A Simple Solution to Voter Fraud

The reports of voter fraud have already started (as expected).  Sadly, there is a simple, two-part solution to this problem.

1 — We go back to paper ballots that must be filled out at the polling place, on election day, and signed by the voter who must show proper ID.

2 — After everyone has to go to the polling place, show ID, and sign a paper ballot, if more than 1% irregularity can be shown for any one candidate, ALL votes for that candidate from that polling station are nullified.

Problem solved.  It would even solve the problem of dead people voting.

5 thoughts on “A Simple Solution to Voter Fraud

  1. I also think if there is a Office for which only ONE candidate is shown…..like here in Texas for some Judge positions…..then there should be a selection for “vote Against” !

    How can they even CALL it an election when the only choice is FOR the Candidate or nothing ? It ISN’T. So there should at least be a way for fol;ks to register their NON-support as well. If 10,000 people vote in the county and 2,500 vote FOR the Single Candidate option and 7,500 pull the lever for AGAINST. That is info that should be made public and registered….that 75% did NOT want this Candidate.

    Anything else is a sham !!

    • No, blame the candidate. This gives incentive for him/her and their campaign to pay close attention to the polls and to report voter fraud. It’s called ‘self preservation.’

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