I’d Rather Fight Than Switch

I marvel at the soft bigotry within the Republican Party.

No, I’m not talking about racism – I’m talking about Cruzism – the hatred of Ted Cruz simply because he is Ted Cruz.

This bigotry can’t be based on Cruz’s ability to derail the GOP legislative agenda – because that would imply that the GOP actually has a legislative agenda. American voters just handed the GOP the largest majority in the House since before FDR’s New Deal and it has a commanding margin in the Senate. More state legislatures and governorships are now in the hands of the GOP than in recent memory and yet, have we heard what they plan to do with this majority?

Someone tell me if you have heard an agenda articulated – because I have no idea what they are planning to do.

Where are the fiery speeches against the Obama agenda? Where are the local events where the GOP members are educating the public on what Obama’s move to a true unitary executive really means? Who is leading the GOP offensive against the rise of what Jonathan Turley called the “fourth branch” of government?

Will a “Do Nothing” Congress be replaced by a “We Would Rather Not Do Anything About It” Congress?

One thing that the Democrats do well – and it is something that the GOP seems pathologically incapable of – is public incitement. I don’t mean that to be a pejorative term, that it is necessarily a violent stirring of the populace, what I mean is that the Donks are far better at stirring the pot to get their base engaged – perfect examples are Occupy Wall Street (something that Lieawatha Warren claimed to be the mother of), “Hands up, don’t shoot.”, “I can’t breathe” and the fictitious “rape culture” on college campuses (fueled by the false Duke rape case and now the fake UVa fraternity gang rape article in Rolling Stone).

I have to draw the conclusion that the GOP is still an elite “parlor party”, comfortable in the country clubs and salons of Washington and the major cities of the progressive Northeast and the Left Coast – not so much with the folks with dirt under their fingernails.

When I was growing up in Mississippi, one of the marques of success was to be a member of the local country club. That’s where the powerful of the town congregated to recreate in various forms…and to drink. I grew up in a “dry” county – alcoholic beverages were not allowed in Union County but the country club was a law enforcement free zone where you could play golf with the Chief of Police with a cooler of beer strapped to your cart. Every so often they would have a guest day when the kids could invite a friend to come swim in the pool and generally experience what was otherwise off limits to them.

After I worked my way through college, my wife and I returned to our hometown to start our careers and our family and as we integrated into the local societal flow, our material successes provided the opportunity to join the country club – there were two options: a full membership with all the trimmings or an associate membership with access to a lesser slate of privileges. The full membership was awarded based on your individual application and the associate was available if a parent or grandparent was already a member.

The GOP “establishment” desires so much for a full membership in the DC Country Club – but what they don’t realize is that they will never be more than an associate member.

The problem the GOP has with Ted Cruz is that while he could easily join the Club – he has all the street cred: Princeton undergrad and Harvard Law grad, serving as a primary editor of the Harvard Law Review – but he doesn’t want to join…and they can’t believe it. GOPers like John Boehner (Xavier University – 1977) desire nothing more than to be accepted by the cool kids who run Washington because that invitation would assuage their feelings of inferiority.

Even “libertarian” Rand Paul is beginning to succumb to the pull to join up.

Like Sally Field when she won her Oscar, all the GOP leadership wants to do is to scream, “I haven’t had an orthodox career, and I’ve wanted more than anything to have your respect. The first time I didn’t feel it, but this time I feel it, and I can’t deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!”

To their shock and amazement, Ted Cruz is having none of it. Like the old Tareyton cigarette commercials, he would rather fight than switch.

That makes it very easy for the GOP establishment to join with the Democrats in conjoined hate for someone who reminds them that their collective stamp of approval is meaningless to him.

FDR once said “I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.”

When measured by that standard, I think Ted Cruz stands in pretty good stead.

7 thoughts on “I’d Rather Fight Than Switch

  1. A couple years ago I was on a nationwide call with Ted Cruz and some other GOP politicians. At the end of the call the moderator asked each politician if they had anything else to say. One by one, the politicians outlined at length how wonderful they were & why we should support them.

    When it came time for TED Cruz to speak he said ” I know all of you have families, careers & lots of other things you could be doing today, but you’ve just spent the last 90 minutes volunteering your precious time for the good of your country. You do this because you love your country & want to see America succeed. I feel grateful to you & humbled by you all at the same time. I just want to say thank you & God bless you.” With those simple words I knew Senator Cruz was not just one of the pack.

    Ted Cruz is his own man, intelligent enough to join the club, but independent enough not to ever need membership. I will be voting for him for President in 2016 even if I have to write him in. I would most assuredly rather fight than switch.

  2. ^What she said. 🙂 Don and B. were talkin about how he is takin money from the big corporations, but I believe every politician is. Corporations are people (SCOTUS says so)…..who happen to be putting a big dent into how policy is designed. The reality is that Cruz has acted like a conservative throughout. Rand Paul on the other hand….

    Have to say that I was a bit surprised on his claim that Rubio attacked him. Rubio did no such thing; he merely spoke the facts, as did Cruz, with regards to Cuba. This idea that capitalism will win the day for civil liberties in communist countries is a bit absurd. (Tianamen Square ring a bell?) Are the people free? Do the folks in Russia have the internet access that we do? Do the Chinese?

    Personally, I believe Nixon f’d up. I believe Obama did too. Yeah, we inundated the Chinese with Levi’s to spread capitalism. Guess what? The little commies are manufacturing them now….cheaper on the dollar, whilst fluctuating their own currency for their benefit.

    Remember when you were a kid, and were afraid of the rattlers in the grass? Baby; Cruz, Rubio, and I can attest that they will not nor have not magically become corn snakes.

    • No. What Don and B were saying is that Ted Cruz is connected via Goldman Sachs to the Council on Foreign Relations and the Usual Suspects of Crony Capitalists and K-street Lobbyists that support Obama, Boehner, Pelosi, McCain etc…

      Thus there is a closer connection between George Soros and his ilk and Cruz than it appeared when he was first on the Scene.

      I am FOR Ted Cruz…..but not at the expense of ignoring the Truth. I want REAL change….not window dressing to make people believe in false Change.

      • How do those people vote then? Is it as one (the collective) or individually? Does this mean they are legally allowed to vote twice 😯

        I’ll not argue that Cruz is a politician. They all are. He just seems to be one who is avoiding getting his ass licked by Reid, Pelosi and all of their ass-licking lap dogs.

        • It has Nothing to do with voting, and everything to do with Voice and 1st amendment issues.

          For decades ( over a Century actually) Union members could vote as individuals but also have independent political voices IN ADDITION to the Collective Political Voice that the Union as a whole had by virtue of unlimited political contributions. Corporations did NOT have the same voice during that time.

  3. “Someone tell me if you have heard an agenda articulated – because I have no idea what they are planning to do.”

    Since you asked (and I am being serious here):

    1 — they are NOT going to hold Obama accountable to the law, so they have declared they are giving him a free pass.

    2 — a free pass to lawlessness means they have declared they are opposed to the constitution and rule of law.

    3 — they are signalling they will support Obamacare and amnesty by forcing a 12 month budget on us (something they have not done for several years now).

    4 — Added all together, the Republican Party is DEMONSTRATING that their official agenda is the same as Obama’s — they just think they should be in charge of implementing it.

    So, if you prefer to fight rather than change, why not call yourself a Democrat and try to change them. it seems to be the same struggle.

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