Change the Meaning of the Word: Change Society

If you are one of those who read my posts and wonder why I spend so much time harping on the meaning of words, you might want to read this one all the way through.  In fact, you may want to read it more than once:

DEFENDING THE LANGUAGE: Tolerance vs Acceptance

NOTE: This is one of the most important yet difficult posts in this series.  I implore you, please, read it carefully as the distinction I am going to try to explain is at the heart of many of our society’s problems.

Tolerance is defined as ‘acceptance,’ but this is  a perversion of the original meaning of tolerance.  Tolerance is not the same as acceptance, but I fear that the majority of people in our society do not understand the difference.  In fact, if all we look at is the modern dictionary, then we would most likely determine that I am wrong.  Fortunately, we have more than the modern dictionary to show us how our PC culture has changed our language. Continue reading

11 thoughts on “Change the Meaning of the Word: Change Society

    • Well done. My favourite quote?

      “When great political parties begin to cool in their attachments, without softening their antipathies, and at last reach the point of wishing less to succeed than to prevent the success of their adversaries, one must prepare for slavery – the master is near.”[sic] AMEN.

      Welcome to the 21st century, Mr. Tocqueville……

  1. People also link an abhorrence of Discretion with Tolerance. Because Discretion and Diversity are further linked in the warped PC “vocabulary of Control”.
    Discretion in making decisions is equated with being Anti-Diversity and with Profiling.

    Even though the act of using Discretion lies at the very Heart of Successful survival and has for all living things. It is essential and necessary in all Natural environments as it is in all Social environments.

    Thus the use of Tolerance in the PC World becomes a Strategy for controlling people’s natural abilities to discriminate between good and evil, between that which will harm you and that which is benign.

    the new definition of “Tolerance” = “acceptance” of “Diversity” = eschewing ( Condemning really ) the judicious use of natural discretion.

  2. Tolerance or even acceptance is not enough – the old bumper sticker was ‘CELEBRATE DIVERSITY’. Unfortunately, moral diversity inevitably dissolves into a set of predator/prey relationships between individuals or groups.

    • billcoats,

      Speaking of ‘diversity:’ I have often wondered whether or not the people who put those ‘coexist’ stickers on their cars realize that — by definition — several of the religions represented cannot ‘coexist/’ “Diversity’ is much the same thing: become too diverse and exactly what you say happen — a social meltdown.

  3. I once saw a Bumper sticker in the People’s Republik of Kalifornia that read…..

    ” Friends don’t let friends dive Fords” …… illustrating one of the many “religions” extant there ….. none of them moral of course.

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