What ‘Type’ of ‘Love’ is the Answer?

Before you read the title and dismiss this because it is ‘religious’ in nature, please reconsider.  Yes, it deals with Scripture, but it is more a lesson in Greek and philosophy/human nature.  I think you might find it useful, or I would not have cross-posted this one.

DO YOU KNOW SCRIPTURE: The Many Types of Love in Scripture

It is common place to hear people talk about loving each other.  The majority of them seem to think that this is the answer to the majority of our problems, and I would tend to agree with them.  After all, as a Christian, I am commanded to love my neighbor — and my enemy!  But this is where I believe most people in our society miss the point.  They do not understand what the Bible means when it tells us to love each other as ourselves because they do not know about or understand the different types of love mentioned in the bible. Continue reading

5 thoughts on “What ‘Type’ of ‘Love’ is the Answer?

  1. Uh Oh !!

    NAMBLA and their silent supporters who keep am eye on the RNL( Yeah….You know who I’m talkin’bout ) are gonna flame this one !!!!

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