Rule 5 – Jean Harlow

Ah, yes; the face that launched 1,000 ships. Who am I kiddin? This face got my ass slapped by the FB police! They were rough with me, I tell ya! They took me down this dark alley, and I swear to God, a rat the size of my sister’s Shih Tzu scampered over my toes. Obviously, the Zuckerberg has connections because the rat was donned in one of the late, great Oscar de la Renta creations!

Speaking of Oscar, whom I’m assuming wasn’t a grouch since he’s Latin; isn’t it odd that he was straight? Oooweee-oweeee!!!! What a crimp in some knickers! What a bee in one’s bonnet! What a hey-I’m-straight-and-you’re-not-slap in the face!!!! The nerve!!!! Uh-oh… Ellen and Oprah ASAP!!

What the hello was I on about? Oh, yes, my Rule 5 hottie, Jean Harlow! Interestingly enough, sweet de la Renta was actually inspired by Ms. Harlow. Thank goodness it was not in the same way that the FB was! (Thanks, FB police!)

Let me just say that I have seen some VERY questionable things on the FB. I do not feel that this pic is naughty. In fact, I believe it captures a time when folks had a lot more respect for the constitution. Isn’t it odd that the 21st century media has misplaced our morals? (Yeah, I’m referring to a FB shot of a gal doing fun stuff with a vegetable……..I’m not referring to a mentally handicapped person!)

Did come across something coolalicious (yeah, I made the word up… on the FB. Let me tell you, if this does not speak like the Oracle, I don’t know what does:

Oh! I see I’ve gone off on a tangent……..again! Please. Just be thankful I’m not giving you all a flippin science lesson! Here is my lovely (and she is….)

Say what you will, but I gave her an A+ that day. Let’s see if anyone else is familiar with her work….


20 thoughts on “Rule 5 – Jean Harlow

  1. Honestly Joe! Her mother & her deadbeat hubby always called her “Baby” a strange name for the only breadwinner in the house. The world knew her as Jean Harlow, the original Hollywood sex symbol. This photo must be Pre-code if it’s from one of her films.

    Kells, where is this photo from? Maybe not from a film, but an early modeling gig?

    Don’t worry about the rats Kells! I’ve got a cranky cat & 2 pit bulls-terriers are the best rat careers. If that doesn’t work I’m better w/ my 38 after a year in SC.

    • I’m glad you hit upon some highlights of her life….I should have as she, as well as many others of the genre have great stories.

      As to the photo……I can’t for the life of me say how I got it (I seem to be the absent-minded James Bond (with a dirty mind….)

      I will take you up on the offer of your pit bulls (I’ll make them some guacomole to accompany the chihuahuas next door!!!)

    • Followed by tequila.

      I would love to interview you…..if I were an interviewer. Well, I’m not an interviewer, but I’d love to interview you all the same. Here’s the thing: You could tell people about life in America from two completely different perspectives. I think people may be surprised to see this reality. Hmmm……

      • Life is good in Charleston area, I’m making tea sandwiches for my Historic Preservation assembly. Shooting practice to follow.

        I’ve had 2 hair stylists in SC….both had pistols in their purse. I finally understand about that WWII quote attributed to Japanese General who said “We can’t attack America, there will be a gun behind every blade of grass.” Count on it in SC!

        I’ve gone from Midwest to SF to Dixie, what a long strange trip it’s been! Ain’t America wonderful?

        • ??????? “…for my Historic Preservation assembly. Shooting practice to follow. ”

          I’m confused…….which two of the Historic Assemby are going to Practice on ?? Or are you using the leftover Tea Sandwiches ??

          • My tea sandwiches are works of art & quickly devoured at the Assemblies. Shooting comes later & we use large, glossy photos of US scoundrels.

        • I reckon it’s pretty good if we can hold down the infiltraitors…… (that would be those states that that are red and doing so well that libs need to show them how to do it right … f**Iing it up.) Don’t let SC become CA. Who am I kidding? They are lost. Don’t let SC become TX.

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