TRUTH: There IS an Answer to Our Woes

TRUTH: There IS an Answer to Our Woes

A reader on The Rio Norte Line asked me what the answer is to our national woes.  I suppose it is a fair question, and one that I need to answer — especially if I presume to keep telling people what our problems are.  Fortunately, I have discovered that history affords us an answer to this readers question.  Unfortunately, I hold strong reservations as to our society’s willingness — let alone ability — to accept the Truth of that answer.  Still, I was asked, and I have the answer, so, if you will allow me some of your time, I will explain it to you.  But understand, this is not  a post for the ‘twitter’ crowed.  If you cannot stay with it long enough to finish and then carefully consider my argument — on its merits — then you are actually one of the many reasons for my reservations.  So, with all that being said, let’s start with Texas95’s latest post, “Where is the Virtue” by Anthony Esolen.For all our hubris, these facts remains: society is a fragile thing, and no amount of arrogance can change the universal principles by which it is sustained.  Among these principles are things such as honesty, trust and justice.  But more than abstract concepts, these things must be realities within the heart and soul of every individual in society else society will fall into despotism.  The founding fathers of this nation knew this to be true, and if you look for them, you will find their words boldly asserting this eternal Truth.  Here is just one example of just how clearly they proclaimed their convictions in this matter:

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8 thoughts on “TRUTH: There IS an Answer to Our Woes

  1. Very Good Posts by you and Texas95 !

    I’m gonna help you out with the Twitter Tweeters …… Anthony Esolen’s article “Where is the Virtue” is quite Excellent and has as part of its subtext the issue of……… SEX !

    It is definitely worth the time to read.

  2. Joe,
    I am truly amazed at your answer to my question. Not that your answer was anything that I didn’t
    expect, just that as I was reading it, I felt my own thoughts exposed in your words.

    Virtue is such a defining word–it explodes in the mind! Virtue-God/God-Virtue!

    Too bad that virtue is so alien to the majority of our leaders!

    I’m not surprised that you mentioned the History of Israel–right in my course of study since March.
    Can’t let it go! The Bible intrigue!

    Just finished James D. Tabor’s last book on the Talpiot Project. Incredible information awaits us?

    Remaining in The Spirit!

    • EdwardS,

      So, can I assume that we agree on the answer I provided?

      If so, then how confident are you that this nation will respond to it? Because, if you are studying Scripture, you know how hard it is to get the people to respond. God seems to have to beat us down to the point where we ONLY have Him left. I fear this nation is a long, LONG way from thinking it has no options left but God — which means…

      Have you got your mop level 4 suits ready for you and your family?

  3. Perhaps there is indeed a beginning of a modern New Awakening taking place.

    Here is a quote from Vishal Mangalwadi an Indian Philosopher, author and Social reformer….he is speaking on the recent Documentary “Blue” by Jeffry King about the Communist Enviromental movement and the state of our Constitutional Liberties in America today….Lord Moncton is also on the Documentary.

    Vishal says :

    ” The ideas in which America was founded are very peculiar ideas. Once you reject the basis for those ideas, which was the Bible, then you can’t sustain the kind of society you have had. So you have to destroy everything. Because the “progress” of the west was Fruit, the root was the Bible. And what you have done is rejected the Roots….. the Fruit has to dry up. “.

    • Don,

      The TRUTH is so clear that an Indian philosopher can easily see it, so tell me, how is it so many of our self-professed “experts” in this country can so confidently assert that the founding of this nation had nothing to do with the Bible? And that they can somehow maintain the individual liberties they claim to embrace without clinging to their source?

      • I am re-posting a couple of quotes from Coolidge that I had posted on Chrales Post below about the Economy and Warren Buffet.

        Coolidge as was Reagan was a Great President. And all Great presidents “Got it ”

        “We live in an age if science and of abounding accumulation of material things. These did not create our Declaration ( of Independence). Our Declaration created them. The things of the spirit come first. Unless we cling to that, all our Material prosperity, overwhelming though it may appear, will turn to a barren scepter in our grasp. If we are to maintain the great heritage which has been bequeathed to us, we must be like-minded as the fathers who created it. We must not sink into a pagan materialism. We must cultivate the reverence they had for the things that are holy”

        Calvin Coolidge….. address on the sesquicentennial of the Declaration of Independence.

        “It is sometimes assumed that Americans care only for material things, that they are bent on that kind of Success which can be cashed into dollars and cents. That is a very narrow and unintelligent opinion. We have been successful beyond others in great commercial and industrial enterprises because we have been a people of vision. Our prosperity has resulted not only by disregarding but by maintaining high ideals. Material resources do not, and cannot, stand alone; they are the product of spiritual resources. It is because America, as a nation, has held fast to the higher things of life, because it has had a faith in mankind which it has dared to put to the test of self-government, because it has believed greatly in honor and righteousness, that a great material prosperity has been added unto it. ”

        Calvin Coolidge……July 1922.

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