Republicans: Do NOT Excuse Your Complicity in the Destruction of the U.S. Constitution

I want you Republicans to read and carefully consider what I have to say, please.  I understand that you will most likely read a combative, accusatory tone in my words.  Because of the limitations of the written word, I can only assure you that this post is not intended to be read in this manner.  Rather, I am pleading with you — begging you, even — to please hear what I have to say.  Even then, if you were Democrats, I would not waste my time.  I am sure there are a few decent people left in the Democrat Party, but I expect that same few decent people are too elderly to understand how their Party has passed them by.  The majority of Democrats are too far gone to reach.  But you Republicans supposedly pride yourselves on being rational, and of looking to logic to dictate your thoughts and actions.  Well, I want to put that to the test with this post and ask you to consider a few things about observed reality verses the spoken explanations.

I have been listening to Rush Limbaugh the past few days.  I do not do this very often — not anymore.  Whether it is by intentional design or born of ignorance created by arrogance, the explanations Rush has been giving us for the things we observe no longer match.  They haven’t matched up for years, but I accepted them because I hadn’t asked myself the same questions I am about to ask you.  Still, I tuned in the past two days specifically to hear what Rush would say about Obama’s open and blatant act of lawlessness — amnesty.  In the opening half hour of his show today, Thursday, Nov 20, my suspicions were only strengthened.

In the opening half hour of his show today, Rush detailed how the Democrat Party — though it has suffered many stunning defeats at the ballot box — the Party’s agenda has steadily advanced.  Rush took the time to stress that the Democrat Party no longer cares about public opinion: it is perfectly willing to rule against the people and to break the law to do so.  He also asserted that this is destroying the Constitution and, by implication, the nation.  Rush even called for an organized opposition to stop ‘Liberalism’ before it is too late to save either the Constitution or the nation (as founded).  Then came the slight of hand.  Rush was careful to include what — to me — are half-hearted attempts to attack the Republican Part for not mounting this opposition.  Here is where I want you Republicans to stop, set aside all emotion and start thinking about some simple but undeniable observations.

First, if the Democrats suffered these many defeats at the ballot box that Rush detailed — and they have — what does that mean?  Does it mean that the balance of power was left void?  No!  It means Republicans were put in power in place of the Democrats.  yet, by Rush’s own admission, the Democrat (i.e. Liberal) agenda was still advanced through those times when Republicans were in power.  How does that happen without the Republicans actually supporting the Democrat/Liberal agenda?

Yesterday, Rush said it is because Republicans are too afraid of the media to assert their agenda.  So why bother voting for a Party that is openly admitting they will not do what you are sending them to Washington to do?  If they are going to cower in a corner because the media doesn’t like them, why are they even in the GOP?

Rush then went on to say that what Republicans are really afraid of is the media will make their supporters stop donating money because their supporters do not want to be tarnished by what the media says about Republicans (still yesterday’s show).  According to Rush, Republican donors are more worried about their image in their social circles than they are with stopping the Democrats/Liberals.  Unfortunately, this excuse no longer works with me.  It stopped working when I realized that this is what Rush has been saying for more than 20 years, and during that same time, the media constantly attacked the Republicans — both when they were in the majority and when they weren’t.  The Republican donors still gave to the GOP.  And during this same time, the GOP handed the Democrats several stunning defeats — just as Rush explained today.  So, if you can be attacked by the media, still get money from your donors and then win big, then Rush’s explanation is not the reason the GOP has failed to oppose the Democrat/Liberal agenda.  It can’t be because the explanation is in contradiction to actual observation (but it sure sounds good, and it fools the majority who just want to play the D vs R game).

So, what can explain the Republican refusal to do anything to stop the PROGRESSIVE agenda that is destroying this nation?  I say Progressive for a reason.  The Progressive movement is nothing more than Communism with patience, and it started in the GOP!  Yes, this is a fact.  Teddy Roosevelt, while still a Republican, introduced the Progressive movement in this nation’s national political scene.  Look up his speech.  Just Google Teddy Roosevelt and Progressive.  You’ll find it.  Here’s why this is still relevant today.  While Teddy left the GOP to start the Bull Moose Party, the majority of his backers remained, and they still control the ‘big money’ in the GOP to this day.  Rush has told us this, he just doesn’t do so in a way that connects all the dots (ask yourself why that is).  Rush calls these Republican Progressives  ‘country club’ or ‘blue blood’ Republicans.  But make no mistake, they are PROGRESSIVES!

