Can’t Help Myself, Just HAVE to Poke Republicans in the Eye

To all my Republican ‘Friends;’

For several years now, many of you have tried to tell me that we have to keep voting Republican or we’ll never get anything done.  here are a myriad of excuses given, but they all revolve around two primary lines of reasoning: 1 — we have to keep voting R until we have majorities, then the R’s will fix things and 2 — If we don’t e for the R’s, then we are voting for the other guys and they are ‘evil.’ I’ve heard it all, and I’ve tried to show you that you have been as fooled by the R’s as the rank-and-file Democrat has been fooled by the D’s.  Well, now you have a majority in 2015, and a majority in the House now — so you can stop any spending bills you want to stop — yet what has happened?  You R’s have given us the Obama agenda by passing a $1 TRILLION spending bill in the middle of the night.  So here are some questions for you, and I am serious.  These are not rhetorical, nor e they flippant.  These are serious questions and I hope they will make you stop and start to actually think (for a change).

1 — If you are supposedly against growth in government spending, then why would you pass this bill rather than waiting for the new Congress to be seated when you can pass your own agenda?

2 — If you vote to fund the opposition’s agenda, how can you really call them the ‘opposition?’

3 — So what explains the R’s voting for the D’s agenda unless they really are 1 Party pretending to be 2?

I know the answers here, and they are based in actual observation supporting the things that we were told  ago by people inside ‘the system.’  In other words, we were told what was happening and now, the things we actually see happening support what we were told.  In ‘science,’ this is usually good enough to conclude we have an accurate theory, but this is politics and deals with human nature (and we all know humans are irrational).  But I really would like to hear some of you who have beaten up on me for telling you the R’s are not and will not be the answer to our problems explain all of this to me.  You have your majority, yet your people are playing D’s in the middle of the night. e didn’t know better, one might think they just wanted to pass the 1 Party’s agenda while the D’s still run the Senate so they can deny they had anything to do with this spending.  But that would be to cynical because, if that is what the R’s were doing, it would just be more evidence that there isn’t a lick-bit of difference between the two Parties.  So, Republicans, set me straight: explain this to me so that I can understand.



The reason Rush has been telling his audience that he cannot understand why the Republicans are acting this way is because everything he thinks he knows about them and what they believe is WRONG!  But Rush is a ‘good’ R, so he cannot see past his idea of what reality is. If he could — if he was actually the ‘thinker’ he claims to be — he would look for an answer that does make sense of actual observation.  So, either Rush is not the ‘expert’ he thinks he is, or he is part of the 1 Party pretending to be 2 and his role is to make sure YOU don’t leave the Republican reservation 😉

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