A Little ‘Fairness’ in Your ‘Justice?’

DEFENDING THE LANGUAGE: Justice vs. Fairness

Like my post on ‘Tolerance vs. Acceptance,’ this is another post where it is necessary to read carefully and think through the point(s) I am trying to make because, as in the other post, we are dealing with a force that is actively trying to change society by manipulating language.  The concept is easy: if you can control the language, you can control what and how people think.  Do not doubt that this is the thinking behind the confusion in our language today.  I can show you the people who said that this is exactly what they wanted to do and how they intended to do it: to direct human evolution by manipulating the language.  And those people are the founders of what we now call the Liberal/Progressive movement.  They are largely responsible for many of today believing that ‘justice’ and ‘fairness’ are the same thing.  They are not, and we need to understand the difference between the two concepts these words represent. Continue reading

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