So, no more runnin’…I aim to misbehave.

~ Captain Mal Reynolds

In a true “trigger” moment, when my Facebook friend Emmie Lou Tucker linked to the story about the Georgetown student who was mugged but couldn’t “condemn his assailants because to do so from his ‘perch of privilege’ would be unfair”, the wheels started turning in my little pea brain.

Since my brain works in strange ways, it chose to juxtapose the Georgetown wiener and the events in Ferguson, Missouri. Being largely unsupervised, it then chose to liken both situations to a science fiction movie.

I have to admit that I’m a bit of a Sci-Fi geek. I’m also a big fan of a show on Fox that lasted a total of one season – “Firefly” – starring the current male lead of ABC’s “Castle” – Nathan Fillion, as Captain Malcolm Reynolds.

In the 2005, the crew was reunited for a movie. In “Serenity”, the crew journeys to the terraformed planet Miranda where the population has been eradicated. In a large debris field around the planet they are attacked by a crazed, animalistic group of creatures called Reavers. Formerly human, these creatures were so vile that the government could not defeat them and chose just to deny their existence.

what-is-23pax1140x395After they reach the surface of the planet, they are guided by a distress beacon to a crashed vessel. On the journey to it, they
wander through a city filled with desiccated corpses, most of which were still at their desks, at tables at restaurants and laid out on the streets as if they dropped in their tracks. Once at the crashed ship, they play a recorded message from the captain that reveals both the cause of the extinction of the population and the origin of the Reavers.

ReaverIt seems that the Alliance, the fascistic, ruling government of the United Alliance of Planets, had grown tired of having to deal with violence and revolts on the outer settlements and had added a drug called Pax to the atmosphere processors on Miranda to pacify the population. The Alliance discovered that the Pax was effective with 99.9% of people but the effects of Pax were twofold. For some, it caused them to stop caring about anything and simply waited to die; however, the remainder of the population had the opposite reaction. They became highly aggressive, committing unspeakable acts including cannibalism, rape and self-mutilation. These creatures were known as the Reavers.

It would seem that in the Georgetown milquetoast student and the rioters in Ferguson, we have our real-life version of a majority populace that has been “Paxed” and the Reavers. It occurs to me that once, honor would have been found in defeating your enemy, becoming a hero. Today, honor is being a self-loathing victim. Somehow this justifies weakness. This is how civilizations are lost.

In my mind, progressivism, postmodernism and cultural Marxism are the contemporary version of the mythical Alliance’s G-23 Paxilon Hydrochlorate (Pax). The Georgetown student is a model of the majority of the population of Miranda, fooled into complacency, willing to excuse anything and simply not caring enough about his own survival to do anything to assure it.
Progressives don’t need a drug, they are doing it with language – creating meaningless terms and using academia to imbue them with a false gravitas, a meaning without meaning.

I believe that these memes that we hear that range from “institutional racism” to “white privilege” to “microaggression” are essenserenity_widetially solutions looking for a problem. The fact is that the contemporary word “racism” is an invention, much as the term “Islamophobia” was purposefully invented by a Muslim Brotherhood front organization, the International Institute for Islamic Thought, based in Northern Virginia. Neither of these terms existed ex nihilo, progressives in government and society, our version of the Alliance, created them (or altered their meaning) for a very specific purpose.

That purpose was to “Pax” the majority of the people into self-loathing, introspective, navel-gazing pacification by instilling a fear of speaking out, even to confirm even the most simple and obvious truths. They do so while denying the existence of the Ferguson Reavers, even as these creatures are given free rein to rape and pillage.

I don’t know if the movie “Serenity” qualifies as art, but life is sure imitating it.

5 thoughts on “Serenity

  1. The Reavers, Borg, Stalinist, Maoist and now the Obamist are all of the same ilk. Blood thirsty, immoral, mentally deranged psychopaths bent on their new collective one world order.

    Sometimes there is a lot of truth portrayed in what many beleive to be only science fiction. Could a Resident Evil event occur? If global temperatures fall as predicted and food shortages appear on a global scale, will the NWO Masters develop a vaccine that limits the life span of the populace or turn people into mindless workers for the state sustained on Soylent Green. What might go haywire.

    We already have big supporters of Eugenics, euthanasia and abortion which are now considered legal in many countries. Most would have litle problem with mandatory vaccinations to reach a goal to set a maximum world population. There’s millions of these young brainwashed fools in our country alone that would volunteer take the pill or drink the cool aid. Science fiction may not be that far off.

    Since we have removed God from the center of our universe and willingly gave control to man this opens up a Pandora’s Box of possibilities from our new masters.

    Question is what will they be?

  2. Firefly was a Great show !! Serenity a great ending-movie.

    You’ve said it perfectly here…”Progressives don’t need a drug, they are doing it with language – creating meaningless terms and using academia to imbue them with a false gravitas, a meaning without meaning.”

    They also add Taxpayer Freebies into the mix.

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