10 thoughts on “We are about to witness squalling on epic proportions …

    • Here is a Mia Love Speech that is Reaganesque in its message and delivery and inspiration !!

      Perhaps a change is underway.

      • The Down Votes show that the Liberal Socialists who visit here are indeed Racist ! Just as we have highlighted for a couple of years now.

  1. Congresswoman Love is awesome!!! The Obameister’s much vaunted speechifying is simply borrowed from the traditional Black preacher’s cadences, which I suspect he learned from 20-years listening to the Right Reverend Jeremiah Wright, since Obama had no connection to Black Christian churches before his time in Chicago. Obama’s strongest religious experiences were in the Muslim madrassas in Indonesia, where he & his mother may have renounced their American citizenship.

    Ms. Love seems to be a natural in terms of ideas, delivery & communicative power!!! The Congresswoman is positively Reaganesque in all regards & this is one of her first speeches as a member of Congress. She will only grow in strength!!! May Mia Love continue to rise in her service to our nation!!! CDE

    • Judging by the downward votes, apparently our racist liberal friends are unhappy about both Mia Love’s successful campaign, as well as your nerve-striking commentary. Isn’t ironic how their “tolerance” only extend to minorities who are agree with their ideology?

      Well done Charles, well done.

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