Capitalism Under Natural Law

Capitalism Under Natural Law

I am well aware that many of the people who read my posts have had difficulty with my position on Capitalism.  I am also aware that these difficulties are compounded by the limitations of this medium and my style of writing.  I know that many read arrogance and condescension into my words where they are not intended.  I wish I knew how to make a video so you could hear the tone of my voice and see my facial expressions.  Then you would know I am pleading with you to understand what I am saying, not lecturing. But alas, I am barely competent enough to manage this blog, let alone make a video for You Tube.  Sadly, all I am really good at is philosophy, and that is not going to help because I am going to be making a very philosophical argument in this post.  I only hope that, for those who actually want to understand, you will excuse the length of the post (made necessary by the need to make myself as clear as possible), accept that I am sincere in my assertion that I am pleading and not lecturing, and then find the time to stay with me to the end — please.  With that said, let me explain why I say that Capitalism does not necessarily equate to a free market.

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