obama has brought his promised “Change” to America, just as Herbert Hoover & Franklin Roosevelt did in the 1930’s!!! Stay tuned…this will only get more interesting!!! CDE


  1. All of the OWEbozo “accomplishments” were written early in the year 2009 so they would have some “evidence” of how great they have been for America. Unfortunately, it is all just B.S.

    • flasawdust: One of the really incredible things about the Obama Cabal is that they are forcing policies on the American people that have failed every time they have been attempted in the US & around the world!!! Socialism doesn’t work because it runs contrary to our nature as human beings. John Locke & our Founders knew that, which is why they built our Constitution & our nation to prevent its takeover by wannabe authoritarians like Obama & to protect individual freedom & private property from government coercion.

      While most Progressives are focused on the accumulation of their own personal power & control over others, which Marxism provides, some of Obama’s lower level cretins actually are so without any knowledge of history or economics they think their reheated New Deal policies can actually work. They can’t & they won’t!!! Hopefully, the November election can start America on the road back to being the freest & most economically successful nation in human history. We need to focus all our energy on that goal!!! CDE

      • Well said Charles.

        Ronald Reagan’s economic principles were not new. Reagan merely followed Calvin Coolidge’s policies of the 1920’s.

        Contrary to the accepted lies written in today’s educational materials, Coolidge and Reagan’s policies worked amazingly well where as FDR’s policies failed miserably. The same policies that are failing once again today.

        Frederic Bastiat explained the economic fallacies of our current dictators in 1848 when he completed “the Law”.

        • ” We live in an age if science and of abounding accumulation of material things. These did not create our Declaration ( of Independence). Our Declaration created them. The things of the spirit come first. Unless we cling to that, all our Material prosperity, overwhelming though it may appear, will turn to a barren scepter in our grasp. If we are to maintain the great heritage which has been bequeathed to us, we must be like-minded as the fathers who created it. We must not sink into a pagan materialism. We must cultivate the reverence they had for the things that are holy”

          Calvin Coolidge….. address on the sesquicentennial of the Declaration of Independence.

          “It is sometimes assumed that Americans care only for material things, that they are bent on that kind of Success which can be cashed into dollars and cents. That is a very narrow and unintelligent opinion. We have been successful beyond others in great commercial and industrial enterprises because we have been a people of vision. Our prosperity has resulted not only by disregarding but by maintaining high ideals. Material resources do not, and cannot, stand alone; they are the product of spiritual resources. It is because America, as a nation, has held fast to the higher things of life, because it has had a faith in mankind which it has dared to put to the test of self-government, because it has believed greatly in honor and righteousness, that a great material prosperity has been added unto it. ”

          Calvin Coolidge……July 1922.

          • Don: Calvin Coolidge was a truly great great American President, a real Classic Anglo American Liberal who foreshadowed Ronald Wilson Reagan in many of his policies by cleaning up much of the economic disaster created by Wilson, Wilson’s wife & the Progressives who controlled Congress during Wilson’s two terms. President Coolidge was enormously popular with the American people, although he was often under attack by the American media, who tried to portray him as intellectually weak & uncaring…sound familiar??? The American media are overwhelmingly Progressive in their worldview, & few of them have ever been staggering intellects, so they prefer politicians who spew Utopian illusions & suffer the same economic & political ignorance as they do!!!

            Mr. Coolidge would easily have won a second elected term of his own, but he did not suffer from the massive ego deficit that Roosevelt did, so Coolidge unfortunately allowed his Progressive Republican VP Hoover to run in his place & so was not in office when the Fed mishandled a cyclical recession in 1929, which Hoover & then Roosevelt made worse, creating & sustaining the Great Depression!!! Few Americans even know these events transpired today, so we are as a nation doomed to live out Santayana’s warning that “Those Who Ignore History are Doomed to Repeat It.” And so we are with the “Golfer-in-Chief.” CDE

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