Two Points

Earlier this morning, I came across an article on Dr. Ben Carson. The interviewer asked him his thoughts on social issues, and he replied:

I have likened America to a ship that’s about to sail off Niagara Falls,” he said. “And the social issues are like little barnacles on the side of the ship. There are a lot of people leaning over the edge saying we got to get that barnacle. No, we have got to turn the ship around. Until we get things moving in the right direction, get the economy moving … bring people out of poverty … deal with our energy resources in an appropriate way, get education back where it belongs … those are the issues that are critical. The social issues, as far as I’m concerned, they are personal issues for most people.”

I was first introduced to Dr. Carson via his speech at the prayer breakfast. Here I will present the clip. If you notice, Carson points out the absurdity of this PC crap by saying that Americans are muzzled, and that goes against the very ideals that the founders built this country on.

Let me say that this video is close to 30 minutes long, but if you can withstand five minutes to listen, I believe you shall be rewarded. It is especially fun to watch the president and vice president’s body language throughout….

Interestingly enough, I also caught an interview this morning with Charles Barkley. Actually, it seemed to be more of a confrontation on a sports-show set because a co-worker named Kenny Smith was very upset by Barkley’s words. Barkley did not back down. He told Smith, “Look, I believe what my grandma always said, and I’m gonna judge everybody on their own merits, black or white, and I’m gonna be fair. And some people are gonna agree with me, and some people are gonna kiss my ass.”

Both Carson and Barkley were asked to apologize by different groups, and both refused. The appreciation that I feel for these two exceedingly accomplished individuals standing behind the truth is profound.

While they are from different backgrounds, and have different approaches in getting their points across, they both are examples of what true individualism really looks like. Some of you may believe me, and some of you are gonna kiss my ass.

10 thoughts on “Two Points

  1. Kells,

    With respect to Carson and Barkley ‘standing for the truth:’ is that NOT a ‘social issue?’

    It is called integrity, and it is a matter of personal character. But in a free and self-governing society, character is connected to duty. They cannot be separated. This makes them character a social issue, and it is at the heart of what is actually destroying this nation. When everyone does what they think right with no regard to the eternal laws of right and wrong (i.e. Natural Law), then there is lawlessness. Lawlessness is a huge character flaw, and we are seeing it on display in the majority of our ‘leaders.’

    Now, many of us sense there is something wrong, and we notice the growing lawlessness in society. Consequently, when we see someone like Carson of Barkley coming close to the character that was once common place in our grandparents’ time, we think highly of them. But notice: Carson told you not to worry about ‘social issues.’ This shows you that his character is not what you think it to be. If it were, he would not have spoken so foolishly. Barkley should be held in question as well. Look back on his support for Obama early on and you will see that his judgment is just as suspect.

    In the end, the solution everyone is looking for is easy to find. We all talk about our founders, and we point to them, but that is where we stop. At best, we hold up the Constitution and decry the many violations of its laws. But when will we look tot he source of our founders’ success? When will we return to the Declaration, and to the Source of our liberty and moral law it glorifies? Unless and until we return to the Source of these things, we can never hope to repeat what our founders did — because we are looking to ourselves for our salvation where they looked to and depended on God!

    Now, tell me, where and when did Carson and/or Barkley point to God as the solution to our woes? I haven’t heard it from either of them. So why would we want to look to either of these men when they have fallen far short of what we need? Look to the Man from Galilee. The answers are in the message of the Nazarene. Heck, it’s what this season is SUPPOSED to be all about…

    • Obviously, you didn’t watch the clip; the first words spoken from Carson were from the Bible. He is very religious. Please watch the Giving Hands; it is on the youtube.

      I believe his quote about social issues was an overview of the fact that we avoid the big picture as a nation. The fact is that we’ve become so embroiled in women’s rights, gays rights, human rights, &c.; that we fail to notice that the boat we’re in is sinking.

