James McFly (aka Sweet Baby James) has Called Yours Truly a ‘Right Wing Gun Slinger’ :-)

Long-term readers of the RNL will remember James McFly (aka Sweet baby James).  For those who do not know him, he is a race-peddling liberal who epitomizes white privilege as derived by deriding and abusing his own race in the name of racial justice.  In other words, he’s all ate up with Political correctness.  the really sad thing is, if he hadn’t found a job pushing his propaganda on our college kids, he might have been allowed to stay in the gutter where he naturally belongs.  But, thanks to some serious brown nosing and rear-end licking, he has been given a job above his intellectual capacity where he now writes gems such as this:

A simple question regarding race and fear


Now, in the past, SBJ has presumed to lecture me on logic, touting his creds to build a false legitimacy.  By his standards, I am the one qualified to lecture him on logic because my little bitty paper on the wall says I have a logic degree while his does NOT.  But no matter.  Anyone who is even close to being fair minded can see the loaded language in his latest little post.  (Hey, SBJ: that is called a fallacy, and specifically, poison well and against the man — just to name a couple).

Anyway, SBJ has labeled me a ‘Right Wing Gun Slinger’ because I posted an article about the people standing up for their rights against a corrupt government.  Seriously!  If this makes a persona  gun-slinger, I wear the badge with honor — especially since it makes him a HITLER/STALIN/MAOIST.  I mean, if standing up for liberty makes one a gun-slinger, then that stance certainly makes SBJ a tyrant, does it not? 🙂

No doubt he is going to be along shortly to ‘respond’ to this post, in which case, I will treat him exactly the same as he treats people who disagree with him on his site: I will ‘moderate’ im.  In other words, I am telling you I will delete his drivel.  However, in this case, it will not be censorship, but justice — as defined by me giving him his own medicine.  But then I’ll have to deal with Kells, who — for whatever reason — can’t seem to see past this insufferable idiot.

OK, rant over (and FYI: I am laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes right now, so those of you ‘in the know’ will understand what I mean by:)



BTW: I added a category just for James 🙂



This mam has it correct, and I respect him immensely for say this.  So, without further a due, I give you pastor Gentry:

40 thoughts on “James McFly (aka Sweet Baby James) has Called Yours Truly a ‘Right Wing Gun Slinger’ :-)

  1. Why you even gave this mental midget any “airtime” is beyond me. To get site “hits” ??

    He calls himself a “Patriotic Progressive” …… which is a lie wrapped in an oxymoron stapled to a Contradiction so large as to dwarf the lie that socialism is actually FOR “We the People”.

  2. Joe, you know full well that I’ve never deleted anything you’ve written on my site. Your first-time comment was “held for moderation” as is common with blogs (including your other one, you pitiful hypocrite), but I cleared it as soon as I saw it. As you also know, the RNL has deleted comments of mine, which one would expect from a cowardly site where once-banned Dusty serves as one of the leading intellects.

    So go ahead and delete this one, too. I suspect your traffic drops precipitously, though, when I’m not here to give you and your lackeys something to whine about.

  3. I think the majority of the problem lies within the media. The media are just now having to post what social media is putting out because it is what everyone is talking about. For instance, there is this: http://abcnews.go.com/US/photo-cop-hugging-boy-ferguson-protest-tells-poignant/story?id=27242120 and this: http://atlanta.cbslocal.com/2014/12/09/police-officer-buys-eggs-for-woman-caught-shoplifting-video-catches-hug/ and this: http://www.newsherald.com/news/beach-police-play-santa-for-needy-families-1.68208 (done every year, as well as the collection of winter coats.)

    I don’t know if SBJ is advocating anarchy, but he’s not going about a proper discussion with his white boy concerns for the black boy narrative. See, I believe as personable as SBJ is, he would’ve been able to arrest Mr. Garner by just talking. (Even though I feel that the crime being labeled as such was unjustified; but it’s a liberal city with retarded laws….so, yeah) Wouldn’t a more pertinent argument and useful discussion be in the training of how to deal with behemoth law-breakers without rendering their lives? Here is where I believe that James’ skills could and would come in handy. #quitbashinsbj

    • Dang, Kells, two thoughtful and reasonable comments in one week. I better check the foundations of the universe! LOL 🙂 (you know I am teasing you).

      Actually, I believe SBJ actually thinks this way. So this is him revealing his true self — nothing more.

      The truth in most of these cases is simple: if you comply with what the police tell you, you will live. Are there bad cops? YEP! I know a few, myself. But are they ‘after’ the black guys? I don’t think so. I think it is a cultural thing. After a while cops start to think alike, and to them, ALL of us ‘civilians’ look like perps. SO, if you give them a reason to confirm their bias, that is how they will treat you. Pretty simple, really, but then, if you deal with reality, then SBJ can’t make himself out to be ‘better’ than the rest of us, can he?

