PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: It is NOT about ‘Incompetence,’ but Ideology

I’ve got one more for you.  This is connected to the last three posts I wrote.

PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: It is NOT about ‘Incompetence,’ but Ideology

For many years, I was confused by the things our national leaders did.  I couldn’t understand how ‘rational’ people could make such horrible decisions, so I accepted the usual explanation: they were ‘incompetent.’  Well, that was then and this is now.  Now, I am here to tell you if anyone — and I mean anyone — tries to tell you that ‘incompetence’ is the answer, that person is part of the problem.  They are part of the problem because ‘incompetence’ is the explanation of the intellectually lazy.  That’s right: it is a cop-out.  There are explanations for the things our national leaders and elite institutions are doing, and it really isn’t all that hard to understand them.  All you have to do is change the way you look at things.  If you’ll give me a few minutes of your time, I think I can show you how to look at world events so you’ll see them in an entirely different way.  I manage to help you switch your perspective, the world will never look the same to you again. Continue reading

37 thoughts on “PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: It is NOT about ‘Incompetence,’ but Ideology

          • When your two great enemies are destroying each other, (Nazi, Red communist) Why didn’t we allow them to destroy themselves?
            The third Reich was mired down in Russia.Troops were being bled out of France to bolster the eastern front.Socialism was butchering Communism wholesale.
            Why the near panic by FDR and Churchill to get into the war in Europe? What if this had played on for another year or two?
            Instead we rescued Stalin from Hitler. Allowed Stalin to capture half of Europe and keep it? Then take a look at the elected forms of government of most of “free Europe” since WW2.
            Particularity that of England and France.
            You, more than most recognized the long history of Marxism in this country.
            I have to wonder, especially seeing the lopsided distribution of men and material between the European and pacific theaters, if our goals were not only to stop Hitler, but to save the budding communist from extinction.
            Yes, we were right to oppose evil. Yet we allowed the greater of the two to flourish.
            When I add it up, I see the same “Victory” our elected leaders gave us in Korea, and Vietnam.

            • fjf,

              Everything you say is true, though you did simplify it a great deal. You just left out one very important factor. Churchill did not care about the threat of Communism. He could only see the here and now, and he — more than any other — promised things to Stalin and THEN trapped FDR into delivering them. FDR could not resist what Churchill did for 2 main reasons. 1 — FDR was personally vested in beating Hitler, so, as far as FDR was concerned, the enemy of his enemy was his ally. This is stupid, mostly because it is not true, but it drove a lot of FDR’s personal thinking. But the 2nd reason FDR would not have been able to oppose Stalin is because McCARTHY WAS RIGHT! FDR’s Administration, as well as the majority of our government, was RIDDLED WITH COMMUNISTS! (shouting for those who refuse to listen, not meant for you, fjf). SO yes, what you are implying is correct: MARXISM won WW II, and it tricked the Capitalist West into selling itself the very rope by which Stalin hung it.

              • To which I believe is a piece of your puzzle that links the dangers of PC to each and every one of us.
                Many things we widely believe, simply aren’t so. The problem is trying to get the majority to understand REAL history vs. that which is fed by the state run school systems.
                I applaud your efforts.
                as far as the “over simplification” I know, wordly I am not.

                • fjf

                  The origins of Communism and political correctness in this country go back to the Frankfurt school, which was founded by a bunch of Marxists who had been chased out of Europe.

                  • I beg to differ slightly.
                    The Origins of Political Correctness do INDEED go back to the Frankfurt School and its American incarnations in “The New School for Social Research”, NYC and at U C San Diego via Herbert Marcuse. Political Correctness was a vehicle of Cultural Marxism which got its big push in the 1920s from Gramsci in Italy. Since Cultural Marxism’s goal was to attack Western Societies from within rather than through Economic strategies ( Class warfare and such), it Targeted institutions and Traditional Values. As such De-legitimising them through ridicule and language change over time was the tactic. Political Correctness is little more than Bullying through shunning and ridicule and repetition. It is verbal and Media thuggishness mirroring the physical thugs in the “Protest movements”, nothing more.

                    Whereas Marxism for the most part was introduced to America by the Fabian Socialists in the late 19th Century. It reared its hideous head in 1905ish time-frame in the Progressive movement…….but the seeds had already been sown in order for there to even BE a Progressive party.

                    As you and Utah have most excellently shown in your work here on the Progressives.

                    We have to remember that Marx was a “God” to the English Socialists as he had tied together the various threads started by Bentham, Rush, Owen and J Stuart Mill. They went to work at a fever pitch upon his death in 1883. The Colleges and Universities were seeded first, thus by 1905 there had already been a more than 20 year “invasion” of basic Marxist/Socialist ideology and strategy under way.

                • BTW: has anyone else noticed that, in the last 12-18 months, we have had movies/TV shows such as World War Z, The Helix, The Last Ship, Strain, various Zombie shows and now, Monday, Black List is doing an epidemic episode. I no longer believe these are coincidences — especially since we are actively IMPORTING Ebola victims!!! I just don’t know if the connection is material, spiritual — or both?!