      I think that is what he is saying, and I’m probably not putting it in a way that is clear. Carson’s words, as well as his reputation, should justify my interpretation.

      Charles Barkley voted for Obama because flippin everybody and their brother voted for Obama! Puhleeze! I don’t know how they couldn’t see his lying act…but they didn’t!

      The beauty part? Now I shall claim anyone a raaacist who puts either one of these boys down. (Can there possibly be anything funnier to watch than a liberal squirming in their own stupidity? ) Oh….. LOL #truth

      Please take the time and introduce yourself to Carson. I really find him to be a man of integrity. I dig Cruz, too.

      Then again, you can join the Hillary bandwagon and “empathize” with the be-headers, er, ISIS. “Not I,” said the Piggy<—–that's me…..(borrowin my son's gun as my finger-stun thingy probably would prove to empathize!)

      • Kells,

        You are saying it with your own words: “I think Carson is saying…” This is what Obama did: he spoke in a way that allowed others tro fill in the blanks so they thought Obama was saying what they wanted to hear.

        Carson has said enough to give reasonable doubt to those of us who understand Liberty. Quoting the Bible is nothing if you do not understand and try to apply it. Telling people they should not be allowed to defend themselves is NOT Scriptural. I’ll remind you, at the last supper, it was CHRIST who told the disciples to sell their cloaks to buy a sword (if they did not already have one). In their culture, your cloak was survival, so that was a very pressing command. Self defense has its place, and Carson would take it away from me.

        Also, if he is going to ignore how the social issues are connected to individual character, as I explained earlier, it is another reason for me to NOT trust him.

        Finally, since when have I NOT taken time to get to know a political figure? I have gotten to know Carson, and it is why I distrust him. Maybe you should take a bit of your own medicine (IF you can get past your crush on him, that is).

        • I also said, “Carson’s words, as well as his reputation, should justify my interpretation.” Obama was a class-A bullshitter – any ding-dong dummy could see that. People bought into his garbage because all they heard was “senator”; they didn’t dig into how he became one.

          I disagree that Carson would attempt to repeal or place limitations on the second amendment. He knows it’s not going to happen, and that is not one of the key points that he addresses with this nation’s issues.

          Since you know so much about him NOT to trust him, can you tell me his views on our tax code? (Not that I have a crush on him –though he is hawt — but because I dig the way the man thinks!) #DUH!

  2. @ Kells,

    Joe is getting at a Crucial point!

    But I also agree with you that recent comments by both Carson and Barkley are the beginning of a long overdue discussion and recognition of “Personal Responsibility” being a crucial turning point for the national character. In other words people have to “Own” this issue inside themselves for the discussions to take place at a higher level.

    Along with Cosby’s now well known comments they are especially germane to the fractious “black Community” that has “isolation” from the Larger American Society as their defining meme. And “isolation” as a group structure characteristic naturally aligns itself as diametrically opposed to both belonging to a shared value system and and also leads to the isolation of the individual FROM his/her innate responsibilities.

    When one becomes thus alienated from those innate individual responsibilities one also becomes distant from the True meaning of their innate Natural Rights. And those rights are then re-interpreted by the “Group” Characteristic and thus become removed from their Author ( Creator) and given meaning only through the Group identity……they become “victim” issues instead of the Natural Rights which actually connect us all at a very fundamental level.

    • Interesting that you bring up Cosby. The man has been tried and convicted by public opinion based on 30-year-old gossip. #fact

      Why on God’s green earth would any person who was raped expose it to the media so late in the game? Obviously, it would only be because they felt that he was a threat to this nation…….or someone paid them handsomely to do so. #truth

      • I was referring to his comments with respect to Blacks taking responsibility for their own lives…… which you will notice gets negative votes…. ;- ))…….. Interesting and revealing to say the least.

        As to what some would like to characterize as his minor “pecadilloes”, you do realize there was at least one which was settled out of court as recent as 2006-2008 right ??

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