Piling on the Lawless One (Obama)

RULE OF LAW: Obama is Trying to Set Aside the U.S. Constitution

There are going to be many people who will argue Obama (he has forfeit his claim to the Presidency) has the authority to do what he did last night.  He does not.  Obama has violated his oath and broken the law.  But many will try to argue his case, repeating the excuses (they are not reasons) he gave for his actions last night.  You may even be one of those who supports Obama, or maybe you just aren’t sure if he is actually breaking the law as I and so many others are saying.  Well, if you’ll give me a few minutes, I might be able to help you look at it from a position that will help you see Obama’s actions as the lawless acts they are.

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3 thoughts on “Piling on the Lawless One (Obama)

  1. Obama WILL have set aside the Constitution if the Senate and Congress don’t stop him. We know the Judicial is in his back pocket already.

    I said this before a couple of years ago with respect to the increasing Lawlessness perpetrated by Obama’s Federal government and the complete inaction of our supposed “representatives”.

    None of us are going to get out of this without any Pain.
    As Americans if we allow this to continue all of us, our children and grandchildren into the future, will suffer increasing pain on almost all levels of our lives. Because they are doing nothing short of Destroying and dismembering the Civil Society.
    The Question is …How far do we allow this Lawlessness and”inaction” to go before “we the People” take action. ?

    I am reminded of the words of Thomas Paine in The Crisis 1776.

    “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace”.

    • Good comment, Don.

      However, I would point to the Republicans suing Obama for things they should rightfully impeach him, which brings us back to the points I made in my post about the Republicans’ role in the destruction of our nation. They are playing their part. If they weren’t, they would have impeached this man by now and put the Dems on the spot with every means of media they could reach to explain ANYONE who defended him was advocating for dictatorship instead of democracy.

      Make that case, make it loud and clear and stand firm unto death and AMERICANS will rally to you. Those who don’t will self-identify as anti or un-American.

  2. This Amnesty Plan is Equal parts Democrat and Republican. And is 100 % “Progressive”.

    Remember Obama is trying to get the Senate plan signed onto by the House.

    The Senate Plan is Obama (D), Schumer (D), Reid (D), Gutierrez(D), Pelosi(D) etc plus Marco Rubio (R), Paul Ryan(R), Jeff Flake(R), John McCain ( R ), Lindsey Graham ( R )……

    With the RINO Chamber of Commerce and the Communist and Rabidly anti-American La Raza and Lulac joining forces as well.

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