Hot Pepper

PepperpotsmovieThis past week, Pepper Potts, aka Gwinnie Paltrow, embarrassed herself at her own Hollywood fundraiser with her effusive praise of our failed President. In true multi-orgasmic form, issuing forth from her nether-regions were fawning phrases like, “You’re so handsome that I can’t speak properly” and “I am one of your biggest fans, if not the biggest, and have been since the inception of your campaign.”

It was so bad, I’m told that even Tony Stark winced. Reached for comment about his girlfriend’s Obamalust, Tony sardonically commented, “What can you do? I’m filthy rich and they don’t call me Iron Man for nothing – if you know what I mean! But you know what they say: ‘Once black, never back…’”

It’s not like Gwinnie doesn’t know what handsome looks like – she was once engaged to Brad Pitt. Hell, when I saw Pitt in “Legends of the Fall”, I wanted to date him and I’m not even gay.

I have seen Brad Pitt, Mr. President, and you are no Brad Pitt.

Hollywood types do tend to live in a fantasy world but this seems to be a scene straight out of the 1977 Oscar nominated film, “Looking for Mr. Goodbar”.

This movie stars a young Diane Keaton as daytime kindergarten teacher/nighttime thrill seeker Theresa Dunn and details 1296111329the story of a woman unsure of her image who looks for the one thing that can satisfy her increasingly intense “needs” for acceptance. She wants to be seen as beautiful and desirable by men who are willing to demonstrate that acceptance by committing the most of intimate of acts with her…making love. Only in this case, she replaces the emotive component of love with the adrenaline rush of dangerous sex and she eventually finds the perfect representation of her definition of “love”…

After deciding to give up the party life and exert control over her life, she decides to have one last hook-up and picks up a man named Gary. Gary is a pure psychopath, incapable of human love but filled with the anger of sexual frustration. He is also the perfect progressive vision of America – a sexually confused Vietnam War veteran who has just parted ways with his gay lover but has a pregnant wife in Florida.

In the end, Theresa resigns herself to accepting the ultimate adrenaline rush and in a final violent act, she finds satiation in the act of being stabbed to death.

It appears that progressive America found their Gary in Barack Obama.

They have elected a pure psychopath, incapable of human love but filled with the anger of progressive frustration. They have been having wild, uninhibited sex with Gary for 6 years now – even as he constantly fails them and the sex gets progressively more dangerous.

The sycophantic, mindless progressive votaries like Pepper are now feeling the final ecstasy of being stabbed to death as the President and the Democrat Party have coitus with each other on a mattress stuffed full of Hollywood’s money.

One thought on “Hot Pepper

  1. “It would be wonderful if we were able to give the man [Barack Obama] all of the power that he needs to pass the things that he needs to pass.” ~ The Loopy-Goopy Goopmeister

    A more appropriate pic for this piece would be the posters that a conservative artist created depicting the event — they are hysterical!

    Even more hysterical, is the fact that you could pay just a little over $32k to watch Mr. Handsome masticate Goop Grub.

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