Leading Democrat and Constitutional Scholar Condemns Obama’s Amnesty move

THE RULE OF LAW: Constitutional Scholar Says Obama set to Declare Himself First American Emperor

This nation was founded on a belief in the rule of law, not the rule of men.  It is under the law that we are all equal.  It is under the fair and impartial application of those laws that we all find our equal rights.  However, this rule of law is predicated upon a system where the laws are known and set.  They cannot be changed by ‘interpretation.’  If they are, that is a violation of the rule of law.  It is lawlessness.  This is exactly what Obama (I intentionally refuse to call him President) is about to do with his declaration of amnesty: he is going to violate the rule of law — again.  But this time, it is not my ‘opinion,’ but the assertion of a prominent constitutional scholar and college professor who also happens to be a leading member of the Democrat Party who says Obama is about to declare himself the first American emperor.

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