B. time stories

On a different thread of the RNL, I’ve been having a pleasant chat with my friend, B. Basically, he argues that the candidates are on the same team, and playing the game of “How to fool the American public without really trying”. Wat you say? Have we been Grubered?

Actually, the American public is not that dumb…..which is why the ACA bill had to be passed by a Democrat-only senate, and why a Democrat president had to unconstitutionally allow five million illegal immigrants into this country.

As liberal as Bush was, the reality is that he took his progressivism in baby steps. Obama, on the other hand, is more akin to the frat boy who smokes a joint, burns down the frat house, and plays a round of golf to reminisce on his night’s chivalrous (in his mind) revelries.

In other words, if you can’t find your hero, find the one that’s closer to where your hero will lie. I do not believe voting for Hillary over Ben Carson will bring you closer to that goal, as she is the female version of Obama .

Is Carson Reagan? Nope. Reagan was Reagan. See here: At this point in history, aside from a revolution, we must all take sides. If you side with Hillary over Carson, I will deem you foolish……..and then I’ll have you committed.

Tonight I had the boys watch a show with me called the Gifted Hands. This is a 2009 movie on Ben Carson. This show is on the youtube, so it is free. What the Chuck? #truth

Do me the kindness of taking the time to learn a bit about a fella who is running against Regina George, er, Hillary Clinton in 2016.

For your pleasure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHoeoTX99BE



I know this is Kells’s post, but I am going to take advantage of my editorial privileges to respond to here here, in the main body of her post.  I think it will read better that way for anyone who cares to follow this thread.

My point is this: if both Parties keep putting forth candidates (Presidential, Senatorial or Congressional) who advance similar policies and where the only significant difference is how fast the policy is enacted, then yes, I say they are the same Party — because the agenda is the same.  It’s not what you say but what you do that matters — especially when it comes to governance.  So, looking at what has been done under Democrat and Republican Administrations since Ronald Reagan, I do not see much difference in policy.  And this means the Parties are one-in-the-same.

However, Kells thinks the difference is in how fast each Party wants to transform the nation.  She sees the Democrats as being the ‘foot-on-the-floor’ Party, so she wants us to all vote for the ‘Sunday-stroll’ Party.  The problem with this reasoning is the ‘Sunday-stroll’ Party (i.e. Republicans) is actually the more dangerous arm of the Party.  Because the Republicans talk like they are the founders while slow cooking the frogs (that be us, kiddies), they are much more successful than the Democrats are.  I mean, seriously, where was the opposition to our wars under Bush?  To the expansion of the welfare system?  To the growth of government control of our kids?  To the opening of our borders?  To the increase in government spending?  And to the confiscation of our rights (Patriot Act)?  Even to the rule of law (TARP)?  ALL of these were as ‘Left’ as they can be, yet the ‘Conservatives’ actually rationalized and defended them because ‘their man’ was in office.  So, while the Dems pretended to fight the R’s, go back and look: you will find many voted for all of this because they understood it was advancing their agenda, too.  And if you doubt me, ask yourself (if you are old enough to remember), “Would Ronnie have supported that?”

This ‘slow boil’ continues today.  The R’s have said “NO IMPEACHMENT!”  They are going to sue instead.  Well, so much for the Constitution (and the R’s claims to being for our founders’ America).  The Constitution doesn’t give authority to sue over violations of the Constitution.  It provides for impeachment — because they are violations of the law and should be punished as such.  So this is an extension of the game.  The R’s are talking a good game, but they are walking the PROGRESSIVE game.  If you doubt me, ask yourself why the R’s would sue when the whole nation knows the courts belong to the Progressives?  And where the judges are not in the Progressive bag, they will use their secrets to blackmail that judge (i.e. Roberts and Obamacare).  If you are one who is going to keep falling for this game, then Kells is correct on this point: YES!  You have been ‘Grubered’ (ya big dummy).

As for me: I’m no longer insane.  I know that doing the same old thing is going to yield the same old result, so I refuse to keep playing the game.  You might want to keep playing it, but do me and the rest like me a favor — go play it in another country and take your Progressive playmates with you.  None of us want to get drug off the edge of the cliff with you.

