“Where is the Virtue” by Anthony Esolen

I posted this on Joe’s OYL because it discusses faith and virtue. Don appreciated it so I am re-blogging here on the RNL. Enjoy, Professor Esolen wrote a masterful essay.

The Oil for Your Lamp

Continually I realize how ignorant I am!  Every person requires foundations built with knowledge of eternal principles.  Basic requirements for understanding and wisdom.  Can one contextualize the myriad of choices and results in our world without the basic tools that allow one the ability to “see” reality, truth and consequences?  Virtue.  What is virtue?  Why is virtue important?   Look up Virtue’s definition.  Professor Esolen eloquently illuminates how ridiculous the current “popular” view of sexuality is, with his essay hosted at “The Public Discourse.”

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One thought on ““Where is the Virtue” by Anthony Esolen

  1. After re-reading Esolen’s piece I was reminded of a passage from Conrad Richter’s “The Awakening land”, a Trilogy written in 1940, 1946 and the last Book 1950 ( The Town ) from which this comes. The trilogy follows a Family who migrates from Pennsylvania into Ohio in 1790 all the way up to the 1850s I think. From scratching out a living from the Ohio forest to the point of a Prosperous industrial Town.

    The protagonist starts as a young girl in the first Book and in the last Book is an elderly women thinking on her Children and Grandchildren and all the change that has come….physical, experiential and Spiritual/Philosophical between her generation and her Children/Grandchildren’s generation :

    ” What was the world coming to and what hearty pleasures folks today missed out
    of life! One bag of meal her pap said, used to make a whole family rejoice. Now
    folks came ungrateful from the store, grumbling they had to carry such a heavy
    market basket. Was that the way this great new country of hers was going to go?
    The easier they made life, the weaker and sicker the race had to get?
    Once a
    majority of the men got weak and soft, what weak, harmful ways would they vote
    the country into then? “

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