Truth or Myth? Tiny Radical Muslim minority

Ben Shapiro with “reality check” explains:

The question isn’t whether Islam itself is violent?  It’s what its adherents believe.

?Is radicalism in the Muslim world a tiny minority phenomenon?

We are really not talking about people who are “active terrorists”.

Terrorists draw their moral, financial, and religious support from those who are not terrorists themselves.

1.6 billion muslims in 49 different countries where they have the majority

(All Statistics from Pew Research as of 2011)

First define the term “radical”;


  • support sharia law
  • blame U.S. or Israel for 911
  • positive or mixed feelings about Bin Laden
  • suicide bombings/targeting of civilians can sometimes justified
  • honor killings of women can sometimes be justified
  • support terror attacks on Israel
  • want cartoonists of Muhammad to be prosecuted

. . .

Palestinian Areas (USA is sending 100’s of millions of dollars)

  • 4.3 million Muslims live there
  • 78% have positive or mixed feelings about Bin Laden
  • 89% support terror attacks on Israel
  • 89% support sharia law
  • That equals 3.83 million radical Muslims in Palestinian areas alone

United States: (according to Pew Research)

  • 2.6 million Muslims live in USA
  • 13% say violence against civilians can be justified
  • 19% said they were either favorable towards Al Qaeda or “just didn’t know”
  • That’s almost 500,000 radical muslims here in the United States.

A tiny minority radicalized?

A myth that is going to get a lot of civilized people killed.

13 thoughts on “Truth or Myth? Tiny Radical Muslim minority

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