PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: The Handling of Ebola in the U.S. is not Incompetence

PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: The Handling of Ebola in the U.S. is not Incompetence

I have been following the story of Ebola in the United States, and I keep hearing pundits argue that our government is incompetent in its handling of this virus.  I regret to have to say that I disagree with these commentators.  I happen to believe that our leaders know exactly what they are doing.  As difficult as it is for most of us to accept, many of our ‘leaders’ actually want something like an Ebola outbreak in America.  Unfortunately, the prevalence of conspiracy theories in our society  provides a convenient and effective cover for these people. Worse, the majority of the mid-level administrators in our various bureaucracies suffer from political correctness, which gives a great deal of credibility to the claim of incompetence — mostly because they are, because they are politically correct.  Unfortunately, before you can see through all this smoke, you have to have something far too few of us possess: a firm knowledge and understanding of the history of the early 20th Century.  If you’ll give me a few minutes, I’ll try to help you see some of the pieces to this giant puzzle.

NOTE: this is not a short post.  This is because we are dealing with a complicated issue that has evolved over more than a century.  You and I have been conditioned to have short attention spans.  One of the reasons for this is to keep us from reading things like this, which might help us understand what has happened to us, why is was done to us and how it was done to us.  I write for those precious few who actually want to know and understand.  To the rest — to those who cannot bring themselves to read a few pages of history — I want you to know that the people I am writing about are relying on you to make the few of us who care look like ‘crazy people.’  Sadly, too many of us play our role all too well.  The question for you, my friend, is which will you be: will you skip this post because it is too long, or will you at least take the time to read and consider the information I present?

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10 thoughts on “PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: The Handling of Ebola in the U.S. is not Incompetence

  1. Let’s also remember that Obama also brought us the Amnesty-Virus ( EV D68 ), which showed up in Cities first were the Illegals were sent in large Numbers. ( Presumably with Glenn Becks Soccor Balls and Teddy bears in tow ). Those toys haven’t helped save the lives of Amerrican children who have died though.

    Imagine that.

    Sharyl Attkisson has been doing great work on this since leaving CBS over Obama Censorship.


    Obama has imported BOTH Ebola and the Amnesty Virus. As Dave Urbanski said to Rush…..the other part of the Rahm Emanual/Obama/Ayers/ Alynski saying…” Don’t let a Good Crises go to Waste” is this..

    ” Because we then get to DO THINGS we ( The Progressive Democrats and allies) wouldn’t get to do under normal circumstances.” What might those “Things” be ??

    • Don,

      Progressive Democrats?! Why do so many people insist on clinging to the assumption that there are no Progressive Republicans — especially since the GOP founded the Progressive movement?

      It is a mistake to assume the GOP holds any answers to our problems. They do not. The Republicans are the flip side of the same Progressive coin. That is why our govt. POLICIES have not changed since Bush, Sr.

      • Read my post again…. it said (Progressive Democrats and allies).

        Meaning GOP and Libertarian and All Progressive allies including in the press and Academia. Brevity in the age of Tweeters is the assumed rule.

        • Don,

          That’s just it: brevity is part of the conditioning that insulates these people from exposure. I will have to beg you to understand that I do not and will not conform to this ‘brevity.’ I would much prefer to make absolutely sure — to the best of my ability, anyway — that I am clearly understood.

          • Potatoe…Potahtoe Joe.

            Both tacts grab different readers and lead towards understanding and awareness which is the goal.
            For what it’s worth I am on another TP-Conservative site getting Grief for arguing your very point re : the GOP and their actual voting records. Since they are on the “GOP at any cost” bandwagon.

  2. Joe,
    Thanks for the informative post. We (you and I) being students of History (Political/World) are well aware of
    what is happening to our society, unlike the current generation of which you identify who assume that History started when they were born. My evidence is the people you describe, Ayers, et-al.

    Unfortunately for the next generation, now that you have diagnosed the symptoms of the disease, how do
    we (the informed) progress without endangering our freedom and liberty to overcome this dilemma?

    I am confident that your solution is identical to mine, but would like to have you present it in this blog to
    inform the interested readers what this solution entails.

    I have to agree with your second assumption.

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