This means that the GOP doesn’t really want to stop the Progressive agenda.  In fact, they share it.  Now you can understand why ‘W’ spent more than any President in history to his time, and why he expanded Progressive programs such as medicare/Medicaid and pre-school programs.  Both are and have been part of the Progressive plan to change our culture since the time Woodrow Wilson and John Dewey took over the government and our education system.  It also explains how people like Boehner and Reed can insult each other on the floor of the Senate and then be seen having dinner together, laughing and apparently acting like best friends.  They are ideological allies who are playing a part for public consumption.  But what else does it explain?

Why won’t the Republicans make a real attempt to stop Obamacare — especially since they know it was passed by lying, is hurting Americans and the economy and the majority of the people would support their efforts?

Why won’t the GOP make a real effort to seal the borders?  Again, they know the open borders are hurting the nation and that the people would support them if they tried to stop the illegal aliens and amnesty.

Why won’t the GOP take real action to reform the tax code?  To get to the bottom of Benghazi?  To prosecute over the IRS scandal?  To do something about Obama working with known terrorist groups in the White House, and even appointing their members to high positions in our intelligence community?

Why hasn’t the GOP done anything about what is provably treason in Obama’s gun running to Libyan and Syrian forces — both of which are now known to have been Al Qaeda?

The best explanation is that the GOP shares the Democrat/Liberal agenda (i.e. they are Progressive, too).  It even explains why both the Democrats and the GOP are trying to destroy the TEA Party.  This makes sense where the Democrats are concerned, but it is counter-intuitive for the GOP to want to destroy the very movement that has twice swept them into power — unless both the Democrats and Republicans realize the TEA Party represents a true threat to their shared agenda.  Now, Rush would tell us the only shared agenda is the lifestyle the D’s and R’s enjoy in Washington, but — again — this explanation does not match observed reality.  Even if the TEA Party is allowed into the GOP without opposition, the lifestyle of the GOP leadership won’t really change.  They will still be able to go to their parties, social events and live as princes and princesses.  All that would really change is the GOP would finally start to mount real opposition to the Progressive agenda — probably stopping much of it in the process.  This strongly suggests that what the GOP really opposes is the fact that the TEA Party means what they say where the GOP leadership does not.

However, there is an area where the GOP does mean what it says, and this is where they suddenly become complicit in Obama;s lawlessness.  The GOP leadership has said that they will not impeach Obama.  Yet, Obama has clearly said he plans to violate the Constitution and his oath of office.  What’s more, several GOP leaders have said amnesty will be a violation, and these same leaders have cited Obama as testifying against himself on this matter by quoting Obama saying it was illegal when Bush was doing it.  This begs the question: why wouldn’t the GOP impeach Obama for what they know is a violation of the law?  Sure, we could go back to Rush for some more explanations that do not match observed reality, or we can ask ourselves what makes the most sense of what we are seeing.  If we do that, the simplest answer is that the GOP does not mind the violation of the law, they just want to be the one who is doing the violating.

So, Republicans, let me ask you: why are you still supporting a Party that has — by its very actions — demonstrated that they do not believe the words they say? Why are you supporting a Party whose actions are more in line with their supposed opponents than with the people who vote for them?  Why are you voting for a Party that is governing as much against the will of their constituents as the Democrats govern against the will of the nation?  In principle and actions, how are the Democrats and Republicans any different from each other except in the speed at which they are willing to dismantle the nation?  And how are you any different for continuing to vote for them than Democrats are for voting for their Party?  I beg you, be careful with this answer, because, if you are not brutally honest with yourself, you run the risk of affirming the primary accusation from the other side: that R’s care about money (i.e. big business) and D’s are ‘for the people’ (i.e. the business of big govt.).  But don’t worry, the other side is even more blind to their hand in all this — which is why I am appealing to you and not them.  I at least have hope that you will see this.  I have no hope for the Progressives.  They are so blind to themselves that only God can open their eyes.

OH!  One last question.   Why do you suppose everyone is so adamant that a ‘third Party could never succeed?  Does that claim actually match with what you have observed in the last few years, or do you think there could be another explanation that makes more sense?  As you think about it, remember: this is yet another area where both the Democrats and Republicans join forces (and both are supported by the media).  The choice is yours.  Will you continue to accept the many different explanations, most of which do not match with actual observations?  Or will you consider a simple answer that actually explains everything we see happening: that the two Parties are only pretending to be opposed to each other?

