This Concludes this Test of the SBJ Relevance System

If any of you read my post about James McFly (aka SBJ) and wondered what it was all about, the time has come to explain.  First, while it may have seemed as though I was angry, I assure you, that was not the case.  If anything, I was very amused.  SBJ makes me laugh.

What that post was really all about was a test.  You see, SBJ is overly fond of himself, and gives himself far too much credit.  This has left him with the mistaken impression that we engage him here on the RNL to increase our readership.  Seriously, the man think we purposely try to get him to post so our numbers will go up.  So I posted something making fun of him, then intentionally refused to allow him to reply.  So, at least the way I see it, the post was really about me and those few of us who took the opportunity to mock SBJ.  Now for the interesting result.

That post about SBJ was the 4th most read yesterday, 2nd most read if you exclude the archive and gas chart threads.  What’s more, the numbers show an increase in readership, but SBJ was nowhere to bee seen anywhere in the thread.  This leaves us with a conundrum.  If SBJ is so important to the RNL, why did the numbers go up when we posted a thread that intentionally makes fun of him, yet intentionally removes him from the discussion?  I mean, logic would dictate that one must at least participate to illicit a response, but we didn’t even use his real name, so no one would have even known who we were talking about unless they already read the RNL.

Now, I am going to let SBJ post his rants, and he is no doubt going to have some explanation for how he is still responsible for the results of yesterday’s test, but then, narcissists can always find a way to credit themselves for the revolving of the earth and rising of the sun.  SO, with a successful test behind us and the proof that SBJ is just full of BS firmly in the bank, I give you the man himself.


(You can post now, James 🙂  )


(BTW: James, if I and the RNL (and my blog) are as unimportant as you claim, then why have you been spending so much time lurking on them and trying to respond to me the past 36 hours?  I mean, really, it has been easy to make you dance.  It’s almost as if you are on the end of a string… 😉  )

7 thoughts on “This Concludes this Test of the SBJ Relevance System

  1. You mentioned the Gas Chart threads.

    Maybe the secret lies in the fact that Jimmy gives people Gas at the mere mention of his name.

    • Yes, I picked the fight. I’m guilty as charged. I’m even guilty of being whatever you want to call me. Fire away. I won’t defend myself.

      I just wish you would sometimes defend the people James attacks unfairly — or do you think I am a ‘Right-Wing Gun Slinger,’ too? Because, you know, that is not an argument — it’s just a gratuitous insult. And when you don’t slap his hand but you’ll slap mine, it makes think… Well, actually, it sort of proves it, doesn’t it?

      Never mind. I finally understand.

      • Oh, brother! You were happy enough to slam my fondness for Carson, so I will defend James… a degree. James is merely caught up in the thickety, splickety morass of the liberal cesspool frame of mind. (Billy Joel was originally going to title his song that, but he felt New York State of Mind had more of a ring to it……fun fact for trivial pursuit.)

  2. Gee, what is this — a dozen posts you’ve now devoted to me, Joe? I suspect that your comments about Kells are just a cover-up for some deep feelings you have about me. I also see that you don’t give the context for the “right-wing gunslinger” comment, which doesn’t mention you — yet you then agree that it fits.

    I notice, though, that you didn’t bother to tell folks that your silly “test” was a blatant lie — after all, you know full well that I’ve never deleted anything you’ve written on my site. Your first-time comment was “held for moderation” as is common with blogs (including your other one, you pitiful hypocrite), but I cleared it as soon as I saw it. And of course you also know that the RNL has deleted comments of mine, which one would expect from a cowardly site where once-banned Dusty serves as one of the leading intellects.

    And even the dim bulbs here should recognize your silly lie about rarely posting here — a quick glance shows at least 30 posts since Oct. 1 alone. As for why I “lurk” here, I wouldn’t have bothered except that occasionally one of your regulars (perhaps you’d consider them spies) lets me know elsewhere from time to time about your more pitiful posts. As for my more recent blocked comments, of course, they were either efforts to correct your various lies or commentary about your cowardice — which others could see for themselves if you weren’t too gutless to release them from “moderation.”

    At any rate, since you sought a response, consider it given. So feel free to laugh on, cowardly little puppet boy.

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