The Progressive Princess Performs Poorly

“I think we’re going to hold the Senate… When we keep races this close, Democrats win.”

~ Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Debbie+Wasserman+Schultz+wPuujcmcqNSmSure, Debs, when you keep the races within the margin of fraud, your dead people, illegal immigrants, double/triple voters and your Chicago machine lawyers seem to always pull them out.

The Right Honorable Congresswoman from the Sunshine State seems to be indulging in a bit of whistling past the graveyard – at least based on the Real Clear Politics aggregated poll numbers from around the nation. Her reign as chair of the DNC has been a bit rough, especially at the Congressional level.

But I have to step in to defend the Loathsome Dove, the deliciously unwieldily named Ms. Wasserman Schultz. Sure, she seems to fit perfectly in the First Circle of Obama’s Royal Ineptocracy, that much is true – but isn’t the President himself the titular head of his party?

Seems I remember that all the blame for the GOP losses in 2006 was giddily hung around George W. Bush’s neck by the Democrats and that election was all about America’s dissatisfaction with him. The media breathlessly reported that the election was a referendum on Bush and his policies and would determine if the American electorate thought he was an incompetent, a liar, just a warmongering dullard or all three at once.

Debs is set up to take the fall for what happens on Tuesday. Just like everything else Obama sheds responsibility for, the fickle finger of fate is already pointing at our tragic heroine, the poor Progressive Princess from Florida’s 23rd congressional district.

In reality, the coming over-par performance should fall squarely on the backswing of the Duffer-in-Chief, King Putt.

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