STONEWALLED: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama’s Washington By Sharyl Attkisson

By Charles David Edinger

Sharyl Attkisson’s incredibly interesting and well-written book exposes the thuggish tactics Obama has been using to coerce the few members of the American media who do not cover-up for him reflexively. And the Obameister’s illegal threats, spying & other vicious actions have been tried repeatedly against Attkisson, as she pursued Obama’s myriad criminal violations of the US Constitution & Federal statutes. These have included Fast & Furious, the Benghazi terror attacks , abuse of the IRS, abuse of the NSA, abuse of the EPA, the Obamacare frauds, the Green Energy frauds, the Solyndra Bankruptcy frauds and others.

Ms. Atkinson’s credentials are rock solid, since as a 30-years investigative reporter, 20-years of which were at CBS News, she has pursued investigations of both GOP and  Democrat administrations to great effect. In her experience no other administration has ever employed the illegal concealment and coercion tactics against the press that have been underway the last 6-years. The Obama tactics of marginalization of opponents is related by Attkisson as highly effective, since most media outlets in America today apparently eschew investigative reporting or even mild criticism of the current regime in order to curry favor among an uncritical elite that favors conformity over truth.

But Sheryl Attkisson’s experiences have gone far beyond shunning by the Obama Administration and the suits within the CBS hierarchy, as she recounts in detail.  Beginning in 2011, Attkisson’s home WIFI network, her CBS laptop, her own Apple laptop and multiple cell phones were hacked into and monitored by highly sophisticated electronic hardware and software devices and programs that monitored her every move and every word.

Extensive investigations by private, CBS & former government electronic spying experts have so far concluded that the  taps were ordered by high-ranking Obama Administration officials whose identities Atkinson indicates she now knows but will not yet reveal due to pending lawsuits.  The parallels between Orwell’s 1984 & the current administration’s illegal domestic spying activities are chilling & Sharyl Atkinson has experienced things like watching her computer files disappear before her eyes in a manner that would make the Ministry of Truth proud!!!

Atkinson names names and there are plenty to go around, but the driving force behind his administration’s abuses and crimes is Barack Hussein Obama, whose intolerance for intellectual or political dissent may be unparalleled in American history.  While many within the journalistic community have experienced the bullying common to Obamite interactions with the press, very few have been brave enough to face the beast head-on or in-print. In STONEWALLED: MY FIGHT FOR TRUTH AGAINST THE FORCES OF OBSTRUCTION, INTIMIDATION AND HARASSMENT IN OBAMA’S WASHINGTON, Sharyl Attkisson does both!!!

As this powerful and disturbing book drew to its incomplete conclusion, I was reminded of the fantasy world represented in THE MATRIX saga of recent years. I could almost hear Lawrence Fishburne suggesting that Keanu Reeves take the “Blue Pill” and awaken to the reality of the Obama Matrix. It may frighten you and you may never see the Federal government in the same manner, but you will be connecting to reality of Obama’s Washington, possibly for the first time. CDE

9 thoughts on “STONEWALLED: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama’s Washington By Sharyl Attkisson

    • EdwardS…Not to be missed!!! Thorough documentation of incredible Obama abuses & how the compliant American media has been aiding & abetting!!! CDE

        • You’ll find it incredible, in that Atkisson’s experience could have possibly be happening in the America of our Founders. But this is Obama’s frightening vision for our nation, which shares more with Orwell’s 1984 nightmare world than our beloved country!!! Great read!!! Gutsy lady!!! CDE

      • You play the sax or it plays you. Learn to trill…..your mouth will become everyone’s best friend…..and you’ll be able to thank an instrument (or musical skills) for your acquired knowledge. <——and that's how you live it, baby. Wish I could play the violin……

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