Happy Indigenous Peoples Day!

What did you do to celebrate Indigenous People’s Day? Wait…you didn’t do anything? What are you, a racist?

Cause, you know…Chris Columbus (the explorer, not the singer) was like, a racist and a genocidal maniac.

Yeah, we all know that several grievance groups that trot this meme out every year. There’s another opportunity coming up in about a month when we get to Thanksgiving here in the US (Canada had theirs on Columbus Day – go figure). Racist, genocidal, white Europeans bad, innocent native peoples good.

I don’t agree. Did the migration of white Europeans to the New World destroy centuries old civilizations? You bet. Were they the only conquerors in the history of the world to destroy other civilizations in the quest to expand their own? Nope – not even close.

Has the progress of humankind in prosperity, technology and overall quality of life accelerated at a pace unknown in human history?

Why, yes. Yes, it has.

The progressive left makes the mistake of equating the defeated culture with the victorious one even if they have to grade on a curve. We have certainly seen this idea in play before – for example, to achieve “equality” on performance related testing, progressives conspire to award minority groups extra points to prevent them from losing outright due to some perceived inferiority.

The add the same kind of Kentucky windage to cultural evaluations.

But the real question is this: are all cultures equal? If so, by what measure?
Were the Europeans in Christopher Columbus’ crew and the “indigenous peoples” they made contact with truly equal?

I would suggest that by the scale by which we have come to measure human progress, there was a significant differential between the guys on the boat and the ones on the beach. Columbus’ crew was superior in weapons systems, mobility, tactics, strategy, and overall intelligence. Sure the indigenous people knew far more about survival in their own environment but the Europeans had invented labor reducing and power extending machines that allowed them to adapt to the new environs far faster than the centuries that it took the indigenous people to do.
So it really should come as no surprise that the Europeans overwhelmed the weaker indigenous cultures through adaptation, the co-option of knowledge and in many cases, brutality though the use of their superior weapons and minds.

I would also argue that these clash of cultures resulted in the sacrifice of a more primitive culture to the benefit of a superior one, the one that formed the basis for the modern western world.

I simply cannot conceive how it is possible to grade cultures on a curve or to somehow enter into an objective discussion over subjective elements – like “harmony with nature” or the idealized idea that Native Americans just danced and frolicked with each other like groups of Eloi – they didn’t. They were brutal to each other and without the benefit of guns and tools made of iron, the beat and sliced each other with clubs and sharpened pieces of flint.

There is just too much navel gazing these days. It seams that progressives see cultures much like they view economics – a zero sum game. If you succeeded it means that you had to take something from me in a criminal way. If a culture overcomes another, then it is obvious to them that the superior culture had to have done something unfair to win.

It appears to me that the best of indigenous cultures are always compared with the worst of the conquering cultures.

The fact is that Christian, white European, industrialized culture was so superior to the indigenous cultures of the western Hemisphere that they simply overwhelmed those indigenous cultures. The Europeans view of the native peoples was not racist, it was that they were inferior in almost every way that Europeans measured human progress and worth – up to and including spiritually. The same goes for black Africans of the pre-Civil War era. That is certainly not to say that there weren’t brilliant individuals who were members of these cultures or that these cultures did not have the capacity to catch up to the Europeans – the point is that the totality of their culture did not.

When measured against the European scale of human progress, these folks were found wanting. For that reason, they were see as inferior – it was just an aspect of nature that their skin was red, black or yellow.

It was the same with religion – through the centuries, Christianity also had overcome paganism, Islamism and other cult “religions” to become the dominant world religion – of course, it was considered to be superior to the paganism and nature worship of the natives.

I’m not trying to say what happened was right or moral, I’m just saying this is how I see it.

So don’t believe that the European explorers were racists who were bent on intentional genocide. By the only scale of measurement they had, they were the superior beings in a period when being superior was the name of the game. If you want to take issue with something, argue about the measuring stick used in the attempt to quantify the relative standing of individual cultures, not the men who lived in them.

11 thoughts on “Happy Indigenous Peoples Day!

  1. Columbus Day…to celebrate a Spanish Jew (Cristobol Colon) who got lost on his way to India, and has since been claimed by the Italians and disdained by groups who are HATERS of progress(even though they call themselves “Progressives”) Surely enough contradictions in that description to satisfy even the most dedicated Democrat/Progressive historical revisionist.

    • Chrissy was born in Genoa. His parents house is still there.( Born in 1451 to Domenico Colombo and Suzanna Fontanarossa ) Christoforo Colombo was his birth name. Cristobal Colon was the Spanish version of his name after he settled there.




      His voyage was NOT looking for a passage to India ( although he suspected that India lay beyond the lands he hoped to “re-discover”). this was the Carrot given to first the Portuguese Court ( King John II ) then later to the Spanish King Freddy and the Lovely Isabella.
      Even “the Wikipedia” cannot hide this fact,…” Never admitting that he had reached a continent previously unknown to Europeans, rather than the East Indies he had set out for, Columbus called the inhabitants of the lands he visited indios (Spanish for “Indians”).[5][6][7] ” ( But there are other sources as well).


      Old Chris had prior knowledge of the lands he would encounter and most importantly Maps and navigational charts compiled from prior Atlantic voyages. Those documents were known to him from his father in law Bartholomew Perestrello and the Scot John Drummond who he met when he was settled on the Island of Madeira. Drummond is confirmed at the Court of Ferdinand and Isabella in 1492 along with Christopher. And Drummond’s Business Partner was one Nuremberg cartographer named Martin Behaim who had access to the new “Globe of the World” .