 REBUTTAL’S REBUTTAL: How very rude and ungentlemanly of you! I suppose all hell would break loose were I to prance upon your posts. Unlike you, I have a sense of decorum. (Deep down I’m slappin your ass and callin you Sally……know that!)


25 thoughts on “B. time stories

    • Um, what didn’t you get about his usage of the word “preserve”? I believe he is making some logical points for precautions (for instance, if toy guns are required to look like toys, it spares the life of a nutter 12-year-old child sticking a very realistic gun in people’s faces and getting shot by a very nervous police officer.)

      • That’s not at ALL what he SAID !

        Any chief executive ( Or Potential Chief executive) who says he “has a problem with someone owning a legal firearm one place but not another place” , is doing what exactly what Progressives have been doing since Reagan as Joe said elsewhere.

        There is a logical inconsistency between Carson using the TERM Preserve in one breath and his comment about “having a problem with ownership” in the next breath. So Yes we are being Grubered by Carson on the 2nd Amendment.

        And since the 2nd Amendment is a crucial part of the Bill of Rights ….we are being Grubered by Carson on the Bill of Rights.

        We ( America) has had ENOUGH of politicians “interpreting” their relationship to the Constitution !! This has led directly to Obama. What we NEED is an Honest Person who will FOLLOW and UPHOLD the Constitution and Bill of Rights PERIOD !!!! And the beginning of that is someone who knows in His/Her Core already that this starts with knowing the inviolable aspect of Natural Rights. And with knowing that it is Immoral to intercede upon those rights.

        • I just believe you’re reading between the lines wrong. This is a very intelligent, pragmatic fella. My interpretation of his comment was one of “don’t go flaunting your AK after hours in Ferguson” and not one of disarming the people.

          • Kells,

            EVERY time — EVERY time — you or anyone votes for the person rather than their principles/character, you are voting to burn down the house. Carson has clearly said he is willing to give up another person’s Natural Rights. Kells, that is not a room at a time. That isn’t even the house all at once. This is the whole damned country Carson has said he is willing to burn, and you are praising him.

            Kells, YOU are part of the problem. You and your ‘Progressive’ thinking. Now, you could be forgiven for it were it not for one thing: you have been warned repeatedly here on the RNL, the OYL and elsewhere. So you no longer have an excuse. You are a willing part of the problem — every bit as much as and in much the same way as Melfamy.

            • You may condemn me to your heart’s content! I do not fear your illogical summation of my person. Guess the Chuck what? In FL, one must have an orange thingy on his gun if it is a toy. That is logical. That is what Dr. Carson is pointing out.

              • That is NOT ‘logical,’ it’s just what YOU have decided makes you feel good about telling others they cannot exercise their NATURAL RIGHTS! Which makes you EQUAL to Obama. He just has different levels of comfort than you, but — IN PRINCIPLE — you are EQUAL. And so is Carson.

                BTW: your reasoning is entirely, 100% FALLACIOUS, thus, ILLOGICAL AND IRRATIONAL. Stop trying to tell people otherwise. Water is still wet and fire still burns — whether you care toa ccept the FACTS or not.

          • Unfortunately Joe is right. You are part of the problem with this parsing of words approach to morality, ethics and the Law.

            There was no “reading between the Lines” anything about what he said. It had absolutely NOTHING to do with Ferguson….NOTHING. Ben Carson said clearly what he meant. He would restrict Gun ownership in areas he “had a problem with” and about those guns “he had a problem with “.

            And your reaction is exactly why we are in the state we are in. Because YOU put meaning between line that YOU want to hear. And what we get is folks who continue to “burn the house down” on the Constitution at various rates year after year. In the name of “Compromise”, being rational, “intelligent”, “pragmatic” and every other sort of rationalization to continue with Business as usual.

            • And as I stated in my post (which B. hacked into) that will only come about through a revolution. Have you got the participation numbers for that, toots? Not gonna happen. How many folks have read the constitution? Think long. Better yet, think long, run, crazy turns, get-your-head-in-the-game-to-win thoughts.

