Having read & graded a fair number of senior & graduate theses over decades, I can say with confidence that I have never given work of the quality of Mrs. Obama’s Senior Thesis at Princeton University a passing grade anywhere. A copy of the First Lady’s Se2014-11-10 08.13.18-2nior Thesis, entitled “Princeton Educated Blacks and the Black Community” can be accessed here … ( Clearly Ms. Robinson (nee Obama) was evaluated by her advisor/professor on a curve one might encounter at a junior institution like Occidental College, but certainly not at any national university like Princeton.

One wonders the degree to which both Obamas rode the wave of illegal & unConstitutional “Affirmative Action” programs to gain entry & to graduate from top-tier universities & Harvard Law School, creating the appearance of well-educated Americans while having had inferior work routinely accepted. Could this be why both Obamas have until this point managed to keep all of their educational records, including admissions, financial aid & academic transcripts sealed tight??? Even Mr. Obama’s records at his elite & privileged prep school in Hawaii have remained hidden.

Could it be that Barack Hussein Obama (AKA Barry Soetoro of multiple Social Security numbers & draft card numbers) is actually the Chance Gardner or Forest Gump of American politics??? Based on his horrific disasters in office & the utter failure of Mr. Obama’s economic, international, energy, environmental, healthcare & race relations policies, it does not seem unreasonable to demand our President finally release his purported academic records & reveal whether what many of us have suspected for a decade is true.

Did Barry Soetoro, as Obama was known in his early days at Columbia University, gain admission as a foreign student or Affirmative Action entrant & did he pursue the regular curriculum at Columbia or a special Affirmative Action curriculum which allowed him to avoid difficult classes & challenging professors. Where is Mr. Obama’s Senior Thesis from Columbia, what was his topic & was it of comparable quality to Mrs. Obama’s at Princeton???

Further, how on earth did Mrs. Obama & our President gain entrance to Harvard Law School after having produced work of the quality of Michelle Obama’s Senior Thesis at Princeton??? Was there collusion among various institutions to push both Obama’s through what were regarded, & still are, rigorous academic programs, while holding them to a lesser set of requirements & standards??? If that was the case, Columbia, Princeton & Harvard Law School are continuing to collude in a massive fraud against the American people by concealing the Obamas’ academic & admissions records!!!

The even more obvious question that must be posed is under whose authority & at what costs the Obamas’ academic records remain sealed tighter than any biographic information I have ever encountered??? Who has been paying for & guarding access to the academic transcripts of America’s First Couple to such a degree that no investigative reporter had ever gained access until Michelle Obama’s pathetic thesis surfaced??? After Obama’s two years in the Senate & six-years as America’s worst President ever, maybe it is time for American citizens to learn who some of us, living & dead, elected twice??? I think so…how about you??? CDE


  1. What I gleaned from this is that she is obsessed with skin colour, political ideologies, and how deeply one’s belief in God is. I’m no sociology major, but my sister holds one of her master’s degrees in this field. Can’t wait to hear her summation…. thanks for the link, Charles! #happycamper #blindsareupandweseeyou #needtoquitwiththehashtagsalready

    • Hi kells!!! The content is pure pap & demonstrates no critical thinking & less analysis of a potentially interesting topic. Liberal/Progressives often substitute biographical feeling for rational exploration, but even by Lib/Prog standards Mrs. Obama’s thesis is exceptionally juvenile, with no noticeable introspection let alone insights. But it is the form of Mrs. Obama’s work that is truly appalling. It appears to have been her first foray into written English. Had this essay accompanied her Admissions Application to Princeton, it should not have survived the first round of review. Instead this “thesis” presumably reflects the improvements engendered by four years of an Ivy League education. And this woman was admitted to Harvard Law School based on this quality of work…INCREDIBLE!!! CDE

      • Yeah…reminded me of something I read from a lib this morning….hang on:

        “I spent parts of 2006 and 2007 following Bill Cosby around the country. He was then in the midst of giving a series of “call-outs” in which he upbraided the decline of morality in the black community. Our current organic black conservative moment largely springs from these efforts. It’s worth distinguishing an “organic black conservative” from a black or white Republican moment. Black Republicans, with some exceptions, don’t simply exist as people who believe in free markets and oppose abortion, but to assure white Republicans that racism no longer exists. Organic black conservatives (like Cosby, for instance) are traditionalists, but they hold no such illusions about America’s past. They believe this country to be racist, perhaps irredeemably so, but assert nonetheless that individual effort can defeat trenchant racism. The organic black conservative vision is riding high at the moment. Thus even the NAACP cannot denounce the outriders of Ferguson without the requisite indictment of “black on black crime.”

        WTF, er, Chuck?

        • From this writers description, “Organic” Black Conservatives are indistinguishable from Pesticide riddled Black Racist Liberals. The only thing “traditional” being their incipient, deeply embedded racism and a vision of America that is completely an illusion.