        • Don,

          Like I argue in my post on racism, bigotry and culture: a large part of this society’s problem has less to do with REAL racial tension and more to do with manipulation for the purpose of political gain. If this were NOT the case, then that story would be known, the truth of the majority of the cases SBJ listed would be known and the media would explain the other social factors behind some of the things they now attribute to racism. AT THE SAME TIME, we would also be having an honest and serious discussion about bigotry toward cultures, as well, and many whites who claim they are not racists would not come out of that discussion so cleanly. I would be one of them, because there are some sub-cultures in this country that I do see as being less healthy than others, but that does not give me any right to judge those people in those sub-cultures — yet, even though I know this, I still find myself doing exactly that from time to time.

          I hate hypocrisy, especially in myself :-(.

          • Well……that’s all well and good.

            But WRT “sub-cultures” you sound just a wee bit like the progressives on your threads about changing words and such.

            As once again blind racism is wrong …. but Discrimination and Discretion are not the same thing. Which is what the race-baitors and mini-douche bags like Jimmy propagandize for.

            As to manipulation of accessible information…. that’s were WE come in and sites like this. Lets those people’s stories in the article I sent be known …. as Ferguson was/is. How bout a thread on THEM ???

            • Don,

              Since when is it ‘Progressive’ to try and re-establish the meaning of words? And since when does a Progressive spend so much time trying to make sure the meaning of his/her words is as clearly understood as I do?

              Case in point: discrimination and discretion CAN mean the same thing, which is why we need to study vocabulary.

              And that means ‘WE” are no more effective than “THEY” — UNLESS we are careful to make the meaning of words perfectly clear, and to hold to the proper definitions.

      • I agree that one should follow an officer’s instructions. Back in another life, when I weighed a mere 112 pounds, I decided it was in my best interest to “school” a cop. I was cuffed, thrown in the back of the squad car, finger-printed, booked, and kept many hours until I was bailed by a friend. I think now what the hello would’ve happened had I been a big boy showing my tail like I did? (Mind you, I didn’t refuse any instruction given; I was just a class-A-know-it-all-in-your-face bitch…..perhaps just not as physically intimidating as I believed myself to be.)

          • Funny you should ask….I’ve been suffering with these sinus issues, and Mr. Kells had me take an Alka-Seltzer PM. My comments completely explain why I don’t like to medicate…..LOL!

              • I don’t know what the hello you’re saying, but I’ve been doing a bit of research on immunology therapy for terminal cancer cures; basically, the body is given bad to kick in the good, which then fight off the bad, with the outcome being good overcomes evil. I reckon that’s why I don’t like to medicate. If the body is properly nourished by what is given to us naturally; I do feel we can overcome nature’s anomalies, somehow. The problem is that the food creations that are so unhealthy are rather terribly pleasing, as well. It is a conundrum……How can I make sense of this for you? Last night, I prepared a vegetarian delight. It was delicious and nutricious! Tonight……fast food. Pizza Hut called and I picked up. Do you understand?

  4. For the RNL Regulars Who Know SBJ’s History:

    I am ‘moderating’ SBJ’s comments (as promised), but I thought you guys would like to know that our narcissistic little friend is taking credit for the RNL’s numbers — again. He is still spouting his drivel about how HE raises our readership and how it drops when we ‘moderate’ him or he leaves the board.

    Seriously, SBJ? You could only DREAM of the readership Utah has built on the RNL, and make no mistake — it is UTAH who has done the work. I haven’t really been a regular contributor for over a year now, and your continued digs at Dust are also hollow as he hasn’t been posting a bunch, either. The RNL is, was and always shall be Utah’s baby, and if you think your dronings are on an intellectual par with Utah,… Well, as I said: narcissism does post your picture in the dictionary (save on words).

  5. Gee, Joe, I now see why you were so desperate as to write about me. (Yet again; what’s that make, about a dozen posts?) Glancing back at your previous posts, I see that three of the previous four got exactly ZERO comments. (I tried to help you out there, though.)

    It must be sad when no one even cares enough about your writing to bother making a comment. Not even anything from the resident proctologist? Or did he drink himself to death in my absence?

    At any rate, I now feel so bad for you that I’ll stop bugging you for a while. Merry Christmas.

  6. In these days careers are made in two ways: 1. Be productive and maximise your talents working within your community (the American way), or 2. Harp and wine about your pigmentation or circumstances; then blame society for your handicap, whilst simultaneously cashing in on it.

  7. Gee, Joe so now you feel the need to attack and lie about me on his other site, too? Without fear of contradiction, of course, since you’re too big a coward to allow me to respond. You poor, pitiful wuss. You can go back to playing with your intellectual equals now.

  8. So gutless Joe so now feels the need to attack and lie about me on his other site, too? Without fear of contradiction, of course, since he’s too big a coward to allow me to respond on either site. Poor, pitiful wuss.

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