Zombie Dropout

The other day M. wrote a post in which he was getting a bit weary of politics. I feel the same. Like anyone experiencing these overwhelming feelings of helplessness, I do what comes naturally; evade politics by watching shows. Not to be a braggadocio, but I missed my calling as a movie critic. Seriously, ask me about any show…..unless it’s a horror show; I just turn on CSPAN for that. Crap! I’ve gotten off my topic….

I suppose I go into this evasive mode because I feel that I’m living in a time when I may have to make some harsh decisions at some point soon. I’ll give you an example of what I’m thinking on: People in Germany sat on their hands as their neighbors were taken away because they weren’t “pure” German. Did they know this was wrong? Deep down in their hearts, I’m sure they must have; yet this mob mentality and fear of being different lends itself to a sick and submissive alteration in the individual human spirit.

If we consider the “I can’t breathe” or the “Hands up, don’t shoot” mantras currently being used to protest and ultimately kill LEO’s, we must look at it honestly, and see it for what it truly is. How hard is it to recognize that we are trying to excuse bad behavior and disguise it as civil rights? How hard is it to see that we have a govt. hell-bent on dividing this nation by using the mob-mentality-this-is-what’s-popular-so-go-with-it tactics?

When a govt. can successfully have its employers (the people) believe that it is the Way, the Truth, and the Light; we’re in trouble; for the employer becomes the slave of the employee through deception.

I reckon what gets me so damned mad is to hear and see people buy into this garbage. Time is ticking, but some of us paid attention in history. Speaking of history, and of shows, there is a series that shall play on the History channel on January 25th called Sons of Liberty. May well be a good thing to see what our country is really all about. I recommend you watch it with a Samuel Adams beer (tea is for sissies.)


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