Population Control ‘Top Priotity’ of Obama Administration!

AGENDAS: ‘Population Control’ in the News — Again

I have written about this many times: the people who want to control the world are open about what they believe and why.  You just have to know what they believe and how they speak.  Once you know these two things, you will notice that they are always talking about their plans for the rest of us.  It’s just that the majority of us are not inclined to evil, so we have a difficult time connecting their words to the horrors they are considering.  Global overpopulation is one of the major themes with these people, and it is in the new again.  This time, it is not George H. Bush, or Bill Gates talking about the need to reduce global population, it is the new ‘Ebola Czar:’

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4 thoughts on “Population Control ‘Top Priotity’ of Obama Administration!

  1. Joe,
    It is not about Global overpopulation, they (the control nuts) want to populate the world with THEM.

    WE are the problem THEY face and have to contend with. Now that (the control nuts) they have
    discovered that (unanticipated consequence) they have murdered 55 million (in the U.S.) of their
    potential voters, they (the control nuts) have to import a group (uninformed, uneducated illegal
    aliens) to train to vote them (the control nuts) into office and support the (communist) democrat

    We haven’t fought back hard enough! The control nuts (democrats) have taken advantage of our
    weakness, exemplified by our ethical, honorable and fair conduct over the last 50 years.

    • EdwardS,

      That is part of it, but it is not the underlying motivation here. They honestly do want to cut the global population to around 2 billion world-wide. They have said so.

      The underlying motivation here — the thread that connects the desire to kill off entire races or ethnic groups with the drive to kill children — is spiritual. God said “Be fruitful and multiply,” and ever since, Satan has urged his followers to kill as many as possible in a futile attempt to thwart God’s will.

      In this world, we see this as genocide, mass murder, war, abortion, etc. But it is all about control. It is original sin: Satan and man both vying to wrest control of the universe from its sovereign Creator, God.

      At least, this is how I have chosen to view it from now on, and since I have, things have been making a lot more sense (at least to/for me). 🙂

      • Please tell me you haven’t gone full Alex Jones on me. (Apparently, Ebola is a US scientific creation.) If that is the case, why not place “our” chemical weapon in the places that have and still do cost our country lives and money?

        ^Nevermind. I just read your post. What the govt. is doing is using science based on politics and not science. Global warming, CFC’s, DDT are all fine examples of being scientifically disproven and/or ignoring benefit outweighs the cost analysis. Here’s where you and I differ: I believe these knuckleheads do this for more money and/or votes.

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