The vapid propensity of feminism

To say that I find 21st century feminism an ironic, farcical joke is an understatement. When I get myself so worked up on issues such as these, I feel it’s best to write about them; or get it off my double D chest. Oh no, you didn’t! Yes, yes. I did.

Imagine if you will a stage. We have a door stage left, a door stage right, and a third door up center stage. Standing center are two gentlemen in a heated debate regarding the 19th amendment.

From SR enters a woman who proclaims that it is only right that women should have the right to vote as it is a natural right. (She’s obviously NOT a feminist, but a very logical woman.) She huffs out slams door which simultaneously opens the SL door, where a man proclaims, “if you gentlemen procure the whims of women, it will create a women’s bloc in voting!” As he huffs out, slamming SL door, UCS door opens, and in traipses Satan. He reassures them with an “ah, but you gentlemen could also give them something for their vote……”

Above is a short synopsis of how it starts. To truly understand my line of reasoning, er, reality; simply read up on the Sheppard-Towner Act of 1921. (As a side note, it was the Democrats who were against women’s right to vote.) Interestingly, President Wilson was for it, but he’d been in bed with Satan for quite some time….

A women’s voting bloc did finally emerge after WWII. As a result, more doors opened and slammed shut on our abovementioned farce, with the actors suggesting more government (taxpayer)-funded-social programs to quell the female voting bloc. I should call them socially-retarded programs as they halted the family unit, morals, and values of the US, whilst systematically buying more votes for the Devil in door #3.

Don’t believe me? Who do the feminists worship? Hillary Clinton. Ironically, and seemingly unbeknownst to them, Republicans were responsible for the 19th amendment. Beelzebub knows that getting paid to vote and do nothing the remainder of time is the desire of every human. (Easy money, baby.) A girl’s got to have balls to rise above that nonsense. Sadly, the US govt. has figuratively as well as fundamentally castrated a good chunk of its citizens.

Let’s talk about Planned Parenthood (aka “You cons can’t control my vagina!) No, they can’t, nor do they want to. A lil reality check: Roe v. Wade is not on the Republican agenda to try and repeal. HOWEVAH……if we don’t have nuthin to do with your vajay-jay, can you please pick up the tab to kill the unknown so-called “mucous” residing within?

I mean, seriously? How “equal rights for women” is it when you’re given an unfair advantage with regards to taxpayers covering your form of birth control since the 70’s? But… but..employee health insurance!! So you wanna bitch about Hobby Lobby removing the whopping four abortifacient drugs that used to be covered on their policy? Wake the fluck up, sister; 2015 is about to bring in a whole new world of hurt to the workforce because of this law that your bought-and-paid-for Democratic leaders did not read. Tell me again just who the hello is letting government in girls’pants?

In addition to you feminists not covering the cost of your own VAUC (violence against unborn child), the other big problem Republicans have is that they aren’t too keen on late abortions. The pics they had to see and label in depositions from Gosnell’s antics in his former abortion-House-of-Horrors were….well….let’s just say dat Kermit don’t live on Sesame Street…….if ya know what I mean. So murdering seven live babies, and killing a woman = feminism? Not for me, pussycats. I don’t lap up your illogical nonsense that is spoon-fed to you by your own lackadaisical laziness in not seeking the truth in knowing who controls whose body.

Let’s talk about equal pay. Screw that. If you’re a true woman, you will demand a wage for your worth. I don’t believe a man should be paid equal to me if I’m worth more. What are you worth? (Here’s where a lot of doors open and slam closed on stage) because women seem to be fighting amongst themselves……which is as positively dumb as Hermione’s feministic lecture to men! (Baby, that’s a whole nuther post.)

Govt. pays to be single….don’t you see? After all, a broken family built Barack……how’s that workin out, laaadies? I’ll tell you. Half the country pays for the other half. And the half that’s working resents supporting the half that’s not. Sorry, sista, but I aint your mama. I’m not a feminist.

Admittedly, the thing that drives me bananas is this supercilious, sanctimonious, pseudo-intellectual attitude which emanates from every pore of a feminist’s body. They mean business when they say that Sarah Palin is a stupid redneck! Meanwhile, her record in Alaska proves otherwise. That doesn’t matter! Hillary is 10 times smarter! (Well, she is a very crafty liar, but that’s overlooked….in’t it?…or have you no clue about her first firing?) The irony is that most women don’t know the history of their beloved feminist hero. For that matter, they’ve no clue on Margaret Sanger (Planned Parenthood’s founder…..and planner of decimating the black population.) This leads me to believe that feminists are just incredibly dumb, or feel better about themselves for hooking up with what’s currently all the rage. The ultimate irony is that they slam former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, when their ding-dong-dummy, Hillary, couldn’t shine her shoes!

VAWA? No offense, but there will always be violence against women, and no amount of tax-payer money poured into the govt. will solve it. Perhaps one implement to combat this would be to make the act more atrocious to society by changing the attitudes of men toward women. Instead of promoting this feministic attitude of “we are equal;” come to terms with the fact that we are different, physically. A woman cannot pass the man’s military physical. Fact. That said, a man cannot give birth. Fact. Perhaps if we were to respect and embrace our gender more, our counterparts would follow suit.

Stop already with the girls against boys! You’re turning girls into sluts vying for men’s attentions, and boys into sissies vying to see who can cry the hardest watching Saving Private Ryan!




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