        • kells: I’ve met many African American Conservatives, TEA Party members & libertarians & none fit the distorted picture drawn by this Progressive cretin!!! While the Obamites try to ignore successful Black entrepreneurs, business owners & professionals, they are far more numerous than the Black entertainers, sports figures & celebrities the Obameister likes to hang out with for photo ops!!! Established thinkers like Dr. Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Justice Clarence Thomas & others & the rising Black Conservative leaders like Dr. Ben Carson, Senator Tim Scott, Congresswoman Mia Love, & others are articulate, smart & unwilling to remain on the Liberal/Progressive Plantation as reliable votes for the pathetic Obama cabal.

          Regarding your quote, how could anyone harbor illusions about America’s past, or fail to recognize the incredible phenomenon that our Civil War represented??? For the first & only time in world history, a majority ethnic group, Americans of European Ancestry, fought a war that killed hundreds of thousands against our own brothers in order to bring about the freedom of a weak & powerless minority. My great great grandfather, General William Franklin suffered extensive wounds in that war, the like of which has never occurred anywhere else on our planet. Is America a perfect society??? None but Marxists & other airheaded Utopians even suggest perfection to be a human possibility, but until six-years ago the US was the closest humanity had come to a society within which individual freedom, free markets, protection of private property & limited government had the chance to flourish. That time is coming again!!! CDE

          • Most folks have no knowledge of Native American history…..particularly not the great Divider. For you, Sweet Charles:

            Charles is lovely, he’s quite divine,
            not you, but Barkley, to wit; I’ll opine.
            One gets thumbs down, the other does not.
            Who could it be that is stirring the pot?

            Sir Charles said that the verdict proved true
            from evidence collected and presented anew.
            Calling out looters as “scumbags” is not….
            What the press wanted; but that’s what they got.

            Did anyone read it? Does anyone know?
            Tis boys who play football with their hands up they show.
            The warning they miss is that truth does not hide.
            Elections have proven we don’t like this ride.

            You may thumbs down me til you’re blue in the face.
            The reality is: I don’t care about race.
            A person’s a person, and that is quite true.
            How do I know this? It was said by a Who.

  2. Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    Its obvious from their performance that they are not first rate intellects — maybe George Soros was funding a number of candidates say enough that a few might get through. Hillary Rodham Clinton also appeared to have connections to Soros and Alinsky as well!

    • I believe Bill Ayer’s father helped fund Obammy.

      The Ayers-Obammy connection goes way back to the time Obammy’s mammy ( Ann Dunham ) and Bill’s squeeze and future Pretend Wife ( Berardine Dohrn) were arrested in Chicago Together.

      Chicago PD IR 246022….26 Sep 1969.

    • Centinel2012: The rumors of Soros or Middle Eastern money funding Obama’s very expensive education have been swirling for years & may be correct!!! As Don mentioned above, there is also extensive evidence that Bill Ayers, Sr., who bought his son Billy the Bomber out of prison, may have also played a role. A business partner of mine told me recently that she, who was a military brat, also attended Obama’s exclusive prep school in Hawaii. She stated it was outrageously expensive & that successful students from her (& Obama’s) era were generally admitted to Stanford without much effort. My friend attended Stanford, but apparently the Obameister didn’t make the grade & so attended the non-competitive Occidental College.

      Obama claims to have been enrolled in a special Occidental – Columbia University transfer program, which is pure bullshit. Some very powerful person pulled some very expensive strings to get King Barack into Columbia & none of his supposed classmates at Columbia, who include journalist Wayne Alan Root, even remember seeing Obama on the CU campus. Neither do the distinguished professors who taught required classes in Obama’s Political Science major. Obama’s admissions & academic records remained sealed, so no one actually knows what curriculum & courses (if any) Obama completed, what the topic of his senior thesis was or how on each this JC-transfer gained acceptance into Harvard Law!!! Interesting, as Artie Johnson used to say on LAUGH-IN!!! CDE

  3. Hillary Clinton’s (the Co-architect of the Benghazi fiasco, murders and Cover-up) DEEP connection to Alinski and thus Communism are Now well established and yet the Media, The Press keep pumping ( pimping ?) her 24/7 .

    Why ??

    Now there’s a question to tack onto those about the lovely and ever so brilliant Michele the intellectual Gazelle.

  4. Seeing Obama’s college records & thesis would be as interesting as discovering the facts of how they “lost” their licenses to practice law.

  5. Race and gender are front and center thoughts for some people but for the vast majority of us it only enters into our thought process when you read about it or hear about it typically on TV. What many blacks and feminists do not understand is 99% of white people and “others” do not make any decisions in their life based on race. The people who do make race or gender an issue DO make all their decisions based on race and/or gender. That attitude is the exact definition of racism.

    • This is a very good and true comment.

      It is something that really needed to be “said” out loud. In my life the issue of Competence was what was paramount… own and others. This was especially true about considering career choices and later when considering staffing for projects.

      One’s Goals, follow through, accomplishment, creativity have always been among the factors considered in decisions.

      But since the Obama Racist Revolution ( especially in voting patterns), I have come to view the ‘race and gender’ based crowd very differently. As they have “gotten in our faces” as Obama / Rev Wright / Holder instructed them to do. And I think their are millions who have had the same response.

      WE now know them by their actions and words.

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