[Funny, Rush never even entertains the possibility of this explanation, yet he lamented the fact that — even in defeat — the Progressive agenda is still advanced. But then, Rush doesn’t talk much about Progressivism.  He doesn’t even like to use the word Progressive.  I wonder why that is.…]

20 thoughts on “Republicans: Do NOT Excuse Your Complicity in the Destruction of the U.S. Constitution

  1. Um, B., we kinda just voted em out….except for some turtleheads. As far as Obamacare, the Hose brought the vote up several times…..not gonna happen with a D senate, baby……much less, a D pres. Now then, I’ll entertain this chat in the new year. I’m just a little miffed that the House won’t at least get the ball rolling on impeachment proceedings. The R’s are so scared of Clinton, but this is where they’re dumb. Social media will win it for the R’s in 2016, and Ben Carson will take this country by storm…..unless I run, of course.

    • So you are one of those who is buying the Republican explanations for why they can’t (won’t) do anything to stop any of this?

      OK, let me know how that works out for you (I bet it will go about the same way it’s been going since Reagan left us…)

      • Ring-a-ding-ding! Reality’s calling! Wanna pick up? You know and I know that any move made with a full-on D senate isn’t gonna stick; case in point; Keystone. The Dummy D’s didn’t want their Traitor-in-Chief to be brought outta the closet to the ding-dong dummies too soon. That’s the reality. I mean, seriously; we’ve got a nation obsessed with Kardashian ass. Do you really, truly think they know or care what the F is going on? That is what should depress and concern the hello out of you, pal Joey.

        • Funny, the Dems controlled the Senate in 1964, yet the Republicans — back when they actually stood for what was right and not what was expedient — managed to push the Civil Rights Act through. COme to think of it, the GOP was born when some 20 representatives resigned from the majority Party during the Civil war and stood for what was right. Within a couple years, they were not only the majority, they had a President. You might remember him. He’s on the penny and $5 bill.

          Do you think there might be a lesson in here for us somewhere?

    • Ben Carson is NOT a good choice. He is a progressive in his heart and is deeply anti-second Amendment.

      There are some VERY good things about him…..but his Continuing “evolution” should be a Red-Flag to those who hold the Declaration, Bill of Rights and even the Constitution is high esteem. He is NOT all he seems, and in some very important ways.

        • Fine. You and Don just keep bashin Rush, (who happens to be informing roughly 30 million viewers to the illegality of Obama’s actions) because you’re both hell-bent on a perfect 18th century political world. Guess the hello what? It isn’t gonna happen, lil sister. And if the two of you would choose Hillary over Carson, I seriously question your mental facilities.

          Guess what, Einsteins? We’re on the same flippin side! If a candidate’s ideology is not close enough to your likin, work with the candidate who you know will be constitutionally able to work with you to make it get there!! (Hint: It ain’t your girl, Hillary.)

          • I Never bash Rush.

            How did you know I was related to Einstein ( twin Brothers from different mothers…. :- )) )…?

          • Kells,

            If Rush does not understand what is happening, then he is giving advice from ignorance and we should be cautious about accepting it. However, if Rush does understand and is still giving this advice, THEN HE IS THE ENEMY! And, in that case, we would NOT be on the same side.

            • Limbaugh is a very aggressive conservative speaker. He’s in your corner. You are attacking the wrong person. Have you bothered to tune in to mainstream media and listened to their tripe? Get a clear handle on who the axis and ally truly are . Ask yourself this: Can the US be the same with a Clinton presidency? Can the world be the same with a Carson presidency? Let’s play a game. You foretell the events of each presidency, and close with why you voted for Clinton.

              Better be good…….cause I’m so gonna M&M (Monica and Michelle) slap you in the morning.

              • No, Kells, Rush is in the conservative corner, but as I have been telling you, I have come to understand that conservatives believe in something different than what our founders wanted for this nation. Therefore, Limbaugh is not in my corner, nor am I in his.

                Now, just for kicks, I’ll play your game and tell you it won’t matter who gets elected: they will both be the same. POLICY WISE, there has been no different in Presidents since Reagan left us. How it is that people think there have been real differences is beyond me. I guess that just demonstrates how effective these opinion control techniques really are, and why people like Rush are crucial tot he game, and why those like Beck and the TEA Party must be marginalized and destroyed.

                • I read your comment last night, and it actually prompted a post….which I forgot to send. I shall post it now. Basically, you’re telling me in two years time, a Romney presidency would’ve brought the same results as the Obama presidency?

  2. Joe… I’ve be following the RNL some time… this is one of your better pieces… you put the words together that I have been feeling for the last year or so… thanks… nice to have some clarity….

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