      Drummond himself was driven to rediscover these lands because he was related to the Sinclairs who with the Zenos of Venice had explored the Atlantic 1391 -1398. From Nova Scotia all the way to the Texas coast ( taking Aloe Plants back with them as well as Maize). The Sinclairs were themselves trying to Re-do their own ancestors voyages that we know as Vikings….who were following the voyage of Irish monks in the 400s who said they had reached a far Western Land.

      Chris, Drummond, The Senior Bartholomew, Martin Haim, Prince Ferdinand and the Lovely Queen ALL new precisely where the voyage was heading.

  2. I celebrated! I drank a fifth of scotch and gambled my life savings at a federally-funded indigenous casino! Thank goodness that I’ll die of liver failure knowing it was for two great and worthwhile causes!

  3. My ancestors the Vikings who settled in Ireland & Britain explored the North American coast centuries ahead of Columbus & my father’s family settled in New England & Pennsylvania almost four centuries ago. The people the PC-Crowd now call “indigenous people” & “Native Americans” are neither. Their ancestors crossed what was then a land bridge into Alaska & conquered whatever primitive tribes may have existed as they pursued their own manifest destiny by spreading south & east to the Atlantic. When the “Native Americans” encountered a more advanced civilization that came to stay after Columbus’ voyages, they fought against its advances across the continent & loss as less advanced civilizations usually have throughout human history.

    My more ancient ancestors, the Celts, at one time lived in very sophisticated tribal groups stretching from the Black Sea to the West Coast of Ireland & everywhere in between. Celtic art, philosophy & society was far more civilized than the Romans, but they chose to live in smaller groups & stressed individual freedom rather than centralized rulers. They were fierce fighters whose “Warrior Cult” emphasized personal bravery, individual honor & loyalty to the clan. The Romans, who were an amoral, authoritarian civilization was able to conquer the Celtic tribes & gradually drove them west until today Celtic culture exist only in Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall & Brittany.

    Human history has been a series of clashes between different civilizations, as Samuel Huntington elucidated 20-years ago in THE CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS. Romanticizing the tribes that were native to the Caribbean & the American continents by a group of self-hating Americans of European Ancestry merely reflects the ahistorical context & personality defects that group operates from. Did our European ancestors, mostly beginning with Christopher Columbus fight a series of wars with the tribes who occupied North America over centuries, & did the Europeans, who today identify ourselves as Americans, eventually subdue the continent’s earlier occupants…yes. Was Columbus a key to the spread of Western European civilization to North America…yes.

    That is the reality of this story & that is what is celebrated on Columbus Day!!! Those who choose to live in the fantasy world of a Pre-Columbian Utopian civilization can take the day to visit their p-shrinks for extended therapy, since their collective hold on reality seems more than a little tenuous. Happy Columbus Day to the rest of us!!! CDE

    • Your “ancestors” may have been here a LOT longer that even Charles !! See my post directly below.

      Since you are “Viking” I guess I can call you Mead-Man huh … ;- )).

    • I believe the Basque area also has a Celtic culture. One of the oldest. Genetically they are aligned with the Irish/ Scots etc.

      • Hi Texas…Thanks for such high praise. I think I’ll expand on some of the factual stuff & post it as a separate piece. BTW…are you in Texas these days??? May God be with you if you are!!! CDE

  4. As to the Major Point of your Post. Hallelujah for saying it and for fighting the PC paradigm.

    In fact there was widespread Cannibalism practised by the Caribe Indians when Columbus arrived. ( It was practiced by some of the Canadian Indian tribes as late as the 1600s ). The Highest so-called Civilization in Mexico and Central America practiced mass Human sacrifice as a State ( and “religious ) Institution.

    European Civilization in the 1490s to 1600s was itself Brutal. But neither the State nor Religious institutions sanctioned practices like this and in fact had laws and doctrine directly addressing this evil. So yes what the early Europeans found was a collection of cultures that WERE retrograde and lessor in regards to both Morals and civil achievement.

    Your Post is 125 % Spot on !

    A second point is this whole claim to “indigenous “. The agenda for PC image creating is so deep that data on Caucasian settlements throughout North America has been hidden for many many years. Even up till current times.

    There are literally HUNDREDS of examples of white settlement going back 10,000 years and more from Catalina Island, Calif to the Coasts of Maryland and Virginia. There are physical remains, Archeological finds and even DNA data.

    How many of you are aware that as recent as 1984-1986 in Florida ( Windover Pond excavation ) hundreds of skeletons have been found in what were apparently “water Burials” ? And that in over 90 of the skeletons Brain Matter was preserved. These skeletons go back 8, 280 years !!!

    Extensive tests were done….X-rays, computed tomography ( CT) scans, MRIs, etc…. It was found the Bodies were buried 24-48 hours after death, based on DNA and tissue that was examined. Now listen up. the DNA testing on the bodies found that Haplogroup X was present, which is a distinct DNA marker, only found in Caucasians of generally northern European origin. NOW…..these are similar to finding with skeletons in Spirit Cave in Nevada ! In other Florida Bog burial sites a date of 12,000 years BCE has been determined for the same Haplogroup sequences.

    There have been findings similar throughout the Continental US……the whole issue of “Indigenous” indeed !!!! The Journalist Richard Dewhurst has done historical work on News reports going back from the 1800s til contemporary times.

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