the kelleton key

A bit earlier I was chatting with B. on immuno therapy for people stricken with cancer. This is as fascinating to me as laser technology is in excluding healthy cells and targeting only affected ones. I’m also very excited by THC (yeah, I went there) therapy and stem-cell research (don’t freak; it’s through skin cells!)

I suppose what pleases me most are the statistics of one’s state of mind, and the diet to which one follows for preventive measures. This may seem very simple to some, but I believe if you can help another stick around a bit, you’ll probably feel better for sharing. For the record tell them:

  1. Life is too precious; so tell the assholes to fuck of, and call it a day.
  2. Colonic cleansing does make you feel better (and who dun’t love a shiny piehole?)
  3. You really are what you eat and drink…….there is a reason your friends may be avoiding you…
  4. Read up, read quickly, and read now…..or sign up to Hooked on Phonics, like me.
  5. Get support through friends and family…………….or anonymously online. J

Please know that the most important thing in life is to laugh. Laughter truly is the best medicine. #statisticsdontlie


Oh, yeah! Animals are big-time health benefits…… I reckon cause they always question and challenge you……and love you unconditionally.


Hope this helped. I’m currently babysitting my son’s dog, Kelly (yeah, he did), and as nutters as she is, I feel younger already (mind over matter, you see.)


Crap! I almost forgot babies! Babies make everyone smile!!


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