Two Wolves and a Lamb = Anything the Wolves Say Goes (and that’s ‘Moral?’)

PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW: Democracy Violates Natural Law, thus, Democracy is Immoral

I am tired of hearing people talk about democracy as though it were a virtue.  It isn’t.  In fact, democracy is immoral!  This is also why I take offense to those who claim this nation is a democracy: it is not.  The men and women who created this nation may have missed the mark of perfection, but they were anything but immoral.  However, those who have been working to turn this nation into a democracy for the past one-hundred and twenty-plus years most definitely are immoral and — frankly — I am sick and tired of their voices preaching to us about who and what we should be.  It is high time someone explained that those who seek democracy are tyrants — period! … Continue reading

3 thoughts on “Two Wolves and a Lamb = Anything the Wolves Say Goes (and that’s ‘Moral?’)

  1. The real Truth of “Democracy” has been known for a long time.

    “Now Let Us Try Liberty

    God has implanted in mankind, also, all that is necessary to enable it to accomplish its destinies. There is a providential social physiology, as well as a providential human physiology. The social organs are constituted so as to enable them to develop harmoniously in the grand air of liberty.
    Away, then, with quacks and organizers!
    Away with their rings, and their chains, and their hooks, and their pincers!
    Away with their artificial methods!
    Away with their social workshops. their governmental whims, their centralization, their tariffs, their universities, their State religions, their gratuitous or monopolizing Banks, their limitations, their restrictions, their moralizations, and their EQUALIZATION BY TAXATION !

    And now, after having vainly inflicted upon the social body so many systems, let them end where they ought to have begun- reject all systems, and make a trial of LIBERTY – of liberty, which is an act of faith in God and in his work”.

    Frederic Bastiat in ‘The Law’………..1850

    And this on those who advocate for “Democracy”

    ” A man is likely to mind his own business when it is worth minding. When it is not, he takes his mind off his own meaningless affairs by minding other people’s business.

    This minding of other people’s business expresses itself in gossip, snooping, and medding, and also in feverish interest in COMMUNAL, National and RACIAL affairs….”

    Eric Hoffer in ‘The True Believer’…..1950.

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