                  • In answer to your Quibble/quabble comment.

                    Yes. They are all Fabian Douche-bags. No. it isn’t Quibbling. Because I think the Inception of the Rot is an important point. Just like the Exposure to a Virus is important for an MD to know.

                    Because PC as a strategy didn’t really get started full force until the 1960s….with the Frankfurt Freaks coming in the 1930s. BUT without a Garden of Socialist manure well laid down for the prior 47 or so years….the Frankfurt school and FDRs commies would NOT have been able to accomplish much.

                    So it isn’t quibbling because it is VITALLY important to get across to people just HOW MUCH and how deep the propaganda IS that They/we have been taught. To unravel the Commie propaganda we will have to understand that some of the most basic thing we’ve been taught….the assumptions we walk around with as “Gospel”, are Garbage. And some of them go back to the turn of LAST century.

                    I don’t think it’s a quibble at all really.

                    • Don, what we call political correctness is just the modern incarnation of what the Frankfurts called “the shield.” Thus, political correctness DID originate in the very early 1900’s.

                      You are correct: people need to understand the history here, so do not dismiss how long this has been happening in the Western world. If you do not go back far enough, you will still miss the mark.

                      Keep in mind, even the Fabians go back to Hegel…

                    • I think, If I remember correctly, the Frankfurt school wasn’t started until the 1920s. So again as a Strategy, it ( PC ) is initiated later.

                      We are talking about “Movements” especially those with tangible political capital, rather than purely philosophical ideas or schools. As you are correct about Hegel, one could also look back to Plato’s Republic et passim.Or even Thomas More’s Utopia. But also even the very early English Socialists and proto-Socialists, even early Marx himself wasn’t so much a Movement as a stewing pot of ideas.

                      It was this intense thrust of ideas and strategy upon the Social institutions wrought by the Fabians in the 1880s that got the Ball rolling in America…. which was about 20 years AFTER the Socialist Workers Internationales were organizing * politically* in Europe. I think the first International was during our Civil War.

                      In other words Philosophically Marxism has a long historical line back in time.
                      But as an Implementation, as a cohesive strategy and political machine it doesn’t start til the 1860s or so. Now. I would argue the Jacobin’s and the Adam Weishaupt crowd did indeed initiate a Proto-Marist political movement. But one which was Highly controlled by certain Cartels within the Ancienne Regime itself ( Germany and France ). And that movement was “stewing” in central europe from about 1748 til 1774 when Weishaupt’s (financed) work was published. The fruition of this was of course the French Revolution.

                      The French movement was contained for the most part. And then the story repeated itself with Marx-Engels ( Financed) works stewing for about 20 years from 1848 or so, then the International gets going in the 1860s. The different tact taken was to keep organizing and Community agitating in all the Industrial centers of Europe thereby increasing their Union membership. Waiting all the time for the “perfect political storm” to give them opportunity to try a re-do of 1790s. Which came in 1918.

                      In America they tried with Union mine workers and the Pullman company, they tried with anarchists Bombs in the 1890s……but our Base, our moral founding was still too strong ( related intimately to what you have been writing about the “awakenings” as well as our Founding). America was Intentional ! It wasn’t passing from one social era to another as Europe was. We were here for a Reason…..and MOST could articulate some if not all of that reason, and America had a Commitment ( founded on Biblical principles….and the Natural Rights and Liberty that follow ).

                      So a retrenchment into our Schools and a slow attack on those institutions which best transmitted our Intention, our Commitments, our Faith and hence our Spirit was their battle plan. By 1905 they had altered and polluted enough minds to try their hand at Changing the Political landscape…..and thus the BullMoose ( Bullshit) Party was launched !!!

                      The rest as we say is history…..and we bees living that history today.

                    • Don,

                      If you will go back through ALL of that and compare it to the history England and — later — America took, you’ll find a divide between the two central directions of history. That divide lies largely along the line of those who accepted and turned to God for their solutions, and those who turned to themselves (man). THAT is the primary division in ideologies stretching throughout ALL human history. At the moment, we are just discussing how the secular humanist side has manifested itself through the ages.

          • Sorry, Don, but I would be VERY cautious about the claim in the title of that book. Texas presented a better book: Hitler’s beneficiaries. It clearly documents how Hitler funded Germany through what can only be called “alternative economics.” While I will not deny he may have received some help from Wall Street, it certainly wasn’t enough to make a difference in the way Hitler funded himself.

            • I believe I was the one who put up “Hitler’s Beneficiaries” by Gotz Aly. But no matter.
              Hitler “re-distributed” Germany’s Wealth to maintain power. But his Start was something entirely different. His “alternative economics” didn’t take affect until the early 1930s.

              The National Socialists were being funded from 1919 up until His election. The game-plan changed and what were former supporters became out of the loop so to speak. ( Although NOT Prescott Bush !! ).

              So we are actually talking about two different facets here. (1) Initial funding and planning for 13- 15 years . And (2) The Internal funding mechnism within Germany herself which served as the “glue” to keep the Socialist Dictatorship in power.