              • Nobody is a winner when the Constitution is burnt. We are all losers then.

                Get THAT firmly in YOUR thoughts. We are tired of “the games”.

  1. Kells,

    So you are saying that you will vote for the man who wants to burn down your house a room at a time rather than the man who will do it all at once and then tell yourself that makes you a better person?

    Well, excuse me if I am ready to vote for someone who is promising to not only NOT burn down my house, but actually protect it from the guys who want to burn it. And, in this case, YOU just established that YOU are one of the ones who want to burn my home down because you are admitting you are happy voting for the guy who will burn my house a room at a time. Either way, YOU are voting to burn down MY house.

    • Let me see if I can follow your cockamamie logic, and answer this. I’m saying if my choice were a guy that’s going to burn my house a bit of a time, then, yes! I choose that guy, because it gives me time to call the fire department and try to save my house. What am I left with if I choose the latter? No house and not a helluva lot of hope.

      So you voted for Obama? Don’t believe promises in the dark, baby. Oh, wait….you voted for a write-in pariah who will be America’s panacea? Guess the Chuck what? You just voted to have your house burnt down in one fail swoop. #givefiremenachance

      • Kells,

        Your problem is you have created a FALSE illustration. The REAL one goes like this:

        Kells: I got the guy who is burning my house one room at a time. (To ‘Guy’) STOP BURNING MY HOUSE! I am calling the cops and fire department.

        ‘Guy:’ OK, fine. Call them (smug snicker from ‘Guy’)

        Kells: Hello, 911? I need you to come put out the fire and arrest the guy burning my house a room at a time.

        911: OK (hangs up and does nothing — BECAUSE 911 IS THE SAME AS ‘GUY!!!’)

        Kells: I wonder why my house is all burned down? What happened to the police and fire department?

        You see, Kells, the people you keep believing are going to come rescue us ARE THE PEOPLE DESTROYING US! (after all, you keep voting for them and waiting, so you are the one destroying us…)

        • Oh, I can go there, pal Joey.

          (The scene opens with the Chief of the fire department setting flame to Kells’ curtains right before her eyes!)

          Chief: Ya know, Kells; B. told you this was going to happen, and there’s nothing you or any other tax-paying peon can do about it! (insert evil laugh) Don’t you see, silly girl? You’ll never win…..EVAH!!!!! (insert more evil laughter……)

          Kells: Um, Chief?

          Chief: Yes?

          Kells: After you finish laughing, you should know that Bill Cosby’s upstairs with your daughter. Are ya sure ya wanna take out the whole house?

          Chief: You’re bluffing.

          Kells: Am I?

          Chief: You’re lucky this time, Kells; but this entire incident will be swept under the rug as soon as I walk outta this door.

          Kells: I reckon. I also reckon karma has an army who disagrees with you. Oh, that reminds me; one of your boys dedicated a song to you….

          (The Chief enters his car, and turns on the radio)

          Chief: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Q1HaofSVu8 What the Chuck?

          Naturally, I am the heroine of my own drama because, well…….. I’ve got big boobs, and I cannot lie.

      • In this reply you are not addressing logic at all…..but rather advocating for immorality in that you give legitimacy to illegal and immoral acts .

        Voting for someone who does NOT advocating Burning ANYONE’S house is the way out of this morass that America is in.

        • Don, it was supposed to be metaphoric. The entire point was to illustrate that there is hope, and with any means available to expose the nature of an entity which is evil, the opposing view shall machinate, work; put forth an action to thwart what is unnatural.

          You keep voting for your pariah in the skyah with Mariah…..some of us are fed up with the whole hope and change gruel we’ve been subsisting on.

          • The ‘entity of evil’ is the Destruction of our Foundational principles whether done at a fast or slow rate, whether done with the “good intentions” of the Left Progressives or the “good intentions” Right Progressives.

            Simply and strongly adhering to our principles and the Law is what is needed. Not interpretive games.

            I am tired, SICK and fed up with of hope and change too. Ben Carson is but another flavor of ‘ hope and change”. That is what they are selling.

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