Hiding In The Dark

barack obama inauguration speech quotes_2…or perhaps more accurately, hiding behind the dark.

I know that this will sound racist – but that is exactly what this administration has been doing since day one – hiding their membership in the ineptocracy behind a veil of their skin color, invoking the cry of “Racism!” every time their agenda was challenged.

I’m more than a little angry that left-wing nutjobs like Charlie Rangel are still doing it. Even the painfully white Mary Landrieu of Louisiana is invoking the racism and misogyny of her own constituents as a reason she is lagging in the polls. Thom Tillis in North Carolina has been accused of causing Travyon Martin to get shot.

The sad fact is that the Obama team and his black supporters saw his election as a chance, not for Hope and Change, but a chance to take down the white power structure, it was time to “get whitey” and to get even. I remember the euphoric celebrations in the various black communities after the 2008 elections – there was a palpable feel of “we got our man in now, it is our turn.”

One can argue the point, but the Peggy Joseph’s of America did expect that there would be special treatment for blacks in the Age of Obama – a program of slow motion reparations of sorts to right both the historical wrongs and to overcome the perceived inadequacy and inferiority that still infects black America.

And yet, 6 years on, black America is worse off by every measure than they were under prior administrations. The only preferential treatment that has been handed out has been to those in service to the advance of the glorious progressive revolution. J. Christian Adams has chronicled the racial polarization and the total politicization of the DOJ under the radical leadership of Eric Holder.

American blacks thought they were electing one of their own – what they didn’t realize was they helped elect a black radical, a new age, new millennia sanitized version of Huey P. Newton, one more skilled in the political arts but just as cocksure that communism is the cure for all the problems of black America.

And in helping Obama win with their 95% monolithic support, they got used by white progressives who saw Obama’s blackness as some sort of racial shield to insulate them from opposition and criticism as they implemented their collectivist, statist programs.

As I have argued since before he was elected in 2008, there is nothing exceptional or special about Barack Obama except his aspiration to the greatest office in the land, one achieved based solely on perceptions of ability and his skin color. He has been supported by a large percentage of blacks because they perceived him as black, by trendy liberals because they perceived him hip, cool and bi-racial/multicultural and by guilty, clueless whites because they wanted to self-righteously validate to themselves and to their little cliques that they weren’t racists after all – and this was their chance to show everybody.

What could go wrong?

Isn’t it reasonable to deduce that voting FOR someone solely based on skin color is just as racist as voting AGAINST someone for the same reason?

This sounds like a “some of my best friends are black” statement but before you assume that I am a racist, I would point out my support and defense of Herman Cain during the GOP primaries, my active support for Col. Allen West in Florida and for Mia Love in Utah. One of my proudest moments was when my daughter got to meet Clarence Thomas in her capacity as the president of the Federalist Society at her law school.

Why do I support these folks? I do so because I support their political positions and respect their achievements, not because of their skin color. I support them because I agree with their philosophy of governance just as I opposed Obama and Clinton and Carter before him because I disagreed with theirs.

As far as I remember, I wasn’t called a racist for opposing the pasty white Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

Just because someone and their supporters use their own racism to hide their incompetence, to justify their lies and to excuse their failures doesn’t make me a racist any more than it makes Barack Obama an effective president. Whether one uses black, white, brown, yellow or red ink does not matter – it doesn’t change the way failure is spelled.

8 thoughts on “Hiding In The Dark

  1. Hello!
    Race and class will always be “natural” cultural institutions. But liberals and progressives are successful in turning things onto their heads, and in seizing the monopoly of defining good and bad. If a white man distinquishes a black man, he is a racist. If a black man distinquishes a white man, he fights for discrimination. Similar is true of genderism, feminism and the entire bunch of politically correct red herrings.
    Problems in Europe getting steadily similar, where large scale social engineering takes place. Our “blacks” and colored people are the many immigrants from Turkey and muslim countries. We say: “If a white man hits a colored guy its racism, if a colored man beats a white guy its an integration problem”. Homosexuals, feminists, Jews, and all kinds of social activists can act with a “moral plasma-shield”, screening them from any sort of critisism. If you are not fully enthusiastic for all that progressive crap, the mere reluctance to support minority groups earns you a fascist label. In Germany that means, you become a social leper.
    Take care.

  2. I personally know of 2 extreme examples of racism going wrong……….. in the wrong way.
    About 10 years ago a black man was elected Superintendent of the School Board. He was a good man and had moved up to principal of a school. After his election, he was adamant to move blacks up the ladder in the school system as much as he could. By the time he was beaten in a re-election effort he had packed all the principal and assistant principal positions that he could with black people. Ever since then our schools have been failing terribly in the yearly scoring and rankings. Unfortunately, many high school grads are completely lacking the schooling to take on meager starting positions in many jobs.
    Shortly before that, a decent and capable black man was risen to the top position of the county maintenance. He hired as many black, way too many unqualified, to fill openings in the maintenance dept. and now we have a maintenance dept. that can’t get the jobs done. Also if you drive by a work site you will see twice as many watching a few actually work.
    Both of these men were good men until they decided, or were coerced, to pack the work force with blacks, regardless of abilities. Now the county is paying for their mistakes, and their racism.

        • No offense to the teachers here, but there’s a reason I’m home schooling…………(after our little tutoring session, I’m sure you’re beyond ecstatic!) To put your mind at ease, you’ll be happy to know that I chose a really great math program, and Mr. Kells jumps in when I ask. But, hey! FYI, I figured out your posed math problem in the 50’s version…. so just call me Greased Lightening……………..or Danny. 😉

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