CONNECTING THE DOTS: Political Implications of Air Power in a Ground Conflict

CONNECTING THE DOTS: Political Implications of Air Power in a Ground Conflict

There are really only two reasons for a politician to commit air power alone to a ground war.  The first is cowardice.  Ground troops in contact with a hostile force — no matter how well — means high casualty rates.  Iraq and Afghanistan are perfect examples.  During the 2008 Presidential campaign, Senator Obama made a big deal over the casualties suffered under President Bush.  The lesson — at least for politicians — is simple: high casualty rates = political liability.  However, we know that Obama does not care about high casualty rates.  We know this because, since taking office, the casualty rates under Obama have more than doubled, yet Obama has done little to reduce them.  In fact, it could legitimately be argued that Obama’s policies in the Middle East have directly lead to the increase in American casualties.  And this leads us to the second reason for committing air power alone to a ground conflict.

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7 thoughts on “CONNECTING THE DOTS: Political Implications of Air Power in a Ground Conflict

  1. “Read the rest” Link doesn’t work. Blue line above does.

    Obama is a active General in the “Civilization Jihad” being waged against the west by world-wide islam. That’s why he has Air strikes ONLY and damn few of those.

    -Going to Sleep and ordering or having his immediate surrogate order the stand-down in Bengazi when knowing an attack was in process….thus being primarily instrumental along with Hillary in Americans dying.
    -Inviting Muslim Brotherhood terrorists to the White House multiple times.
    -Putting in muslims at the State Department.
    -Hillary with a SENIOR aide being the Daughter of the Founder of the Muslim Sisterhood !
    -Secretary of Defense Hagel is a KNOWN muslim sympathizer….possibly muslim himself ( Kitman, Taqiyyah).
    -Orchestrating the “Arab Spring” radical MB takeover of Lybia, Egypt, Tunisia, and fomenting revolutions in Yeman and Syria.
    -Refusing to support the Egyptians when 50 Million marched in the Streets AGAINST Morsi.
    -Trying to undercut Israel repeatedly since taking office.
    -Structuring US response to Iran so as to INSURE that they get Nuclear weapons before he leaves office.
    -Turning his back on the legitimate uprising in Iran in 2009….thus condemning 10s of thousands to death.
    -Refusing to close the Southern Border when Known mideast terrorists have been detained.
    -Arming and Creating ISIS through the weapons transfer from Lybia.

    All of these and many other actions and NONactions by Obama show he is in Concert with ISIS taking over Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan… they can united attack Israel.

    What about his Fathers both being muslim, his mother being Subud muslim don’t people get ? What about Obama going to muslim schools, being registered as a muslim don’t people get ? What about his statement ” The most beautiful sound in the world to me (Him, Obama) is the sound of morning muslim prayers” don’t people get ?

    Obama is acting and has acted consistently to bring about a resurgence of the muslim Caliphate since he took office in 2009 !

  2. Last night retired military officers explained:

    Obama attended his 3rd, yes third, meeting at the Pentagon. 3 meetings in 6 years? The Commander in Chief has met with his subordinates 3 times in 6 years.

    The Officers in the meeting explained the air campaign was not, and would never, succeed in attaining the goals Obama set.

    Obama refused to allow the generals the necessary resources they asked for.

    Obama is making purposeful choices that are knowingly failing. This is not incompetence. This is purposeful. (This is another impeachable event.)

    Obama decided to give the Middle East to Al Quaeda and Muslim Jihadis, years ago.

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