              Further the Wall Street Funding Mechanism for BOTH the Bolsheviks and the National Socialists was a LONG-TERM plan and Commitment. Thus what FJF is getting at is True. Because at some level the Wall Street “Funders” believed they were funding the same or very similar thing in Russia and in Germany. They thought they could Control it……direct it, and eventually IMPORT it to the US.

              MONOPOLY is a the heart of the reason…….for those reading this and saying “why would the Capitalists support an inherently anti-Capitalist ideology”. Listen to the Recent comment by the CEO of GE who said China’s current Communist/Business system was the Right way to have it !!!

              What FJF is saying I think, and if so then I agree with him, is that the same Plan if you will is happening in our world currently.

              • Then I stand corrected. I’ll have to get and read this book because it sounds like the author and I are on the same page regarding how little difference there is between fascism and communism (at least in the 1930’s). I also believe the people pushing this plan have never deviated from it. They just tried to modify it. This is also why things are getting away from them. They no more understand the free agents of today than they understood the fascist/communist of the early 1900’s.

                • YES YES.

                  This comment says it Succinctly !!!

                  They have not deviated. Just Surfed the waves that history throws at all of us.

        • You know they are all part of the same Story right ?

          It is a continuum of intention so to speak. And thus each book is but a Chapter of this unfolding. Specifically the desire to Control which has been at the root of the destruction of Free Markets world-wide.

            • I’m going to revive this thread with this Link. Which connects up perfectly this Post with one you did previous regarding Obama and the REAL reasons for ISIS.

              First we are told that “Humanitarian Aid” was Dropped “Accidentally” to the ISIS Terrorists.
              NOW, we are told that Military Equipment was dropped “Accidentally” ALSO to ISIS Terrorists.


              Remember….. John McCain and Lindsey Graham want to TAKE OUT Assad in Syria so their Saudi Crony
              friends ” can sell Saudi Natural Gas and Oil through Syria to Europe. And that this fits in with Obama and the Democrat Left’s agenda to HELP build the islamic Caliphate throughout the mideast !!

              \Perhaps a NEW Post with these two posts Connected ?? …. a Remember/ Keep in Mind Post ????

              • Don,

                This is meant as a serious question. I am not being snide when I ask:

                “What good will it do?”

                We have open acts of treason and no one cares. At what point do we realize we are wasting our time and admit that this nation deserves to be burned down?

                Now, before you come after me for asking that, remember: those who still understand right from wrong are a remnant — we are no longer a majority. So, fighting to preserve this nation is fighting to preserve the majority, which has become evil. So — again — at what point do we admit that this nation deserves to be burned down?

                • I’m not being Snide when I answer : Because it matters what We do….. as individuals. I believe this is part of Christ’s message. But that’s just me.

                  However….. I understand what you mean 100 % !! In fact I am hearing similar to what you say in Beck ( who I can barely stand to listen to any more )…..and Levin and Rush….. and even Hannity. To a certain extent not 100 % agreement mind you. But all of them are saying in their owns ways that there seems to be a Critical Mass of the Citizenry who are permanently brain dead and immoral, and dependent.

                  And this……the Nation is not those in Power, and it is not even those who are amoral and stupid. The 1776 actions had only 33 % of the popular support. With another 33% neutral (todays Independents? Libertarians ? )……and 33% remained loyalists. In fact about 150,000 New York residents immigrated to Canada AFTER tghe war was won. In 1776 this was a HUGE HUGE number when considering the population of the Colonies. There were others in other States who went to Canada too.

                  So…..in a sense I think your “remnant” is at least 33% ! And probably actually Larger. The crucial thing we don’t have is Leadership. And about that I have no answer.

                • Also the “nation” to whom you/we are addressing is the Declaration/ Bill of Rights. They may be in abeyance…..but THEY don’t deserve to be burned down.

                  The “Other” Nation…..yes I agree we need a “Reset ” !! I guess I see the reason being the effort TOWARDS that reset. The Proto-reset if you will.

                  • Well, whether people want to accept it or not, that brings us back to my post about our only hope being a true Awakening in this nation…

                    BTW: about having a hard time listening to Beck… Add me to that list.

                    • I guess your writing ( and similar post across the internet) are a part of that “awakening” to me.

                      There are two target audiences… ( 1) Christians who need to “get the message” rather than the propaganda and diverted “path” they have walked. ( 2) Secular Americans who have to “regain” their center and support this awakening……because our Biblical roots lead directly to the Declaration and Bill of Rights. Remember there were a LOT of folks in the Colonial times that WEREN’T direct Christians ( Deists and stealth Secularists)….. who nevertheless supported the awakenings from a moral stance.

                    • Don,

                      I understand. The only caution I would offer here is the notion that there were “a lot” of deists, atheist, etc in Colonial America seems to be more an invention of modern history than a documented fact. However, I will accept the argument of a sizable portion of the Colonies being ‘secular’ in as much as they went to church and acknowledged God, but — outside of this — they had no faith to live. In this sense, they would have been far more likely to have accepted and even embraced the moral ideal of the Christian faith whereas, today, the same people openly reject it. THAT is a steep hill to climb in getting these modern equivalents “back to their center.”

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